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Human Physiology 14th Edition

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July 19, 2017
In the Na+/K+ pump, three sodium ions from inside the cell must enter the carrier first.
Hypertonic solutions stimulate cellular lysis.
The main function of the peroxisome is to release energy from food molecules and
transform the energy into usable ATP.
Diffusion is more rapid in cells with microvilli compared to cells lacking microvilli.
A one molal NaCl solution has the same osmolality as a one molal glucose solution.
Damage to the paravertebral ganglia would limit the body's ability to respond to stress.
All three types of muscles demonstrate peristaltic contractions.
The partial pressure of oxygen decreases at high altitude because the amount of oxygen
in the air is decreased.
Blood from the digestive organs enters general circulation and eventually reaches the
liver for processing.
An integrating center of a negative feedback loop has the function of analyzing
information from many different sensors about deviations from a set point and then
altering the activity of particular effectors to compensate for the deviation.
Having a greater amount of fat tissue after menopause may reduce the occurance of
Dopamine may function as a prolactin-inhibiting hormone.
Neurotransmitter release can be inhibited by damaging the SNARE complex.
A person with Rh- blood will normally have antibodies against Rh present in their
Stroke volume is increased as systemic blood pressure increases.
Antidiuretic hormone is released by the posterior pituitary in response to increased
plasma osmolality.
The largest body regions have the largest areas of the cerebral cortex.
Helper T lymphocytes interact specifically with antigens presented with class-2 MHC
Molecules with polar covalent bonds are hydrophobic.
Very-low-density lipoproteins are produced by the liver.
The process in which waste molecules are removed from the blood by having them
diffuse through an artificial porous membrane is called dialysis.
Arterial percent oxygen saturation is greatly affected by exercise.
Glucose entry into the cell is by facilitated diffusion.
The immediate increase in ventilation as exercise begins can be explained through both
neurogenic and humoral responses.
Catabolic reactions use energy to synthesize large molecules.
A deficiency of dietary copper could limit the activity of some enzymes.
A crossed-extensor reflex demonstrates double reciprocal innervation.
The scientific method is only concerned with experimentation.
Women do not enter a refractory period following orgasm and are capable of multiple
The ionized form of the organic lactic acid is lactate.
Antibodies cause direct destruction of antigens and pathogenic organisms.
A greater pressure in the right ventricle than the aorta causes the aortic semilunar valve
to open.
Hemiplegia is paralysis of an upper limb of one side and the lower limb of the other
Mass activation is a property of both the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions of
the autonomic nervous system.
In males, the levels of testosterone decline drastically with age.
The blood-brain barrier prevents hydrophobic molecules from diffusing into the brain.
Longer, stronger muscles have motor units with very few fibers.
Sensory nerves cause muscle contraction.
Vertigo occurs due to activation of the
B.semicircular canals.
Which of the following is true of parathyroid hormone function?
A. It causes the kidneys to reabsorb calcium.
B. It causes the dissolution of calcium phophate from bones.
C. It increases blood calcium levels.
D. All apply.
Cells with large numbers of microvilli on their apical surface are probably involved in
A. movement of the body.
B. reabsorption of molecules during production of urine.
C. detoxification of chemicals.
D. secretion of neurotransmitters.
Lipolysis is increased by
B.growth hormone.
D.All of the choices are correct.
A. inhibit HMG-coenzyme A reductase.
B. stimulate proconvertin.
C. inhibit streptokinase.
D. All apply
________ muscle is better adapted to anaerobic conditions than cardiac muscle.
Low leptin levels are found in cases of starvation, anorexia, and bulimia.
What is the major function of brown adipose tissue?
A.shivering thermogenesis
B.nonshivering thermogenesis
C.decreasing metabolic rate
D.decrease body temperature
Which of the following is an inflammatory cell associated with COPDs but NOT
A.mast cells
B.helper T cells
D.cytotoxic T cells
Regions of DNA that read the same forward as backward are called ______ and include
the testis-specific genes on the Y chromosome.
Which of the following effect(s) acetylcholine synaptic transmission?
A. curare
B. botulinum toxin
C. strychnine
D. curare and botulinum toxin.
What area of the retina has no photoreceptors?
A. fovea centralis
B. macula
C. optic disc
D. None apply.
The flow of energy in living systems is termed
A _____________ has the following pattern of circulation: capillaries -> veins ->
capillaries -> veins.
A.portal system
Water molecules form _______________ ions when they associate with a hydrogen ion.
During moderate exercise cerebral blood flow
A.increases slightly.
C.remains unchanged.
D.increases greatly.
The scala vestibuli of the cochlea is filled with
Where is the receptor for a nonpolar, lipid-soluble regulatory molecule?
A. embedded in the outer surface of the plasma membrane
B. embedded in the inner surface of the plasma membrane
C. in the cytoplasm or nucleus of the cell
D. All apply.
___________ are large capillary spaces separating hepatic plates.
D.Portal systems
Which of the following is NOT a vital function of the medulla oblongata?
A. vasomotor control
B. cardiac control
C. thirst control
D. respiratory control
Which of the following is NOT a type of cone?
Endocrine glands secrete ____________ in response to specific stimuli.
Temporal summation
A. occurs when a single neuron releases neurotransmitter rapidly.
B. occurs because of the convergence of many neurons on a single postsynaptic cell.
C. only involves excitatory postsynaptic potentials.
D. only involves inhibitory postsynaptic potentials.
A defect in nitric oxide synthetase gene may result in reduced ___________ of cerebral
arteries since nitric oxide production would be impaired.
Protection against atherosclerosis is believed to be associated with an
A.elevated HDL-cholesterol.
B.elevated LDL-cholesterol.
C.elevated total cholesterol.
D.elevated VLDL-cholesterol.
________ development would be inhibited if the actions of granulocyte colony
stimulating factor were blocked.
The ____________ is a protein and polysaccharide layer that attaches epithelialtissue to
the underlying connective tissue.
A. goblet cell
B. epidermis
C. basement membrane
D. plasma membrane
Conduction of an action potential in a myelinated axon is called
A. point to point conduction.
B. saltatory conduction.
C. refractory conduction.
D. cable conduction.
Day 1 of the menstrual cycle is
A.the day ovulation occurs.
B.the first day of the menses.
C.the last day of the menses.
D.the first day of the proliferative phase.
What type of eye movement helps you to follow a moving object?
D.smooth pursuit
Free amino acids are absorbed into the blood stream by
A.simple diffusion.
B.cotransport with H+.
C.facilitated diffusion.
D.cotransport with Na+.
Initiation of labor involves all of the following EXCEPT
A.corticotropin-releasing hormone from the placenta.
B.DHEAS from the fetal adrenal gland.
C.cortisol from the mother and fetus.
D.human chorionic gonadotropin from the placenta.
Specialized cells on the tongue that distinguish salty, sour, sweet, meaty, or bitter
flavors are called
A.taste buds.
B.umami cells.
D.taste cells.
The S-T segment of an ECG represents
A.atrial depolarization.
B.passage of the electrical impulse to the atrioventricular node.
C.ventricular depolarization.
D.the plateau phase of the myocardial action potential.

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