Book Title
Concepts of Chemical Dependency 9th Edition

PSYC 91982

July 12, 2017
According to your text, one unwanted side-effect of anabolic steroid abuse is the
a. decrease in low density lipoproteins.
b. alteration of the body's ability to form blood clots in an emergency.
c. increase in low density lipoproteins.
d. increased blood flow to the dermal regions of the body.
Drugs that are abused comprise a special class of chemicals that are different from
drugs that are used pharmaceutically.
a. True
b. False
Which of the following likely contributes to higher rates of SUDs within the gay,
lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities?
a. Use of drugs for arousal and disinhibition effects
b. Increased negative feedback and stress experienced by members of the GLBT
c. "Gay bars" playing a central role in the GLBTcommunity
d. All of these answers
Currently, the participants in therapeutic communities
a. are all self-referred to the center.
b. are in 1/3 of the cases under supervision by the court.
c. are under the supervision of the court in 2/3 of the cases.
d. have completed all obligations to the court so they might freely participate in
President Richard M. Nixon believed
a. people above the age of 25 had little experience with marijuana and were
uninterested in it.
b. people consumed alcohol because they liked its taste, not because of its intoxicating
c. the apparent statistical correlation between those who abused marijuana and those
who were protesting against the conflict in Vietnam was a coincidence and not worth
d. marijuana use disorders should be addressed through the medical system.
The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) is ____effective in identifying
people with an alcohol use disorder.
a. 70 percent
b. 100 percent
c. 50 percent
d. 90 percent
The cost to society for adolescent substance use has been estimated as ______ per
mixed drink.
a. $1.50
b. $3.00
c. $4.12
d. $4.00
Women are more likely to develop an alcohol abuse disorder than men.
a. True
b. False
Confrontation, with empathy, is a ________in substance abuse rehabilitation.
a. irrelevant component
b. intrusive element
c. appropriate component when used properly
d. confusing intrusive complication
One of the reasons why the concept of codependency has been challenged is because it
a. fails to excuse the individual for his or her behavior.
b. turns the focus of blame to the family.
c. it incorporates the concept of resiliency into the treatment format.
d. it overlooks how the dysfunctional individual's upbringing contributed to his or her
substance use.
As a group, college students tend to _______ their peer's drinking.
a. underestimate
b. overestimate
c. accurately assess
d. be impressed by
Discuss some of the early treatments for anxiety and insomnia.
Answer:No answer provided.
Which of the following is NOT one of the negative effects one could expect to
experience in the first phase of the LSD "trip?"
a. Tachycardia
b. Dilation of the pupils
c. Increased blood pressure
d. Hypersomnia
The original form of intervention is called the ________model.
a. Peterson
c. Contingency Management
d. Johnson
Establishment of the first European colonies in the New World was partially fueled by
demand for tobacco.
a. True
b. False
All of the following describe benzodiazepines EXCEPT
a. they have a large therapeutic window.
b. all are proven to assist in seizure control.
c. they require GABA molecules to be at receptor site to be effective.
d. they are occasionally used as adjunct to treatment of anxiety.
What percent of the entire world population has abused an illicit substance at least
a. 5 percent
b. 25 percent
c. 50 percent
d. 75 percent
According to your text, narcotic abuse most commonly involves
a. heroin.
b. demerol.
c. the diversion of prescribed medications in the U.S.
d. Dilaudid.
Your text suggests that _____of persons with a generalized anxiety disorder will also
have a substance use disorder.
a. 30 percent
b. 15 percent
c. 40 percent
d. 50 percent
Available evidence would suggest which of the following about persons with ADHD?
a. They are more prone to alcohol-related disinhibition than normal persons.
b. They are less prone to alcohol-related disinhibition than normal persons.
c. The issue of impulsiveness and ADHD are entirely separate conditions and cannot be
assumed to be connected.
d. They tend to remain intoxicated for a longer period of time after consuming a given
amount of alcohol when compared with a normal person.
In the not too distant past, opiate withdrawal for the infant born to a woman who was
addicted to narcotics
a. had a 90 percent mortality rate.
b. caused the infant to eat more than normal infants of the same age.
c. did not result in a neonatal withdrawal syndrome as the narcotics were unable to
cross the placental barrier to enter the fetal circulation.
d. was less intense than narcotics withdrawal for the mother, who was usually addicted
to opiates longer than 9 months.
A point of confusion for mental health professionals is that
a. the behaviors of codependency overlap with those of love relationships.
b. there is a danger that the codependent person will begin to accept delusions that the
dysfunctional person has as being real.
c. there are distinct boundaries between normal behavior and codependency, but since
the concept is still evolving we do not know what they are yet.
d. it is easier for the codependent to simply shut down emotionally until they are able to
escape from the dysfunctional relationship.
An often unrecognized source of drugs of abuse for women with SUDs are
a. physicians prescribing a medication in good faith.
b. friends who might also have their own substance use disorders.
c. illicit drug dealers who cater to women as clients.
d. college students who seek to supplement meager earnings by selling drugs to select
About the only sign of a mental illness a substance use disorder (or withdrawal from a
drug of abuse) cannot simulate is
a. depression (possibly of suicidal proportions).
b. psychosis.
c. mania.
d. none of these. Substance abuse or withdrawal might present as virtually any form of
mental illness.
What is one of the main advantages of the simple, carbon-based inhalants most
commonly used?
a. They do not produce any side effects for the user.
b. They are legal.
c. They are able to cross the blood-brain-barrier extremely rapidly.
d. All of these answers are true.
Emotional withdrawal, a tactic commonly used by spouses of people with SUDs, is
reported to be an effective way for them to control their partner's substance abuse.
a. True
b. False
Which of the following statements is true about nicotine replacement therapy and
a. Nicotine replacement therapy is more effective for women than for men.
b. Nicotine replacement therapy is more effective for men than for women.
c. Nicotine replacement therapy is equally as effective for men and women.
d. The effectiveness of nicotine replacement therapy does not seem to be influenced by
The guiding philosophy for treatment is the
a. appropriate level of care necessary.
b. need to follow insurance company funding policies.
c. determination of bed availability at various rehabilitation facilities so that treatment
referrals can be spread evenly around the regional centers to avoid charges of favoritism
on the part of the referral agency.
d. level of confrontation necessary to assist the individual in accepting his or her SUD.
In the stage of "asymptomatic infection"
a. it is impossible for the infected person to transmit the infection to another person.
b. viral transmission is only possible if intravenous needles are shared.
c. the infection is there, but can only be detected by appropriate blood tests.
d. it is still possible for the person's body to fight off the infection if his or her immune
status is good.
When stressed, adults tend to
a. choose to delay gratification as a way to cope with immediate stressors.
b. activate regions of the brain involved in habitual responses.
c. interpret visual stimuli through the cognitive regions of the brain.
d. activate those regions of the brain active in cognitive assessment and control
Narcotics Anonymous
a. provides exactly the same program as Alcoholics Anonymous.
b. differs from Alcoholics Anonymous in one major area: the allinclusive term "addict."
c. is a subgroup of Alcoholics Anonymous that reports to the same home office.
d. does not place the same message on "carrying the message" to those who still are
addicted as does Alcoholics Anonymous.
The variations in chemical structure between different benzodiazepines
a. affects the duration of effect.
b. affects their binding site within the brain.
c. determines the production costs for that specific benzodiazepine.
d. eliminates or facilitates the process of lipid binding for that chemical.