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Human Physiology 14th Edition

PSYC 88751

July 19, 2017
The parasympathetic response to stimulation results in mass activation.
Damage to the right motor cortex will generally mean motor problems on the right side
of the body.
Blood would clot more slowly in an individual with 100,000 platelets/mm3.
Increased aldosterone secretion stimulates renal potassium retention.
The formation of hydration spheres makes an ion or molecule soluble in water.
In a ligand-gated channel, the neurotransmitter receptor and the channel are separate
The generator potential produced in photoreceptors is a hyperpolarization.
In cardiac muscle, calcium ions are released from the sarcoplasmic reticulum due to
direct interaction with the voltage-gated Ca2+ channels.
The reaction of adenosine diphosphate and phosphate generates adenosine triphosphate
and energy.
Oxygen is reduced by the action of the electron transport chain.
Antigens are used to induce a passive immune response.
The opening of Na+/Ca2+ channels by cAMP produces a graded depolarization in the
olfactory bulb.
Epinephrine increases lipolysis and ketogenesis.
Melatonin can pass through plasma membranes since it is derived from the nonpolar
amino acid tryptophan.
Micelles, made of bile salts, have hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions that allow them
to emulsify fats and dissolve in water.
An individual would normally perceive pain when the chemoreceptors are stimulated.
One exocrine function of the skin is the synthesis and secretion of melanin from the
sebaceous glands.
Activated calmodulin will, in turn, activate protein kinases.
Crossing over allows for the exchange of genetic material between homologous
Most brain tumors in adults are found within neurons.
Parasympathetic stimulation of arterioles is a major contributor to total peripheral
Type 1 diabetes mellitus is an autoimmune disease with T cell destruction of beta cells.
Antidiuretic hormone exerts its effect via a cAMP second messenger system.
Cross-bridge formation occurs when myosin heads attach to actin molecules located in
the thin filaments.
Pleural membranes envelop organs within the thoracic cavity.
Myofibers are formed from fused myoblasts and thus each of these muscle cells is
actually a syncytium.
The M and L cones are coded on chromosome 7 making the lack of the M and L
photopsins more prevalent in females.
Positive inotropic agents increase intracellular Ca2+ in the myocardium.
An increase of blood volume will cause secretion of ADH.
Autoimmune diseases include Grave's disease, myasthenia gravis, and rheumatic fever.
Glucose is stored as a polysaccharide to prevent osmosis of water into the cells.
Since cancer cells dedifferentiate, embryonic or fetal proteins can be used for diagnosis.
Glucose formed from amino acids comes from the process of glycogenolysis.
M cones are medium length green cones.
Cardiac output increases as heart rate increases.
Which imaging technique uses magnetic fields produced by postsynaptic electric
currents to produce an image?
Chromosomes move to opposite poles in
The Na+/K+ pump
A. is an example of primary active transport.
B. generates a positive membrane potential.
C. actively transports 2 potassium ions out of the cell.
D. actively transports 3 sodium ions into the cell.
Poisoning the Na+/K+ pump would cause the volume of the cell to __________.
A. increase
B. decrease
C. remain the same
As the intensity of a stimulus increases, more axons will become activated. This process
is called
A. threshold.
B. refraction.
C. recruitment.
D. None apply.
Which of the following is NOT a secondary lymphoid organ?
D.lymph nodes
What cofactor do matrix metalloproteinases need to be functional?
A. calcium
B. copper
C. chromium
D. zinc
The outer surface bulges of the large intestine are called
Cell bodies of motor neurons are found within the dorsal root ganglia.
Those with testicular feminization syndrome have
A.an extra X chromosome.
B.a missing X chromosome.
C.an extra chromosome 23.
D.no chromosomal number abnormalities.
Fatty acids are NOT an energy source for
A. the brain.
B. resting skeletal muscle.
C. the liver.
D. the heart.
The fastest shortening muscle fiber in humans is the
A.type IIA.
B.type IIB.
C.type IIX.
D.type I.
Most cells have a resting membrane potential between
A. +60mV and -90mV.
B. -60mV and -90mV.
C. -65mV and -85mV.
D. +65mV and +90mV.
What chemical acts as a chemokine to draw more neutrophils to the site of an infection?
B.tumor necrosis factor alpha
The LH surge causes
C.endometrium build-up.
D.All of the choices are correct.
____________ regulators mediate the function of the cells in which they are
A.Autocrine regulators
B.Endocrine regulator.
C.Paracrine regulators.
D.Exocrine regulators.
Hypoventilation can correct
A.metabolic acidosis.
B.respiratory acidosis.
C.metabolic alkalosis.
D.respiratory alkalosis.
Acclimatization to high altitude results in __________ 2,3-DPG in erythrocytes.
C.no change in
Breathing 100% oxygen will
A.significantly increase the oxygen delivery to tissues.
B.increase the amount of oxygen in red blood cells.
C.significantly increase the total oxygen content of whole blood.
D.not change the amount of oxygen dissolved in the plasma.
All adrenergic receptors act via
A.ligand-gated channels.
B.sodium-potassium pump.
The weak form of estrogen found in the blood of postmenopausal women is termed as
A. estrogen.
B. progesterone.
C. estrone.
D. menopausal estrogen.
Which of the following is NOT a lymphatic organ?
B.lymph nodes
Gonadotropic hormones include all of the following EXCEPT
B.follicle-stimulating hormone.
C.luteinizing hormone.
D.human chorionic gonadotropin.
Endogenous cannabinoids have effects similar to the active ingredient in
A. cocaine.
B. nicotine.
C. amphetamines.
D. marijuana.
Which of the following acts as an antioxidant within the body?
A.vitamin C
B.vitamin A
C.vitamin K
An individual with bulging eyes may
A.be secreting inadequate thyroid hormone.
B.be secreting excessive thyroid hormone.
C.be secreting inadequate cortisol.
D.be secreting excessive cortisol.
What structures keep the AV valves from everting under high ventricular pressure?
A. annuli fibrosis
B. interventricular and interatrial septa
C. papillary muscles and chordae tendineae
D. semilunar valves
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
A.is used to treat nitrogen narcosis.
B.exposes patients to high oxygen under low pressure.
C.can be used to promote wound healing.
D.would increase the time required to recover from decompression sickness.
Acetyl CoA
A. can enter the citric acidcycle.
B. can reversibly form ketone bodies.
C. can directly form pyruvic acid.
D. Both can enter the citric acidcycle and can reversibly form ketone bodies.
Which of the following is NOT true of venous blood?
A. moves toward the heart
B. always has lower oxygen content
C. is a dark red color
D. All apply

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