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Human Physiology 14th Edition

PSYC 77982

July 19, 2017
Insulin secretion is stimulated by _____________ blood glucose concentrations.
Each somatic motor neuron with all the muscle fibers it innervates is a
C.motor unit.
To go through glycolysis, _________ ATP per glucose molecule must be "invested" in
order to activate the glucose molecule.
Which of the following is NOT one of the three coats that comprise the walls of arteries
and veins?
A. tunica superficia
B. tunica externa
C. tunica media
D. tunica interna
Medications that are used to treat arrhythmias may use which of the following
A. block -adrenergic receptors.
B. block fast Na+ channels.
C. block slow Ca2+ channels.
D. All apply
The main body compartment that is inside cells is the ____ compartment.
A. extracellular
B. interstitial
C. intercellular
D. intracellular
The primary intracellular cation is
A. Ca2+.
B. K+.
C. Mg2+.
D. Na+.
Which of the following does NOT affect the activity of an enzyme?
A.the organ the enzyme is in
B.concentration of enzyme and substrate molecules
C.concentration of cofactors and coenzymes
D.pH and temperature
The process of gene expression occurs as
A. genetic transcription and genetic transduction.
B. genetic translation and genetic degradation.
C. genetic transcription and genetic translation.
D. genetic transduction and genetic degradation.
What allows the intestinal microbiota to live in the large intestine?
A.protection by innate and adaptive immune systems
B.the anaerobic environment
C.availability of nutrients
D.All of the choices are correct.
The minimum depolarization needed to open Na+ gates is called the
A. repolarization.
B. threshold.
C. refractory period.
D. All-or-none law.
Osmotic pressure is a measure of the force needed to
A. open aquaporins.
B. cause osmosis.
C. stop osmosis.
D. stop edema.
Iron is transported in the blood by the protein
The ATPase enzyme
A. adds a Pi to ADP.
B. powers endocytosis.
C. couples Na+ to glucose.
D. hydrolyzes ATP into ADP and Pi.
What is NOT an effect of taking exogenous glucocorticoids?
A.increased immune response
B.hyperglycemia and decreased glucose tolerance
C.decreased inflammation
Which of the following is NOT a second messenger system activated by lipophobic
A.9-cis-retinoic acid
B.tyrosine kinase
C.adenylate cyclase
D.phospholipase C
The famous patient "H.M." could not remember events that occurred after his memory
was damaged after he had brain surgery to treat his epilepsy. He retained his perceptual
and motor skills, but lost his memory of new facts and events. Thus, H.M.'s deficit was
A. nondeclarative or implicit memory
B. declarative or implicit memory
C. declarative or explicit memory
D. nondeclarative or explicit memory
Ketone bodies are produced by
A. excessive protein breakdown.
B. excessive carbohydrate breakdown.
C. excessive fat breakdown.
D. All apply.
Quiet expiration is caused by
A.contraction of the external intercostals.
B.contraction of the internal intercostals.
C.lung recoil and increased intrapulmonary pressure.
D.contraction of the scalenes.
An inadequate dietary intake of NaCl will cause
A.a rise in blood volume.
B.a rise in renal blood flow.
C.increased renin secretion.
D.decreased aldosterone secretion.
What is the stimulus for the release of erythropoietin?
A. low RBC count
B. decreased blood oxygen levels
C. low amount of hemoglobin
D. All apply
What phospholipid decreases the surface tension of the alveoli?
A child with ____________ would be lethargic, shorter than average, have mental
retardation, and a low body temperature.
A.Grave's disease
D.Addison's disease
Which of the following is NOT a type of cortical visual neuron?
A 0.5M glucose (molecular weight = 180g) contains ____________ grams of glucose
per liter.
A. 90
B. 180
C. 6.02 1023
D. 360
What causes the release of neurotransmitter when bitter taste has stimulated a taste cell?
A.release of Ca2+ from endoplasmic reticulum
B.opening of extracellular Ca2+ channels
C.closing K+ channels
D.closing Na+ channels
Most of the glucose is absorbed in the epithelial cells of the small intestine by
A. simple diffusion.
B. secondary active transport with Na+.
C. osmosis.
D. phagocytosis.
Skin wound healing would be slowed due to a lack of ____________ growth factors.
Muscle fatigue
A.occurs when muscles are only partially able to contract.
B.occurs when muscle cell glycogen is depleted.
C.occurs when muscle cell pH increases.
D.occurs due to decreased extracellular K+.
Small amounts of a polypeptide or glycoprotein hormone may cause
A. upregulation of receptors.
B. increased numbers of receptors placed in the plasma membrane.
C. the priming effect.
D. All apply.

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