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Human Physiology 14th Edition

PSYC 60637

July 19, 2017
Vital capacity is reduced in pulmonary restrictive disorders.
Sympathetic stimulation promotes an overall increase in blood flow resistance.
During the absorptive state, catabolic reactions are favored over anabolic reactions.
Ghrelin is postulated to be important as a satiety factor.
A lower affinity for oxygen will decrease oxygen unloading to tissues.
The parietal pleura covers the surface of the lungs.
Action potentials frequency encodes stimulus intensity.
The spleen is a secondary lymphoid organ that filters lymph from lymphatic vessels.
The stimulus of sucking causes release of prolactin-releasing hormone via a
neuroendocrine reflex.
Active transport proceeds when energy is expended.
Both depolarization and repolarization are produced by the diffusion of ions down their
concentation gradient.
Each cone communicates with only one ganglion cell while many rods communicate
with one ganglion cell.
The white part of a cooked egg is due to denatured albumin proteins.
An oxygen electrode will measure the amount of free oxygen in the plasma and the
amount of oxygen bonded to hemoglobin.
Ganglia are clusters of nerve cell bodies located in the peripheral nervous system.
The ventricles are the pumps of the heart.
Peripheral chemoreceptors are directly stimulated by blood CO2 levels.
Protein synthesis is usually stimulated when luteinizing hormone binds to its receptor.
The geniculostriate system tells you what you are seeing, while the tectal system tells
you where the object is.
The cerebral cortex is made up of both gray and white matter.
The main function of the kidneys is the regulation of the intracellular fluid.
The deadly botulinum toxin can be used in the cosmetic treatment of skin wrinkles
because it produces a flaccid paralysis.
The amount of entropy increases as bonds are broken to generate glucose from
Bulk transport is required for the transport of large polar molecules into or out of cells.
Digestion of starch starts in the stomach.
Calcitonin and PTH are antagonistic hormones.
Myelinated axons transmit action potentials more rapidly than unmyelinated axons.
Diuresis is stimulated by atrial natriuretic peptide.
Secretions of the Sertoli cells and cells of Leydig influence the functions of each other.
Forced expiratory volume tests are used to differentiate between restrictive and
obstructive lung disorders.
All axons in the PNS are surrounded by Schwann cells.
Large hydrophilic molecules can readily move unaided into and out of cells.
Many polypeptide and glycoprotein hormones are secreted in discrete bursts called
pulsatile secretions.
Blood pH decreases over time during moderate to heavy exercise.
Schwann cells and oligodendrocytes have similar functions.
Secondary active transport often occurs as a coupled transport process.
Autoimmune diseases include
A.type-1 diabetes mellitus.
B.pernicious anemia.
D.All of the choices are correct.
The actions of the kidney include regulation of
A.blood plasma pH.
B.blood plasma volume.
C.blood plasma electrolyte concentration.
D.All of the choices are correct.
Normal levels of intestinal microbiota help protect us from pathogenic bacteria.
__________ is a technique for artificially gaining active immunity through exposure to
non-virulent pathogens or nonpathogenic antigens.
Where does the reverse chloride shift occur?
A.tissue capillaries
B.pulmonary capillaries
Which of the following is NOT a role of glucagon in blood glucose homeostasis?
A.raises blood glucose levels
B.stimulates glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis in the liver
C.promotes lipolysis and ketogenesis
D.promotes the movement of glucose out of skeletal muscle cells
____________ are hepatic phagocytic cells of the reticuloendothelial system.
B.Kupffer cells
C.Langerhan cells
D.Merkel's cells
A blood pH of 7.6 is
A.indicative of acidosis.
B.indicative of alkalosis.
C.in the normal physiological range.
D.indicates effective buffering by the bicarbonate/carbonic acid system.
Active hyperemia is
A. increased blood flow due to increased metabolism.
B. increased blood flow after removal of constriction due to accumulated metabolic
C. increased blood flow due to sepsis.
D. All apply.
Inhibition of neuropeptide Y synthesis would
A. induce euphoria.
B. induce obesity.
C. stimulate leptin secretion.
D. inhibit eating.
_________________ homeostatic regulatory mechanisms are "built-in" to the organs
being regulated.
_________% of total blood flow to the body per minute goes to the brain.
Anticodons found in mRNA allow for base pairing with the codons in tRNA.
The specialized region of the sarcolemma at the neuromuscular junction is called the
A. syncytium.
B. varicosity.
C. fascicle.
D. motor end plate.
Which of the following is NOT one of the three stages in the response to stress?
A.stage of exhaustion
B.alarm reaction
C.stage of denial
D.stage of resistance
The ability of the kidneys to remove molecules from the blood plasma by excreting
them in the urine is known as
A.glomerular filtration.
B.renal clearance.
Secondary hypertension may result from
A.a renin secreting tumor.
B.an atrial natriuretic factor secreting tumor.
C.an aldosterone antagonist.
D.an epinephrine antagonist.
Beta-oxidation of an 18 carbon fatty acid will yield _____ acetyl CoA molecules.
A. 9
B. 6
C. 18
D. None apply.
Blood lactate will begin to rise when exercise is performed at a rate that is
A.15% of VO2max.
B.25% of VO2max.
C.50% of VO2max.
D.85% of VO2max.
Damage to the _____ prefrontal area will cause a lack of motivation and sexual desire
and deficient cognitive functions.
A. lateral
B. orbitofacial
C. posterior
D. palatine
Which type of receptor responds to physical deformation of its cell membrane?
What type of autonomic fibers release ACh at effectors?
A. parasympathetic
B. sympathetic
C. somatic
D. sensory
Drugs that activate PPAR gamma receptors are useful in the treatment of what
metabolic disorder?
A.type 1 diabetes
B.type 2 diabetes
C.diabetes insipidus
The mean arterial pressure of a person with a blood pressure of 128/68 would be
Which of the following is NOT true of acute mountain sickness?
A.caused by hyperventilation and hypercapnia
B.may be treated with a drug that causes excretion of bicarbonate
C.low PO2 in the brain causes a headache
D.pulmonary and cerebral edema are serious complications
An enzyme elevated in the plasma of men with prostate cancer is
A.alkaline phosphatase.
C.creatine kinase.
D.acid phosphatase.
The medulla oblongata
A. contains numerous vital centers.
B. contains the facial nuclei.
C. acts only as a relay center.
D. is the most advanced region of the brain.
Energy transformations result in a(n) ______________ in entropy.
C.no change
Which of the following are NOT types of tongue papillae?
A.foliate papillae
B.circumvallate papillae
C.glossoform papillae
D.fungiform papillae
Bonds that are formed between oxygen and hydrogen atoms within water molecules are
A.hydrogen bonds.
B.ionic bonds.
C.nonpolar covalent bonds.
D.polar covalent bonds.
Which of the following is NOT true about enzymes?
A. As the temperature increases from 25C to 37C enzyme activity decreases.
B. Very few enzymes require cofactors.
C. Most enzymes are not sensitive to changes in pH.
D. All are not true.
Helper T cell activation occurs more readily if the antigen presenting cells are
A.dendritic cells and macrophages.
B.macrophages and mast cells.
C.B and T lymphocytes.
D.neutrophils and basophils.
Heart murmurs may be caused by _______, a condition in which valves are thickened
and calcified.
A. stenosis
B. fibrillation
C. regurgitation
D. septal defect
What is the resting cardiac rate for an adult?
A.60 beats/min
B.70 beats/min
C.75 beats/min
D.80 beats/min
Pupil diameter would be increased by
A.contraction of the circular muscles.
B.contraction of the ciliary body.
C.contraction of the superior rectus muscle.
D.contraction of the radial muscles.

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