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Human Physiology 14th Edition

PSYC 60563

July 19, 2017
Retrograde axonal transport may be responsible for movement of herpes virus, rabies
virus, and tetanus toxin from nerve terminals to the cell body.
Fibers that secrete norepinephrine are called adrenergic fibers.
The neurons from the hypothalamus secrete chemicals called neurohormones.
Exergonic reactions proceed with the release of energy.
The production of hemoglobin and red blood cells in bone marrow is controlled by a
hormone called thymopoietin.
The study of comparative physiology has aided in the development of pharmaceutical
drugs for humans.
Quiet expiration will increase intrapulmonary pressure to about +3 mm Hg above
atmospheric pressure.
Fatigue appears to occur due to the reduced ability of the sarcoplasmic reticulum
release of Ca2+ with neural stimulation.
Organic acids contain carbonyl groups.
Water is a diuretic.
Leptin has an indirect effect on the deposition of calcium into bone.
Genes present in heterochromatin are readily expressed.
Heart rate is increased in response to sympathetic stimulation.
Once glycogen stores have been met, an excess of calories results in the production of
Paracrine regulators are part of the extrinsic regulation of the GI tract.
The initial phase of deglutition is a voluntary process.
The electron transport chain system is responsible for the production of the majority of
cellular ATP.
Immediate hypersensitivity is utilized in the Mantoux test.
Individuals using anabolic steroids would have increased amounts of agranular(smooth)
endoplasmic reticulum in their liver cells.
Arterial blood pH is indirectly proportional to the partial carbon dioxide pressure of
arterial blood.
The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system.
Delayed hypersensitivity is most often treated with antihistamines.
80% of the extracellular fluid is termed as interstitial fluid.
Hyperopia is corrected with a concave lens.
A deficiency of dopamine would allow the production of prolactin.
The mitral valve is one of the two semilunar valves.
Longitudinal growth during development is dependent on estrogen stimulation of the
epiphyseal growth plates in both males and females.
The pH of a solution is directly proportional to the hydrogen ion concentration of the
Nicotinic agonists would bind cholinergic receptors on preganglionic autonomic
Cryptorchid males do not produce testosterone.
Ablation of the celiac ganglia would inhibit sympathetic regulation of the adrenal
The oxygen content of arteries in the pulmonary circulation is high.
Inhibition of G-proteins would cause an increase in hormone-induced intracellular Ca2+
Developing sperm cells produce estrogen that may serve to regulate their environment.
When skeletal muscle cells contract, they increase in length.
Endogenous opioids transmit impulses of pain.
The hypothalamus, anterior pituitary gland, and the various target glands control the
functions of each other, so there is no "master gland."
Skeletal muscle contains glucose 6-phosphatase to produce free glucose from glucose
Elevated concentrations of glucagon would result in
A.decreased lipolysis.
B.decreased glycogen synthesis.
C.increased gluconeogenesis.
D.increased lipogenesis.
Varicose veins can be caused by
A. compression of abdominal veins by a fetus during pregnancy.
B. stretched venous valves.
C. excessive venous congestion.
D. All apply
Obstructive pulmonary diseases often cause the FEV1 to be decreased by __________
or more.
Inhibition of receptor-mediated endocytosis
A. could induce hypercholesteremia.
B. could induce diabetes mellitus.
C. could prevent diabetes mellitus.
D. could prevent heart disease.
The biceps brachii causes flexion of the elbow. The triceps brachii causes extension of
the elbow, so it would be a/an
What type of junctional complex will prohibit paracellular transport?
A. tight junctions
B. adherens junctions
C. desmosomes
D. gap junctions
Pulmonary fibrosis may be caused by
B.allergic reactions.
C.breathing in coal dust.
D.increased mucus production.
Atrophy of the pancreatic acinar cells occurs in response to
A.increased gastrin secretion.
B.decreased sympathetic stimulation.
C.decreased cholecystokinin secretion.
D.increased secretin secretion.
The success of vaccinations was first demonstrated by
What occurs when one sympathetic preganglionic neuron synapses on several
postganglionic neurons?
A. convergence
B. cooperation
C. divergence
D. All apply.
Decreased glomerular filtration rate would
A.increase plasma protein clearance rate.
B.increase plasma urea clearance rate.
C.decrease plasma creatinine clearance rate.
D.decrease plasma glucose clearance rate.
What is NOT true of conduction through dendrites and cell bodies of neurons?
A. they are EPSPs
B. they are spread by cable properties
C. they can summate to reach threshold
D. they are action potentials
When a diver descends 20 meters below sea level, the total atmospheric pressure would
be _______ the pressure at sea level.
D.the same as
Damage to the _____________ nerve would inhibit salivary production.
Which of the following is NOT a function of the conducting zone?
A.gas exchange
B.filtering and cleaning the air
C.warming and humidifying the air
D.All of the choices are functions.
Which type of eye movements are high velocity (400 to 800 degrees per second)?
B.smooth pursuit
Slow wave depolarization triggers depolarization of smooth muscle by opening
voltagegated ________ channels.
The vasa recta have the net effect of concentrating solutes in the interstitial fluid of the
renal medulla.
Norepinephrine is released from __________ nerves, causing heart rate to ______.
A.parasympathetic, increase.
B.parasympathetic, decrease.
C.sympathetic, increase.
D.sympathetic, decrease.
Cells which will undergo apoptosis would contain large numbers or quantities of
A. centrioles.
B. lysosomes.
C. golgi apparatus.
D. rough endoplasmic reticulum.
The Bohr effect
A.describes the effect of pH on the affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen.
B.describes the effect of pH on the affinity of hemoglobin for carbon dioxide.
C.describes the mechanism of ventilation.
D.describes the effect of solubility on the amount of gas dissolved in blood.
Addictive drugs, as well as nicotine, activate dopamine release in the
A. nucleus accumbens.
B. corpus striatum.
C. basal nuclei.
D. corpus callosum.
A fertilized egg is called a/an
D.Barr body.
In response to increased ventricular filling
A.total peripheral resistance increases.
B.sympathetic nerves release norepinephrine.
C.myocardial cells stretch.
D.myocardial contractility in decreases.
Motor unit recruitment allows for _________ contraction strength.
A. increased
B. decreased
C. no change in
What type of neural pathway involves one neuron forming synapses with several
postsynaptic neurons?
A. convergent
B. oscillating
C. divergent
D. plastic
Which of the following is NOT true about a chemical functioning in physiological
A.There must be a mechanism to turn off the chemical's action.
B.The chemicals must be secreted by endocrine glands.
C.Target cell must have specific receptor molecules for the chemical.
D.The combination of the chemical and its receptor must cause specific changes to
occur in the target cell.
Adaptive thermogenesis is the heat energy expended by the body in response to all of
the following EXCEPT
A.increase in ambient temperature.
B.digestion of food.
C.physical activity.
D.decrease in ambient temperature.
Carbon monoxide is lethal because it
A.reduces CO2 and slows breathing.
B.increases CO2 and causes seizures.
C.binds hemoglobin preventing oxygen binding.
D.increases oxygen unloading at the cells.
Antibody diversity can be explained by
A.clonal production of plasma cells.
B.antigen-dependent diversification.
C.over 100 million genes encoding for antibodies.
D.All of the choices are correct.
At rest, normal oxygen unloading is ____.
A. 97%
B. 75%
C. 39%
D. 22%

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