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Human Physiology 14th Edition

PSY 71643

July 19, 2017
The maternal contribution to the placenta is the
A.decidua basalis.
B.chorion frondosum.
C.chorionic villi.
D.yolk sac.
Protein carrier mediated transport of molecules display
A. specificity.
B. competition.
C. saturation.
D. All apply.
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Alzheimer's disease?
A. an accumulation of intracellular proteins that form neurofibrillar tangles
B. loss of neurons in the hippocampus and cerebral cortex
C. an accumulation of extracellular proteins that form senile plaques
D. most cases are inherited
The primary structural protein of basement membranes is
The renal plasma clearance of a substance that is filtered and secreted is ____ the GFR.
A.greater than
B.less than
C.equal to
__________ stimulates ECL cells to secrete histamine which stimulates HCl release
from parietal cells.
The model that explains how an enzyme and substrate fit together is the
A. enzyme-substrate model.
B. lock-and-key model.
C. conformational model.
D. None apply.
The basal nuclei contain
A. the corpus striatum.
B. the supraoptic nucleus.
C. reticular formation.
D. All apply.
Excitation of the Golgi tendon organ normally induces
A.contraction of a muscle's extrafusal fibers.
B.relaxation of a muscle's extrafusal fibers.
C.contraction of a muscle's intrafusal fibers.
D.relaxation of a muscle's intrafusal fibers.
Besides chromosomes, what else does the sperm provide to the zygote that is necessary
for cell division to occur?
D.All of the choices are correct.
Net filtration would be decreased by
A.liver damage.
B.increased hepatic protein synthesis.
D.increased cellular metabolism.
Sensory neurons within intestinal plexuses that travel in the vagus to the CNS are called
A.extrinsic afferents.
B.intrinsic afferents.
C.paracrine regulators.
D.myenteric afferents.
In the spinal cord, the gray matter is arranged into _____ and the white matter is
arranged into ______.
A. columns, horns
B. funiculi, tracts
C. horns, funiculi
D. tracts, funiculi
Sucrose is a disaccharide that is composed of _______________ and ____________.
A.glucose, glucose
B.glucose, galactose
C.glucose, fructose
D.fructose, galactose
Incontinence could develop as a result of
A.pressure on the detrusor muscle.
B.poor bladder compliance.
C.damage to the external urethral sphincter.
D.All of the choices are correct.
Nitric oxide (NO) causes
C.no effect.
The __________ surface of the simple cuboidal epithelia in the proximal convoluted
tubule contains microvilli.
What is the function of prolactin in females?
A. stimulates milk production in the mammary glands
B. regulates the gonadotropins
C. regulates water and electrolyte balance in the kidneys
D. All apply.
The conversion of short-term memory to long-term memory would be inhibited by
A. ablation of the pons.
B. ablation of the cerebral nuclei.
C. ablation of the hippocampus.
D. ablation of the occipital lobe.
The zygote (fertilized egg) has the ability to produce all the various types of cells found
in the body. This ability is known as
Type IIX skeletal muscle fibers
A.generate less tension than type IIA fibers.
B.fatigue very slowly.
C.generate more tension than type I fibers.
D.have a high myoglobin concentration.
Gas X makes up 15% of a gas mix, at 760 mm Hg, the partial pressure of gas X would
A.11400 mm Hg
B.1140 mm Hg
C.114 mm Hg
D.646 mm Hg
New drugs are under development to treat AIDS that act to
A.kill the virus.
B.kill the target cells and prevent infection.
C.inhibit the fusion of the HIV to the target cells.
D.inhibit reverse transcriptase.
Energy transformations increase the entropy of a system is a statement of the
A.first law of thermodynamics.
B.second law of thermodynamics.
C.law of mass action.
D.law of conservation of energy.
Which type of epithelial membrane would be found lining the uterine tubes?
A.simple ciliated columnar epithelium
B.stratified cuboidal epithelium
C.nonkeratinized stratified squamous epithelium
D.simple cuboidal epithelium
Which cells are needed for the formation of synapses in the CNS?
A. ependymal
B. microglia
C. astrocytes
D. dendrites
Which of the following is the essential organ of the female reproductive system?
D.uterine tubes
The function of ____________ neurons is to link sensory stimuli with the appropriate
motor responses.
Which vessels are most important for controlling resistance to blood flow?
A.elastic arteries
The hydrolysis of triglycerides to fatty acids and glycerol is called
A. lipogenesis.
B. lipolysis.
C. beta-oxidation.
D. deamination.
Essential hypertension
A. is the type of hypertension that most patients have.
B. is the result of a known disease process.
C. is a necessary physiological state.
D. All apply.
Which organ system is primarily involved in regulation of blood volume and
A. the urinary system
B. the digestive system
C. the circulatory system
D. the integumentary system
The liver will detoxify ammonia by converting it into
A.uric acid.
B.ammonium ions.
D.amino acids.

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