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Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology 12th Edition
Dennis G. Tasa, Edward J. Tarbuck, Frederick K. Lutgens
What is the most important factor driving metamorphism?
A) Pressure
B) Heat
C) Hydrothermal fluids
D) Orientation
What kind of stress is deforming this block?
A) Shear
B) Compression
C) Tension
Match the image with the correct glacial erosional term.
A) Cirque
B) Horn
C) Hanging valley
D) Arte
Which scientist first observed the rings of Saturn in 1610?
A) Christian Huygens
B) Isaac Newton
C) Galileo Galilei
D) Johannes Kepler
Which of the following statements best describes the formation of secondary magmas?
A) Decompression melting creates a mafic magma from mantle material.
B) Iron-rich minerals will form in a cooling magma and leave the remaining melt with a
more silicic composition.
C) Partial melting of felsic rocks creates a silica-rich magma.
D) Water dehydrating from a subducted plate will melt mantle material.
Which war was indirectly responsible for the development of the tools that made the
theory of plate tectonics possible?
A) World War I
B) World War II
C) Korean War
D) Vietnam War
Which method of glacial erosion is responsible for the marks in this image?
A) Abrasion
B) Plucking
C) Quarrying
D) Jointing
If the temperature in the Earth generally increases with depth, how is it possible that the
inner core is a solid?
A) Temperatures increase to a certain point before leveling off below the melting point
of the core.
B) The pressures in the core are immense and keep it in a solid state in spite of the
C) Earth's interior does not reach temperatures high enough to melt the material of the
inner core.
D) The inner core is shedding the heat so quickly that melting does not have time to
Match the appropriate terms to their correct locations next to the stream in this image:
A) Delta
B) Headwaters
C) Meandering Channel
1. A
2. B
3. C
Which central part of a hurricane is characterized by a calm zone where precipitation
and winds cease?
A) Typhoon
B) Eye wall
C) Pressure gradient
D) Eye
Why do deserts lack thick deposits of soil?
A) Low temperatures and high soil moisture contents accelerate chemical weathering.
B) Warm temperatures and high soil moisture contents accelerate chemical weathering.
C) Warm temperatures and low soil moisture contents allow some mechanical
D) Temperature has no effect on rock weathering.
What is the half-life of potassium-40?
A) 1.3 billion years
B) 704 million years
C) 14.1 billion years
D) 4.5 billion years
Put the four regions of a subduction zone in order from the convergent boundary
landward toward the continental interior.
A) Volcanic arc, deep-ocean trench, forearc region, back-arc region
B) Back-arc region, volcanic arc, forearc, deep-ocean trench
C) Deep-ocean trench, forearc region, volcanic arc, back-arc region
D) Forearc, back-arc, deep-ocean trench, volcanic arc
Which of the following is not an environment of metamorphism?
A) Contact with a hot magma body
B) Hot fluids coming off a diaper
C) Slow cooling of a magma
D) High pressure in a subduction zone
________ are often the best-preserved, most easily identifiable plant remains in
sediments and can be used to interpret the paleoclimate.
A) Corals
B) Trees
C) Seeds
D) Pollen
Based on the seafloor features labeled on this map, what kind of tectonic boundary
would you say surrounds the Pacific Ocean basin?
A) Convergent
B) Divergent
C) Transform
Which of the following is a rock composed of nonmineral matter?
A) Granite
B) Coal
C) Limestone
D) Basalt
Which of the following is not one of the three basic stream channel morphologies?
A) Straight channel
B) Meandering stream
C) Braided stream
D) Bedrock channel
Which of these aquatic organisms can form chemical sediments?
A) Corals
B) Coccolithophores
C) Bacteria and corals
D) Bivalves, corals, bacteria, and coccolithophores
Which of the following is believed to be responsible for uplifting southern Africa 1,500
meters higher than what would be expected for a stable continental platform?
A) Microcontinents
B) Isostacy
C) Orogenesis
D) Superplume
In which part of a stream's course would one typically find bedrock channels?
A) Headwaters
B) At confluences
C) Mouth
D) In a delta
In what geologic period did lobe-finned fish adapt to terrestrial environments?
A) Cambrian
B) Devonian
C) Triassic
D) Ordovician
Assume this house is located in central Alaska. What did this house do to the local
landscape to end up so misaligned?
A) The house shifted because of a mudflow.
B) The weight of the house generated a debris flow.
C) A rockfall knocked the house off its foundation.
D) Heat from the house melted the permafrost below.
________ and ________ drive water from the pores of a subducted oceanic plate,
which leads to partial melting.
A) Compression; tension
B) Air; heat
C) Heat; pressure
D) Salt; oil
Match the glacial landform with the material it is made of. (Note: Some answers will be
used more than once.)
A) Solid rock
B) Till
C) Sands and gravels
1. Outwash plain
2. End moraine
3. Erratic
4. Esker
5. Drumlin
6. Arte
A rubber band being stretched in preparation to fire across the room is an example of
what kind of deformation?
A) Brittle deformation
B) Ductile deformation
C) Elastic deformation
D) Shear deformation
What is the best method to distinguish between muscovite mica and biotite mica?
A) Cleavage
B) Color
C) Hardness
D) Streak
Which of the following is an artificial coastal feature?
A) Baymouth bar
B) Jetty
C) Spit
D) Tombolo
What is the name of the theory that describes the formation of the universe?
A) Theory of Gravitational Attraction
B) Big Bang Theory
C) Theory of Continental Drift
D) Solar Nebula Theory
________ deposits such as gold and silver are generated from hot, ion-rich fluids.
A) Kimberlite
B) Hydrothermal
C) Placer
D) Evaporite
An earthquake occurs in California. What is the minimum magnitude an earthquake can
have if it is to be picked up by seismographic networks around the world?
A) M 5.5
B) M 7
C) M 8
D) M 9.5
Which of the following earthquake disasters was associated with a megathrust fault?
A) 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake
B) 2011 Tohoku earthquake (Japan)
C) 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake (Sumatra)
D) 2015 Nepal earthquake
E) 2011 Tohoku and 2004 Indian Ocean earthquakes

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