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Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology 12th Edition
Dennis G. Tasa, Edward J. Tarbuck, Frederick K. Lutgens
What submarine oceanic features are circled in this image?
A) Seamounts
B) Deep-sea fans
C) Rift zones
D) Faults
The mineral bauxite is refined to produce ________ for economic use.
A) iron
B) aluminum
C) copper
D) gold
What is a metamorphic facies?
A) A rock that forms at specific metamorphic conditions and can be used to determine
the metamorphic style
B) Textural transitions based on the direction and amount of pressure
C) Zones of contact metamorphism along an intrusive igneous rock
D) An assemblage of minerals that form in very similar metamorphic environments
Assuming this location is near the Arctic Circle, what kind of mass wasting is visible in
this image?
A) Mudflow
B) Creep
C) Solifluction
D) Rockslide
Which two satellites are the only ones in the solar system known to have substantial
A) Neptune's moon Triton and Jupiter's moon Io
B) Saturn's moon Titan and Neptune's moon Triton
C) Uranus's moon Miranda and Saturn's moon Rhea
D) Jupiter's moon Io and Earth's moon
What is diffraction?
A) A seismic wave is bounced back toward its source.
B) A seismic wave is bent when moving from one material to another.
C) A seismic wave is bent when it passes by a curved surface.
D) Seismic waves are separated by liquids
Which of the following parts of the carbon cycles shows the most active movement of
carbon between spheres?
A) Atmosphere and biosphere
B) Cryosphere and biosphere
C) Atmosphere and hydrosphere
D) Hydrosphere and atmosphere
Which of the following scenarios can lead to the formation of a kame?
A) Sediment accumulates in a hole in the ice.
B) Sediment is carried on top of the glacier.
C) Sediment collects in subglacial stream channels.
D) Sediment covers a stagnant block of ice.
A ________ fault has a vertical fault plane and shows movement parallel to the
orientation of the fault.
A) reverse
B) strike-slip
C) thrust
D) normal
Most comets originate in the ________.
A) Kuiper Belt
B) Saturn's Rings
C) Oort Cloud
D) Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud
Put the three orogenic events of the Appalachian in order from oldest to youngest.
A) Taconic Orogeny, Laramide Orogeny, Acadian Orogeny
B) Alleghanian Orogeny, Taconic Orogeny, Acadian Orogeny
C) Taconic Orogeny, Acadian Orogeny, Alleghanian Orogeny
D) Laramide Orogeny, Taconic, Alleghanian Orogeny
Which atom is easier to compress when pressure is squeezing a rock and why?
A) Negative ion; it has more electrons and is "fluffier."
B) Positive ion; it has fewer electrons and is already densely compact.
C) Negative ion; electrons are easier to remove.
D) Positive ion; it is less resistant and easier to compress.
What effect will black carbon deposits have on glacial ice?
A) Black carbon will insulate the ice, preserving it
B) Black carbon will slow the rate of melting
C) Black carbon will absorb more heat, increasing melting
D) Black carbon has no effect on glacial ice
What is the risk for landslides in West Virginia?
A) Very high potential
B) High potential
C) Moderate potential
D) Low potential
Assume that this square is a rock that is being subjected to differential stress. Also
assume that the length of the arrows reflects the amount of force in each direction, so
the longer the arrow, the more the force affecting the rock. How will the size or shape
of the square change? Select the choice that best reflects this change.
A) (No change)
The ________ Period was called the golden age of trilobites, resulting in more than 600
genera of these organisms.
A) Silurian
B) Cambrian
C) Jurassic
D) Mississippian
Based on the volcanic type and construction of the flanks, what assumptions can you
make about the type of lava?
A) The lava is basaltic.
B) The lava is andesitic.
C) The lava is rhyolitic.
What fluid is generally responsible for metasomatism?
A) Sulfuric acid
B) Mixed air
C) Water
D) Petroleum
How did erosion shape this glacial feature? (Hint: It is bedrock.)
A) Frost wedging
B) Plucking
C) Abrasion
D) Plucking and abrasion
Earthquake A is classified as a 3 on the Richter Scale. Earthquake B is classified as a 6.
How many times more energy has Earthquake B released than Earthquake A?
A) 3 times
B) 96 times
C) 1,000 times
D) 33,000 times
Explain the processes occurring in the figure above that are generating magma. At what
kind of tectonic boundary are such processes common?
Why is soil a nonrenewable resource?
A) Because it forms very slowly
B) Because there is a limited amount of soil on the Earth and it cannot be replaced
C) Because it is not commonly used for human commerce
D) Because it cannot be privately owned
Which agent of erosion is responsible for the erosional pattern circled in this image?
A) Melting
B) Running water
C) Wind
D) Ice
Which layer or layers of the interior are believed to have convection cells?
A) Mantle
B) Mantle and outer core
C) Inner core
D) Outer core and inner core
Which of the following was the cause of the debris flow in Oso, Washington, in March
A) Volcanic eruptions generated a lahar.
B) A stream at the base of a slope eroded the toe of the slope away.
C) Heavy rains saturated the surface materials on the slope.
D) The slope was oversteepened during construction.
A ________ is an economically important material that can be replenished over a short
time span to be used again.
A) renewable resource
B) fossil Fuel
C) raw material
D) nonrenewable resource
The rock that makes up ocean basins has a density of ________ and is made of
A) 1.9 g/cm3; sandstone
B) 4.5 g/cm3; gneiss
C) 3.0 g/cm3; basalt
D) 2.7 g/cm3; granite
Which desert location in the United States consists of alternating mountain ranges and
flat-bottomed valleys as a result of fault block mountains?
A) Rocky Mountains
B) Ohio River Valley
C) Marathon Uplift
D) Basin and Range Province
When did the first terrestrial plants appear on the land surface?
A) 400 million years ago
B) 327 million years ago
C) 225 million years ago
D) 65 million years ago
What creates the small holes found in a vesicular texture?
A) Liquid water
B) Volatiles
C) Soluble minerals
D) Weathering
Note the three arrows on this image, marked A, B, and C, which illustrate three seismic
waves on the chart above. Match the name of the seismic wave with the letter indicating
that wave. (Note: Surface waves are not differentiated on this diagram and can be
described simply with "surface waves.")
A) P waves
B) S waves
1. A
2. B
3. C
Which acid is commonly responsible for the dissolution of limestone?
A) Nitric
B) Carbonic
C) Sulfuric
D) Hydrochloric
________ are smaller earthquakes of lesser magnitude that follow a major earthquake.
A) Aftershocks
B) Ripples
C) Foreshocks
D) Displacement
Which of the following elements would have been the first to form after the formation
of the universe?
A) Lithium and carbon
B) Helium and phosphorous
C) Hydrogen and helium
D) Iron and magnesium
What is the speed of sound waves in water?
A) 1,500 m/sec
B) 5,000 m/sec
C) 3,200 m/sec
D) 10,994 m/sec

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