Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

OBHR 750 Quiz 1

July 13, 2015
To find stories, one must simplify the data on that topic and convert the numbers to
simple, easy-to-understand units.
Ohio and 26 other states have "Im sorry" laws that allow physicians to acknowledge
mistakes without fear of lawsuits.
In a job application letter, applicants must not plead or apologize.
Words or ideas that share the same logical role in a sentence must also be in the same
grammatical form.
The best time to negotiate for salary and benefits is at the beginning of the job
Open questions are faster for subjects to answer and easier for researchers to score.
In an interview, when questioned about weaknesses, one should discuss weaknesses
related to ones personal life.
It is important to use "academic," not conversational, language in a message.
In a solicited letter, it is inappropriate for the applicant to mention where he or she
learned about the job.
Transition words and sentences signal the connections between ideas to the reader.
A purpose statement must be written before the problem is defined.
Informational leaders monitor the groups process, check peoples feelings, and resolve
Active verbs must be used to avoid assigning blame.
Networking in business organizations should be treated as a work-related task.
Over 60 percent of all new jobs come not from responding to an ad but from
networking with personal contacts.
What are the different processes that expert writers are more likely to use and that
differentiates them from novices?
How should one ideally use social networking tools for business situations?
List the four practices that good listeners follow.
When should one use a skills resume?
How can visuals be made accurate?
In a(n) _____ interview, a person would talk to someone who works in the area he or
she hopes to enter to find out what the day-to-day work involves and how he or she can
best prepare to enter that field.
Headings must be _____, that is, they must use the same grammatical structure.
How does active listening help a listener earn a speakers respect?