Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

OBHR 740

July 13, 2015
If you get feedback you dont understand, you should ask for clarification.
Comparison and contrast cannot be used for organizing information in reports.
Expert writers are more likely to wait to edit until after the draft is complete.
The sentence, "It is our pleasure to offer you a 25% discount on your order," shows
you-attitude because it shows that the sender is happy to help a customer.
In a T-letter, applicants must provide a description of how they match what the
employer wants using only passive verbs.
Prospecting letters help applicants tap into the hidden job market.
Values and beliefs are seldom influenced by religion.
A hand written application letter is more professional than one created on a computer.
A person communicating with different audiences often needs to emphasize multiple
Sending attachments makes the least sense when you send a non-text file.
Withholding how input provided by participants of a meeting will be used makes
expectations clear and focuses the conversation.
The direct request pattern of organization is typically used in recommendation progress
reports where the recommendations are likely to meet resistance from its readers.