Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

OBHR 615 Midterm 2

July 13, 2015
A verb is passive if the grammatical subject of the sentence does the action the verb
All messages should use you-attitude, but the words to achieve it will change depending
on the situation.
When you have a reluctant reader, putting the request in the subject line proves to be the
most effective strategy.
The standard agenda is a process in which people affix colored adhesive dots by the
points they care most about.
Job applicants must make their acceptance contingent upon a written job offer
confirming the terms.
Chairman is sexist because not everyone who manages a committee or department is a
Accurate denotations make it easier to solve problems.
Documents with proportional typefaces, must use ragged right margins.
An information interview provides specific
_____ appeal means making the reader want to do what you ask.
To make your document look professional, _____ to eliminate errors and typos.
When it is not possible to meet everyones needs, one must meet the needs of _____ and
primary audiences first.
To create you-attitude, one should avoid using the word _____ when it criticizes or
limits the readers freedom.
"Cordially" is a standard _____.
What is the difference between active and passive verbs?
List the guidelines for creating scannable text.