Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

OBHR 435 Homework

July 13, 2015
A sales report is an example of a recommendation report.
A good purpose statement makes the organizational problem or conflict clear.
One must avoid using the companys name during an interview.
In a job application letter, applicants must begin every paragraph with "I."
"Sara lives in California. Nice weather. Great people." This is an example of a fused
Effective design groups ideas visually, making the structure of a document more
obvious so the document is easier to read.
When networking in a large group setting, it is important to focus on quantity and not
In a solicited letter, its safe for an applicant to wait to be contacted by the employer.
When you plan a collaborative writing project, you should build some leeway into your
Proofreading means making surface-level changes that make the document
grammatically correct.

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