Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

OBHR 128 Homework

July 13, 2015
One-sentence benefits are much better than those developed in three or more sentences.
Emotionally charged situations often impair the listening skills of most people.
"Sincerely" and "Cordially" are standard complimentary closes.
Interviewees must avoid discussing their key strengths unless they are explicitly asked
to do so.
Career objectives should always be mentioned in resumes.
Bypassing occurs when two people use different words to mean, or denote, the same
To write an executive summary, writers must know the report€s recommendations and
Using the right word helps the writer in shaping the audiences response to what he or
The middle of a presentation, like the middle of a written document, is a position of
Feasibility report does not recommend delaying action as one of the alternatives.
The problem-solving pattern should be avoided when the audience is likely to object to
doing as you ask.
Hot button issues are always the same for all members of an audience.
The sentence, "Your failure to submit documentation is creating a backlog," exhibits
you-attitude because it specifies why the reader needs to submit the documentation.
People who take surveys are referred to as respondents.
Letterhead is preprinted stationery with the organizations name, logo, address, and
phone number.