Book Title
Business Communication: Building Critical Skills 6th Edition

OBHR 124 Final

July 13, 2015
To give bad news diplomatically, you must specify who caused a problem or who will
perform an action.
Picking an achievement to represent a personal strength is considered self-centered
behavior by most employers.
If a person has been out of the job market for a while, it is appropriate for the person to
create a portfolio of his or her work-even if its for imaginary clients-to demonstrate his
or her expertise.
Bullet points are not used in skills resumes where information must be organized more
There are no acceptable ways to explain being fired.
Writers should present negative information as positively as possible.
Segmented, subdivided, or stacked bars charts are almost always easier to use than
grouped bar charts.
When your information is neutral, you should summarize it concisely for the subject
Which of the following uses the word "effluent" accurately?
A. The effluent from the factory contaminated the river water.
B. Only effluent people can afford the new car in the market.
C. He was so effluent that he did not want to work.
D. In the 18th century, the poor worked for the effluent.
E. Not all entrepreneurs are effluent.
Which of the following patterns for organizing information in reports discusses
problems and solutions by units by their physical arrangement?
A. Chronological pattern
B. Functional pattern
C. Particular to general pattern
D. Spatial pattern
E. General to particular pattern
Which of the following is true with regard to subject lines in e-mail messages?
A. Subject lines in e-mail messages are even more important than those in letters and
B. In order to be effective, subject lines must be lengthy.
C. Concise subject lines indicate that the sender is insincere.
D. Using "EOM" in subject lines is unacceptable in e-mail messages.
E. None of the above.
Writers are most likely to tighten their report writing by:
A. using gerunds and infinitives.
B. breaking long sentences to form multiple sentences.
C. using an informal style of writing.
D. using contractions occasionally.
E. putting the meaning of the sentence in the nouns.
A follow-up letter should:
A. remind the interviewer of the mistakes that the applicant made during the interview.
B. contain a tone of enthusiasm.
C. not use the jargon of the company.
D. not refer to specific things that the applicant learned during the interview as it will
sound redundant.
E. ask for a job offer confirming the terms.
_____ is needed to resolve the conflict that surfaces during the formation phase of
group development.
A. Groupthink
B. Dominating the group
C. Interpersonal communication
D. Withdrawing
E. None of the above
A direct request pattern is most appropriate when:
A. you need a response only from the people who are willing to act.
B. your audience is likely to object to doing as you ask.
C. you need action from everyone.
D. you trust the audience to read the entire message.
E. you expect logic to be more important than emotion in the decision.
After accepting a job offer, the applicant should:
A. let the other companies know that he or she is no longer interested.
B. use the offer letterto get a better offer from another employer.
C. keep applying for jobs in other companies.
D. ask for a raise in salary.
E. not do any of the above.
Which of the following sentences uses punctuation marks appropriately?
A. The first few days after a vacation are usually gloomy.
B. Ice-cream would be served in flavors: such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.
C. Motorists, who want to ensure road safety; should follow traffic rules.
D. A close-up view of the Moon reveals craters bigger than soccer-fields.
E. Halloween includes a practice known as trick-or-treating; it involves children dressed
in costumes.
In which of the following sections of a proposal for a class research project would you
most likely include the bibliographic references of your proposal?
A. Methods
B. Topics to investigate
C. Problem
D. Call to action
E. Qualifications
In the methods/procedure section the following types of questions will be
Which of the following sentences have a negative connotation?
A. "Your balance of $1100 is past due."
B. "Now Dirks sandwiches taste better."
C. "Call Gardenia when you need help with your lawn mower."
D. "This brochure contains a list of all the major tourist attractions in Istanbul."
E. "Do not hesitate to call us if you have further questions."
"The executive with the biggest office. On Elmo Street." Which of the following does
this best exemplify?
A. Subject-verb disagreement
B. Predication error
C. Noun-pronoun disagreement
D. Sentence fragment
E. None of the above
Which of the following is a blocking response?
A. Paraphrasing the content of a conversation
B. Minimizing the problem
C. Stating ones own feelings
D. Asking for information or clarification
E. Offering to help solve the problem together
What is a computer virus? What steps can be taken to ensure protection from computer
What are some of the criteria that job applicants must follow when they submit an
e-mail letter with an attached resume?
_____ summarize points made in the body of a report.
Briefly explain what "red flag" words are and why they should be avoided. Give three
examples of such words.
What is a buffer? Mention the different kinds of statements that are most often used as
What are the advantages of video conferencing?
Discuss the different types of meetings that business, nonprofit, and government
organizations hold.
List some ways of saving your readers time when your readers are likely to response
positively to your request.
Explain why you-attitude is more than simply using the word "you."
Mention four ways to increase the chances that the resume is scanned correctly.