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Understanding Nutrition 14th Edition

NUTR 333 Test

July 5, 2015
What is the most metabolically active organ?
a. Liver
b. Spleen
c. Stomach
d. Pancreas
e. Brain
Which of the following is true of progress in the treatment and prevention of CHD in
the United States?
a. Mortality rates have increased among men.
b. CHD is no longer the number 1 cause of death in women.
c. Blood cholesterol levels have been declining since 1960.
d. By age 45, about 1/3 of adults have at least one major risk factor for CHD, down
from 1/2 20 years ago.
e. Efforts to reduce CHD incidence by reducing cigarette smoking have largely failed.
Approximately how much saturated fat is in 8 ounces of whole milk?
a. 2 g
b. 5 g
c. 8 g
d. 12 g
e. 15 g
Approximately what percentage of the world’s population experiences persistent
a. 4
b. 8
c. 12
d. 16
e. 20
Which statement is true of nutrient intakes?
a.Higher intakes are always safer than lower intakes.
b.Intakes below the EAR decrease risk of deficiency.
c.A typical intake falling between the RDA and the EAR is almost always adequate.
d.Intakes above the RDA are required to be safe.
e.Intakes above the UL put an individual at risk of toxicity.
What is a feature of the Nutrition Facts panel on a food label?
a.Trans fat content is optional.
b.Saturated fat must be listed.
c.Naturally present sugars are excluded.
d.Soluble and insoluble fiber must be listed separately.
e.Unsaturated fats must be listed.
What is aquaculture?
a. A seaweed growth system
b. The practice of fish farming
c. Replenishment of fish in the wild
d. The raising of plants in a water environment
e. Raising food crops in fluid rather than soil
A major feature of the Mediterranean diet is liberal intake of ____.
a. eggs
b. olive oil
c. lean meat
d. fortified butter
e. cheese
Which statement describes a correct energy-yielding endpoint?
a. Carbohydrates yield glucose only when proteins are not available.
b. Proteins cannot yield fat stores.
c. Fatty acids yield amino acids.
d. Glycerol yields nonessential amino acids when nitrogen is present.
e. Fatty acids yield glucose.
Which of the following is a characteristic of liposuction?
a.It often improves blood pressure and insulin sensitivity.
b.It results in a typical loss of body weight of 25 to 50 lbs.
c.It results in a return of body fat within a year, primarily to the abdomen.
d.It is considered a valid but slightly less effective alternative to gastric bypass.
e.It is effective for weight loss in older but not younger people.
Where is calbindin primarily found in the body?
Microangiopathies are disorders of the
a. kidneys.
b. pancreas.
c. capillaries.
d. coronary vessels.
e. eyes.
Which statement is true of the carbohydrate content of dairy products?
a. A cup of white milk yields about 6 g of carbohydrate.
b. Most cheeses provide little, if any, carbohydrate.
c. Cottage cheese provides about 12 g of carbohydrate per cup.
d. A cup of yogurt yields about 3 g of carbohydrate.
e. A cup of skim milk yields almost 25 grams of carbohydrate.
____________________ is the process of messenger RNA being made from a template
of DNA.
What component of tea is responsible for its effect on iron absorption?
a. Tannic acid
b. Lactic acid
c. Citric acid
d. Ascorbic acid
e. Acetic acid
a. B-cells k. Thrombus
b. T-cells l. Aneurysm
c. Stroke m. Metastasis
d. Tumor n. Acrylamide
e. Plaque o. Macrophages
f. Initiator p. Heart disease
g. Platelets q. Atherosclerosis
h. Embolus r. Type 1 diabetes
i. Promoter s. Type 2 diabetes
j. Gangrene t. Immunoglobulin
1)Immune cells that produce antibodies
2)Immune cells that attack antigens
3)A type of protein that can act as an antibody
4)Immune cells that practice phagocytosis
5)The primary cause of death in the United States
6)Disease characterized by the accumulation of lipids on the inner arterial walls
7)An accumulation of lipid material embedded in arterial walls
8)A blood clot that has broken loose and circulates in the bloodstream
9)A blood clot that is attached to arterial plaque
10)Small, cell-like bodies required for formation of a blood clot
11)The bulging of an artery commonly caused by elevated blood pressure
12)Consequence of a clot that stops blood flow to the brain
11)This type of diabetes is always controlled by insulin injections
14)This type of diabetes is usually controlled without insulin injections
15)Term that describes the death of tissue due to deficient blood supply, common in
severe cases of diabetes
16)When cancers spread to other tissues of the body
17)An abnormal mass of cells
18)Substance or event that gives rise to a cancer
19)Substance that favors cancer development after cellular DNA has been altered
20)A carcinogen in fried potato products
Which statement is true of sugar alcohols?
a. They are not sweet.
b. They provide kcalories.
c. They are not metabolized.
d. They promote dental caries.
e. They evoke a high glycemic response.
What product has the highest percentage of its fat in saturated form?
a. Butter
b. Walnut oil
c. Beef tallow
d. Coconut oil
e. Chicken fat
List and discuss the health advantages of a vegetarian diet.
What factors may account for the decline in BMR with age?
Discuss the role of dietary cholesterol and the endogenous production of cholesterol
and heart disease. What is meant by "good" and "bad" cholesterol?
Naturally occurring vitamin K in foods is ____________________, whereas vitamin K
produced by GI bacteria is ____________________.
____________________ is the second most abundant mineral in the body.
Explain the proposed relationships between body homocysteine levels and heart
____________________ contribute the same key nutrients-notably, protein, iron, and
zinc-as meats, poultry, and seafood.

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