Nursing Chapter 8 Interprofessional communication and collaboration for improving patient

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Leadership and Management for Nurses, 3e (Finkelman)
Chapter 8 Recruitment and Retention: Meeting Staffing Requirements
1) The nurse who wishes to apply for a job in a healthcare organization is asked to visit the
human resources department. What services can the nurse expect to be delivered through this
department? Select all that apply.
1. Orientation of employees
2. The development of policy and procedures for its operation
3. Managing credentials
4. Educating and testing staff
5. Licensing staff
2) An employee who works in the dietary department of the hospital develops HIV. The
employee does not have a record of excessive absences or errors. What law protects the
employee from being fired?
1. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
2. Wagner Act of 1935
3. Civil Rights Act of 1964
4. Affirmative Action
3) A newly hired nurse is requesting information about the Family and Medical Leave Law of
1996. What is the best explanation of this benefit?
1. This law protects the employee from getting fired for taking 15 weeks of sick leave when
needing to care for a family member.
2. The law protects the employer when employees want to take sick leave to adopt a child.
3. The law only pertains to employers of 25 or more employees who work with a 50-mile radius.
4. For employees who are eligible, it covers 12 weeks of unpaid leave during a 12-month period
for medical or emotional reasons, which include birth, adoption, and care of immediate family
4) The nurse manager has been asked to update all of the position statements for the unit. What
sources should this manager use to learn more about each position? Select all that apply.
1. Observation of performance of the job
2. Interviews with staff members who hold the position
3. Discussion with the Governing Board
4. Feedback from other organizations
5. Discussions with other supervisors and managers
5) The director of human resources is explaining procedures to a newly hired administrative
assistant. Which instruction should the director provide to this employee?
1. Do not require candidates to complete an application if they submit a resume.
2. Look carefully at each application that is submitted to be certain it is complete.
3. Advise candidates that the style or format of their resume doesn't make a difference.
4. Screen all candidates only after resumes have been submitted.
6) Which question is appropriate to ask a nurse during the job interview?
1. "What church do you attend?"
2. "What are your plans for having a family?"
3. "Why should we hire you?"
4. "What is your year of birth?"
5. "Where were you born?"
7) Which question, asked by the nurse applying for a new position, is the least critical?
1. "What is the salary?"
2. "What level of work is required?"
3. "What kind of leadership does the nursing department use?"
4. "Is there a clinical ladder or something similar?"
8) What method might an HCO use to avoid EEOC problems during staff recruitment and
1. Communicate that it is important for staff members to feel as if they are doing a good job in
their positions.
2. Use of standardized application forms used for all applicants.
3. Helping staff members develop their career path along the lines of their greatest interests.
4. Keep notes about new applicants but not for promotions.
9) The newly licensed nurse has accepted her first hospital position and has been scheduled to
attend orientation. The nurse had a previously scheduled vacation booked for the orientation
week and asks the human resources director, "What is orientation? Is it okay if I miss it for my
vacation?" What is the director's best response?
1. Orientation is provided to all new employees.
2. Orientation will teach you about policy and procedure and benefits.
3. You will be assigned to a preceptor who will help you increase your confidence and
competence in the clinical setting.
4. In orientation, you will be provided with the information and tools you need to begin your
position with the organization.
10) The nurse is about to experience the first performance appraisal of a new job. What should
the nurse expect about this appraisal? Select all that apply.
1. It is the only time the nurse manager will provide positive feedback regarding the nurse's
2. It is a time for the manager to show support and encouragement for the nurse.
3. It is a time for the manager to initiate a discussion about any areas where the nurse needs
4. It is an opportunity for the manager to provide feedback, direction, and leadership.
5. It is a time when much of the discussion will concern competencies.
11) The nurse has a performance appraisal appointment with the nurse manager today. What
topics would the nurse be surprised to find discussed in this appraisal? Select all that apply.
1. Salary
2. Systems that do not work
3. Change in position
4. Another nurse's work difficulties
5. The nurse's accomplishments
12) Many strategies have been identified to prevent or decrease stress and incivility in the work
setting. What strategies would be helpful? Select all that apply.
1. Clarify expectations of how assignments are to be completed.
2. Hold the overall expectation that the work will be done.
3. Accept the staff member's apologies for poor performance.
4. Avoid being defensive.
5. Seek out the truth of situations.
13) Healthcare organizations have used numerous strategies to resolve the nursing shortage.
Which of these strategies has been least successful?
1. Use of mandatory overtime
2. Use of float staff
3. Teaching staff how to cope with inadequate staffing
4. Use of unlicensed assistive personnel
14) An employee's performance has been worse than expected. Which comment would be a
barrier to an effective performance evaluation?
1. "Your documentation is really very good."
2. "I see that you are very emotional right now. Maybe it would be better to reschedule this
3. "Are you telling me that my management style is not effective?"
15) The newly licensed RN has accepted a position in a hospital. What are logical actions
expected of this new employee?
1. Being proficient in the use of the technology used by the facility.
2. The ability to function efficiently within the first month of assuming the new position.
3. Having an understanding of hospital policies.
4. Possessing the necessary theoretical background to perform basic patient care and decision-

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