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14) The chief nurse executive of a hospital is often responsible for supervising nurses that do not
work only in nursing services. In which other departments might these nurses work? Select all
that apply.
1. Diagnostic procedures
2. Finance and budget
3. Material and resource management
4. Infection control
5. Infusion therapy
15) A committee has been formed to organize the celebration of the hospital's 50th anniversary.
The committee will meet for one year. What type of committee is this? Select all that apply.
1. Focus
2. Task force
3. Ad hoc
4. Service
5. Standing
16) The nursing Policy and Procedure Committee has issued the procedure for implementing the
use of a new type of equipment. What information should be included in this procedure? Select
all that apply.
1. Effective date of the procedure
2. The date the procedure will be reviewed in the future
3. Who is responsible for the final review of the procedure
4. The date that policy was approved by the Joint Commission
5. The name and credentials of all members of the committee that approved the procedure
17) A 43-year-old patient who has sustained an accidental laceration to the forearm is brought to
the Emergency Department by family. It is determined that the laceration will need repair with
sutures, but the patient refuses treatment saying, "I'll just pull it together with some tape when I
get home." What action should be taken by the nurse?
1. Insist that the patient have the suture repair.
2. Tell the patient that the family will have to make that decision.
3. Have the patient sign a refusal of treatment form.
4. Tell the patient that it is a violation of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor
Act of 1986 to allow a patient to leave without treatment.
18) Select the conclusions from the Nurse Manager Engagement Project. Select all that apply.
1. Nurse managers' satisfaction and longevity are currently at an all-time low.
2. Staff nurses' satisfaction is linked to their relationship with their manager.
3. Future nursing leadership comes from development of middle managers.
4. There is a direct relationship with cost, quality, and nursing care.
5. A critical variable addressed by this project is adequacy of nursing staff.
19) What is the purpose of using a line of sight survey?
1. Provides data about how a nurse manager spends his or her time and how this contributes to
the goals.
2. Provides information about the quality of care on a unit and the strategic plan.
3. Provides staff with information about the manager's performance.
4. Provides data for the hospital board to understand staff functions.
20) A hospital is expanding its ambulatory surgery department. You are chair of the committee
to plan this expansion? You want to ensure relevant departments are represented. Who might be
represented other than nursing and physicians? Select all that apply.
1. Pharmacy
2. Pathology
3. Medical records
4. Patient transportation
5. Admissions
21) You are on the Policy and Procedure Committee, and today the committee is beginning work
on a new policy related to the use of restraints. What would be the key question the committee
should ask first?
1. Who should make the decision and when?
2. What are the state and federal laws related to restraints?
3. What is the decision to be made and why?
4. What data do we have about use of restraints in last year?
22) Which options reflect the core concepts from the Institute of Medicine's Initiative on the
Future of Nursing? Select all that apply.
1. The electronic health record should be eliminated.
2. A balance among technologies, disruptive business models, and human needs should be
3. Rapid translational teams should be implemented.
4. Healthcare design should be focused on provision of nursing care.
5. Create an infrastructure for rapid network exchange of successful system design innovations.
23) The hospital has purchased software that prints patient education material for numerous
situations. What is the nurse's responsibility regarding these materials? Select all that apply.
1. The nurse should read the material and assess it carefully for accuracy.
2. If possible, nursing should participate in the development of these materials.
3. The nurse has no responsibility outside distributing the material to the correct patient.
4. The nurse should carefully document that these materials were given to the patient.
24) Which options can be used to describe U.S. hospitals? Select all that apply.
1. An organization with a purpose
2. Provides continuous nursing services under the supervision of registered nurses
3. Delivers predominantly primary care but also can provide secondary and tertiary care
4. Follows standards established by laws, regulations, and accreditation
25) Which options reflect key factors affecting healthcare delivery? Select all that apply.
1. Problems with patient access
2. The aging population
3. A decrease in new drug therapies
4. An increase in specialty usage

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