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16) The primary physician identifies a healthcare provider to manage the care of a patient on the
general medical unit of a hospital. Depending upon the facility, which healthcare provider may
fill this role? Select all that apply.
1. Nurse Practitioner Hospitalist
2. Physician Intensivist
3. Physician Hospitalist
4. Registered nurse
5. Clinical Nurse Specialist Intensivist
17) An outside accreditation team is evaluating the organization's mission statement. Which
action, taken by the organization, is the most important in regard to this statement?
1. The organization must provide a current copy of the mission statement.
2. The organization must be certain that the mission statement is prominently displayed in public
access areas.
3. The organization must provide the team with a written plan about how the mission statement
will be followed.
4. The organization must provide evidence of how the mission statement is being followed.
18) Compare and contrast input, process, and output in systems organizational theory by
selecting the options that represent process. Select all that apply.
1. The physician admits a patient to the hospital.
2. The nurse provides excellent care to a patient postoperatively.
3. The dietary manager orders supplies based upon cost-effectiveness.
4. The patient delivers a healthy infant.
5. The nursing unit secretary identifies a potential medical error before it occurs.
19) What is a primary factor in the increasing interest in the use of chiropractic care?
1. There are more chiropractors available.
2. Chiropractors have been given medical doctor credentials.
3. Use of nontraditional medical interventions
4. Chiropractors can now perform surgical procedures to reduce pain.
20) Several small rural hospitals have been acquired by a large nationwide healthcare
organization. Six months after the acquisition, the rural hospitals remain in conflict with the
management team and with one another. Choose the questions that the management team should
ask in order to identify the reasons for this continued discord. Select all that apply.
1. How are the hospitals communicating with the organization and with one another?
2. Are the goals of the hospitals aligned with those of the organization?
3. Are the rural hospitals too focused on patient-centered care and safety?
4. How is the organization handling decision making with the hospitals?
5. Aren't buyouts always this way?
21) The American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) emphasizes "the core of nursing is
knowledge and caring." To which portions of the Institute of Medicine core competencies does
this statement relate? Select all that apply.
1. Use of interprofessional teams
2. Informatics
3. Evidence-based practice
4. Quality improvement
5. Patient-centered care
22) The patient who had a colonoscopy one hour ago suddenly experiences bright red rectal
bleeding, becomes diaphoretic, and is short of breath. The nurse decides to implement standing
emergency orders and initiates oxygen per mask and increases the patient's IV rate, while a
colleague contacts the patient's physician. Which critical element of nursing is this nurse
demonstrating? Select all that apply.
1. Autonomy
2. Responsibility
3. Delegation
4. Accountability
5. Relevance
23) What is the oldest of the nursing care models?
1. Total patient care
2. Functional nursing
3. Team nursing
4. Primary nursing
24) Which options are included in the six dimensions of shared governance? Select all that apply.
1. Informal authority base
2. Access to information about the organization
3. Delegation of care to others
4. Ability to set goals and negotiate conflict
5. Control over professional practice
25) What are the responsibilities of the nurse manager in most shared governance models? Select
all that apply.
1. Staffing
2. Direct patient care
3. Program evaluation
4. Allocation of resources
5. Long-range planning
26) A nurse who has the ability to make decisions and has competence to do so is best described
as demonstrating which of the following?
1. Responsibility
2. Delegation
3. Autonomy
4. Accountability
27) The marketing process includes which three elements listed below? Select all that apply.
1. A determination of what is wanted needed
2. A method(s) for reaching what is wanted or needed
3. A description of the cost and quality of what is needed
4. A specific plan to evaluation the service needed
5. An understanding of the patient, customer, or consumer and service needed
28) These four principles of marketing are used to guide development of a marketing plan,
focusing on the critical elements of the plan. Select all that apply.
1. Place
2. People
3. Product
4. Pricing
5. Promotion
29) You are orienting a new staff nurse to the unit's nursing model, which is the Synergy Model
for Patient Care. As you describe the model, you make a mistake and another nurse points out
your error. What would that nurse identify?
1. The model matches nurses' competencies with patient characteristics, needs, and the unit.
2. The model is for critical-care units.
3. The model supports the healthcare professions core competency to use patient-centered care.
4. Nurses are expected to be competent in clinical inquiry.
30) What is the most significant change today in healthcare providers that impacts all types of
healthcare settings?
1. Use of hospitalist
2. Increased emphasis on interprofessional teams
3. Development of the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree
4. Use of unlicensed assistive personnel

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