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17) The large healthcare organization is determined to develop and support technological
processes and structures to help nursing staff members manage the data generated in the direct
care of patients. Which person would be best for the organization to hire to achieve this goal?
1. A computer programmer
2. A software analyst
3. A nursing informatics specialist
4. An information technology specialist
18) The healthcare organization has elected to move towards use of electronic medical records
(EMR). In order to be most successful, management should involve nurses in which part of this
work? Select all that apply.
1. Reviewing the EMR systems available
2. Implementation of staff training
3. Funding decisions related to purchase of EMR
4. Developing the process of implementing the EMR
5. Long-term evaluation of use of the EMR
19) Telehealth has been used for some time in rural areas. In order to expand the use of
telehealth, it has been proposed that it would be useful in which other areas? Select all that apply.
1. Private physician obstetrical practice
2. Home healthcare
3. School-based healthcare in inner cities
4. Inpatient surgery centers
5. Emergency departments
20) The nurse works in a healthcare clinic in which providers communicate with one another and
with patients using e-mail. What guideline associated with this method of communication should
the healthcare providers follow?
1. Categorize patients according to major medical diagnosis and create groups educational e-
2. Delete messages as soon as possible to protect confidentiality.
3. Inform patients of anyone else who will be reading messages.
4. Use e-mail as the primary method of communication.
21) Which conditions served as the focus for development of web-based programs for patient
monitoring and interactive video-based programs? Select all that apply.
1. Congestive heart disease
2. Normal pregnancy
3. Kidney disease
4. Diabetes
5. Coronary disease
22) Increased availability and use of technology has affected nursing education. What change has
this development supported?
1. A decrease in clinical learning requirements
2. Faculty have become facilitators of learning.
3. A move towards pedagogy
4. Students who are very similar in culture and interests
23) The healthcare organization has developed a new website. This website can be used for
which purposes? Select all that apply.
1. Recruitment of staff
2. Patient education
3. Nursing continuing education
4. Dissemination of committee activities
24) In which way will information technology affect nursing research?
1. The complexities of this technology may make some aspects of research unappealing.
2. It will make data mining more difficult.
3. It will likely increase research activity.
4. It will make working with statistics more difficult.
25) Which part of the nursing process is key to successful telenursing?
1. Assessment
2. Diagnosis
3. Implementation
26) Which of the following activities relates to the first goal of the 2015-2020 Federal Health IT
Strategic Plan?
1. Increase evaluation of care.
2. Increase research about health IT.
3. Increase protection of patient information.
4. Increase adoption of EMR/EHR by healthcare organizations.
27) You want to improve acceptance of a new EMR/EHR. What strategies might you use to
address the problem that staff think using a computer in care areas will limit their relationship
with patients? Select all that apply.
1. Use a system that relies less on typing and more on clicking, dragging and so on.
2. Use hardware that is easy to carry and not large.
3. Reassure staff that they are important.
4. Limit how long a staff member can use the computer for documenting.
5. Explain the benefits of using computers.
28) What are the ways that an HCO website might benefit nursing within the HCO? Select all
that apply.
1. Provide information about nursing staff.
2. Share information about admission process.
3. Provide information about cost for specific procedures.
4. Identify specific medications used for certain illnesses and surgery preparation.
5. Listing of patient rights
29) Why is the professional order entry system important to nurses?
1. Nurses do not have to spend so much time writing orders.
2. It provides a point-of-care system for the nurse.
3. Errors increase due to ease of making errors when typing.
4. This system decreases need for nurses to be policeman.
30) Which of the following supports the acquisition, storage, manipulation, and distribution of
clinical information throughout an HCO?
1. Decision Support System
2. Databank
3. Clinical Information System
4. Clinical Data Repository
31) What is the primary impact that cannot be avoided by an HCO if the HCO does not apply
meaningful use?
1. Poor quality care
2. No federal reimbursement or other federal funds
3. Better patient education
4. Shorter lengths of stay

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