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16) What are the advantages of using systematic reviews to learn about evidence-based practice
issues? Select all that apply.
1. Any inconsistencies in the material are explored.
2. The review increases the strength of cause and effect relationships.
3. Helps to increase efficiency in time between research and clinical implementation.
4. This review proves this intervention is the best one available.
5. There is a decrease in bias from researcher error.
17) The team has reviewed several research studies regarding treatment of pancreatitis in older
adult women. One intervention is found to be particularly effective, but it requires a specific
piece of expensive equipment and complex provider training. In which part of the FAME
framework does this intervention score poorly?
1. F
2. A
3. M
4. E
18) The experienced staff nurse complains that use of evidence-based practice (EBP) guidelines
has "reduced nursing to a cookbook profession." What is meant by this comment?
1. Some people believe that the guidelines are too easy to follow and take the challenge out of
2. Some people believe that the guidelines are written so that they could be followed by anyone,
despite their educational level.
3. Some people believe that EBP guidelines are too proscriptive and do not allow for
consideration of individual needs.
4. Some people believe that too many factors are left to the interpretation of the person who is
19) Over the last six months, patient satisfaction surveys have begun to mention that the facility
is not as clean as expected. How should an administrator using evidence-based management
(EBM) strategies deal with this information?
1. Recall that the hospital has been running at full capacity for over one year.
2. Recall that the manager of the housekeeping department was on vacation for a month during
this time.
3. Accept this information as accurate and work to reverse the trend.
4. Forward the information to the housekeeping manager and demand an explanation.
20) Place the steps of the evidence-based management (EBM) process in correct order.
Choice 1. Formulate the question.
Choice 2. Assess the evidence.
Choice 3. Acquire research evidence.
Choice 4. Apply the evidence.
Choice 5. Present the evidence.
21) The medical center nurse executive tells the nurse managers that the nursing department will
be instituting evidence-based management (EBM). The medical center has a history of
bureaucratic management style. What should the managers consider about these two facts?
1. The history of centralized decision making in the bureaucratic organization will make EBM
easier to implement.
2. Since EBM depends on all managers following rigid policies and procedures this transition
should go quickly.
3. These two concepts have very little influence on one another.
4. The restrictions on decision making that are common in bureaucratic organizations will make
use of EBM strategies difficult.
22) The nurse executive of a major medical center and the dean of a school of nursing have
entered into an affiliation agreement. The medical center will supply clinical sites and preceptors
to students and the nursing school will supply research expertise and other academic support.
How will this affiliation affect the medical center's plans to implement evidence-based practice
(EBP) and evidence-based management (EBM)?
1. This affiliation should have very little effect on these two initiatives.
2. The affiliation should be helpful in initiating these practice and management styles.
3. The affiliation will help with EBP, but will likely have little effect on EBM.
4. The affiliation will help with EBM, but will likely have little effect on EBP.
23) The nurse executive suspects that the nurse managers see evidence-based management
(EBM) as another management suggestion that will "blow-over" with time. What is the best way
for the nurse executive to be assured that EBM strategies are being used in the facility?
1. Require a weekly report on the strategies from each nurse manager.
2. Call staff nurses in and ask them about how the managers are making day-to-day decisions on
the unit.
3. Make daily walking rounds with a member of upper management to check on the progress of
the EBM initiative.
24) Differentiate among quality improvement (QI), research, and evidence-based practice (EBP)
by choosing the statement that is accurate.
1. Statistical language in research is much more sophisticated than that used in QI.
2. Research and EBP support clinical decision making whereas QI is a monitoring program.
3. Quality improvement efforts help to generate new knowledge in the care of patients.
25) The newly hired quality improvement (QI) director states, "I believe we should seek
Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval before starting this new project. The medical center
has never involved the IRB committee in QI proceedings. How should the medical center chief
operating officer respond to this statement?
1. IRB approval is not necessary in this state.
2. Since we are a federal institution, we do not need IRB approval.
3. We can ask the IRB committee for an opinion on our plan for this project.
4. We should always get IRB approval for our QI initiatives from now on.
26) Why is the Nuremberg Code important in research?
1. It protects animals in research.
2. It is a current listing of standards describing the research process.
3. It establishes a prototype for current views of research ethics.
4. The code resulted from the Willowbrook study and concerns about ethics.
27) You are serving on the IRB committee. In reviewing study proposals, what are questions you
might ask? Select all that apply.
1. Can subjects withdraw at any time?
2. How are subjects told about their role in the study?
3. Is it clear whom the subjects should contact for questions?
4. Will negative results be kept private?
5. How will the researcher protect subject confidentiality?
28) What would be a barrier for a nurse researcher to accomplish effective research?
1. Statistical expertise
2. Completed a past study
3. Assuming a new administrative position
4. Expansion of clinical services with more patients
29) Changing practice with EBP is least supported with which strategy?
1. Educate staff about EBP and evaluate results.
2. Develop policies and procedures that are based on best evidence.
3. Incorporate assessment of EBP in performance appraisal.
4. Connect EBP with QI within the healthcare organization.
30) Which of the following government initiatives focuses on accelerating diffusion of research
in practice?
4. CER

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