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15) Which statement, made by a nurse, indicates that the nurse needs additional education
regarding delegation and the delegation process?
1. "I was hoping you could show me your technique for ambulating patients."
2. "Here is what you can do to help our team care for patients today."
3. "I have always enjoyed doing my own work myself."
4. "I always enjoy working with you."
16) Which phase of the nursing process can be delegated?
1. Assessment
2. Diagnosis
3. Planning
4. Implementation
5. Evaluation
17) The newly hired nurse must decide which assistant to delegate a particular task. What is the
nurse's first consideration?
1. Which assistants possess the required experience and skills?
2. What are the assistants' educational backgrounds?
3. How much time does the task require?
4. Is the task one that can be delegated?
18) A hospital is sued because of an error made by a nursing assistant. During preparation for the
trial, the hospital's attorney says the hospital may lose the case because of the principle of
respondeat superior. What is the rationale for the attorney's statement?
1. This is the principle of "buyer beware."
2. This principle states that the hospital is liable for acts of its employees when they are
performing their jobs.
3. This principle states that the nurse who delegated the task to the assistant has no accountability
for the assistant's actions.
4. This principle puts the blame for the actions of the assistant solely on the hospital.
19) Which phrase most clearly defines "authority" as it applies to delegation?
1. The obligation involved when one accepts an assignment.
2. To act or command the action of another.
3. Who is answerable for what was done?
4. The degree of knowledge concerning skills and competencies of those one supervises.
20) The nurse frequently delegates tasks to assistive personnel. Which forms of feedback from
the assistive personnel to the nurse can be used, dependent upon situation? Select all that apply.
1. Verbal
2. Written
3. Observation
4. Review of records
5. No feedback is necessary
21) What is often the newly licensed nurse's greatest barrier to delegation?
1. Not knowing what can be delegated
2. Not wanting to overburden staff members who are already busy
3. Fear of loss of control
4. Denying that delegation is possible
22) The nurse manager has distributed a list identifying patient coverage per nurse today. Which
action has the manager taken?
1. Assignment
2. Delegation
3. Supervision
4. Delineation
23) Choose the unlicensed assistive personnel tasks that are considered indirect patient care
activities. Select all that apply.
1. Stocking a dressing cart.
2. Talking with a patient's family.
3. Reporting intake and output to the nurse.
4. Cleaning an IV pump.
5. Taking a defective blood pressure machine to maintenance.
24) The nurse has had a difficult relationship with one of the unlicensed assistive personnel that
works on the unit. Today, the nurse and the UAP are working on the same team. The nurse is
cheerful and smiling, as he compliments the UAP on her scrub top. Why is this strategy likely to
be unsuccessful?
1. There is no need for the nurse and the UAP to get along in order to care for patients.
2. The UAP may believe that this nurse is guilty of sexual harassment.
3. A good working relationship cannot be established only when it is necessary to delegate to the
25) The nurse says to the UAP, "I am worried about Ms. Smith's blood pressure. Check it
throughout the afternoon." What critical factors have the nurse left out of this delegation
instruction? Select all that apply.
1. How often the blood pressure should be taken.
2. What are reportable parameters.
3. Nothing, the UAP should understand what the nurse means.
4. If this assignment has priority over other jobs.
5. How the nurse wants the blood pressure measured.
26) What are the five rights of delegation? Select all that apply.
1. Right person
2. Right time span
3. Right task
4. Right supervision
5. Right location
27) As you work with staff in delegation, what is the general communication expectation from
the UAP to you?
1. Reports to you every 15 minutes.
2. Agrees to not bother you and report emergency concerns.
3. Asks questions about the assignment.
4. Delegatee expects the nurse to know delegatee's experience and competencies.
28) Which of the following statements best describe effective delegation?
1. Nursing education programs prepare new nurses to effectively use delegation.
2. Delegation is something experienced nurses do, and new nurses do not do.
3. Reimbursement is not related to delegation.
4. Delegation is difficult and takes time to learn how to do it effectively.
29) You are a new nurse on an orthopedic unit, and you are learning how to integrate delegation
into your daily work. What might be important for you to consider to improve your delegation?
1. Organize your work and consider who is best to do what tasks and when.
2. When you delegate, do not overburden UAPs as they will work harder if they like you.
3. Recognize that your performance appraisal will depend on demonstrating that you are able to
do the entire job.
4. After you delegate to UAPs, you will have minimal contact with patients UAPs are caring for.
30) The NCSBN recommends which of the following factors for the nurse to consider when
monitoring patient and outcomes? Select all that apply.
1. Setting where care occurs
2. Complexity of task being performed
3. Length of stay recommended by insurer
4. UAP agreement to do the task
5. Predictability of responses and risks

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