Nursing Chapter 14 The first step is encoding the message.

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17) The hospital has established a nursing work team to develop a new system for delivering
shift reports information. Which line of communication will be used for most of this team's
1. Upward
2. Downward
3. Lateral
4. Diagonal
18) Place the steps of the communication process in the order in which they generally occur.
Choice 1. Medium
Choice 2. Encoding
Choice 3. Feedback
Choice 4. Decoding
19) The nurse says to the nursing assistant, "Please bathe this patient first today." This message
is delivered in the hallway as the nursing assistant is unloading breakfast trays for the unit.
Which element of communication is most likely to result in miscommunication in this scenario?
1. Sender
2. Message
3. Receiver
20) The nurse manager smiles constantly during a staff meeting in which changes to the holiday
work schedule are announced. What is the probable result of this presentation?
1. The nurses will feel the manager is concerned about their interests.
2. The nurses will think the manager likes the changes.
3. The nurses will not be confident that the manager is being truthful.
4. The nurses will appreciate the manager's support.
21) The nurses caring for a newly admitted patient need to discuss nursing care. Which location
would maintain the confidentiality of this discussion?
1. The nurse's station.
2. The hallway outside the patient's room.
3. The staff cafeteria.
4. The room where nurses take report.
5. The staff elevator.
Learning Outcome: LO 02. Assess a team's communication.
22) During the nurse manager's performance evaluation, the nurse executive shares that the staff
believe the manager makes overly judgmental statements. Which strategies could the manager
use to avoid this tendency? Select all that apply.
1. Be very direct in communication.
2. Use active listening.
3. Try to understand other people's viewpoints.
4. Stop and think before responding.
23) The nurse executive is aware that the hospital's nurse managers feel overwhelmed by e-
mails, memos, and other communication throughout their day. What strategies could the nurse
executive employ to reduce this feeling of overload? Select all that apply.
1. Include a time frame for response in all messages sent to the managers.
2. Combine as many messages as possible into one long e-mail each day.
3. Schedule face-to-face meetings with the managers rather than communicating electronically.
4. Issue each nurse manager a cell phone for communication.
5. Examine the need to send each e-mail before sending it.
24) The administrative staff of a healthcare facility has adopted storytelling as a major
communication style. Which management theory is associated most with this style?
1. Hierarchial
2. Knowledge management
3. Traditional
4. Emotional intelligence
25) Select the strategies that will make use of voicemail most effective. Select all that apply.
1. Speak quickly so that the entire message can be delivered before the machine stops recording.
2. Repeat numbers and e-mail addresses given in the message.
3. Be prepared to leave a message before the call is actually made.
4. Suggest a time and method for return communication.
5. Do not use voicemail for confidential information.
26) Which communication method is at higher risk for over-sharing of work related information
that should not be shared?
1. Written
2. Social networking
3. Oral
4. Videoconferencing
27) You are concerned about the emails you are receiving from nurse managers in your
department. As CNE, you decide to develop a list of "don'ts" for your managers when sending
emails through the HCO email system. What might you include? Select all that apply.
1. Inappropriate emoticons should not be used.
2. Do not automatically use "reply all."
3. Do not use attachments.
4. Do not send several emails, when one will be sufficient.
5. If message is not urgent, do not mark it as urgent just to get a quick reply.
28) What is a common weakness of HCO websites?
1. They are not routinely reviewed and updated as need.
2. Website includes graphics that are not clear.
3. The website does not indicate who owns the site.
4. The homepage does not provide overview.
29) If you are assessing your use of paraphrasing, what are you focused on?
1. You summarize the conversation you have had.
2. You quote what someone has said.
3. You restate what someone has said to confirm the message.
4. You ask for clarification.
30) In preparation for your performance appraisal meeting with your nurse manager, you have
done a self-assessment of your communication. Which of the following might you include in the
positive column demonstrating effective communication? Select all that apply.
1. Your communication often focuses on "you" statements.
2. If you are not sure of answer, state what you think it is and say will get back to check on it.
3. Validate with the receiver when discussing important information.
4. For complex topics, think about what you will say before communicating.
5. Use eye contact in appropriate manner.

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