Nursing Chapter 13 Try Keep Problems Confidential Address Staff Fears

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Leadership and Management for Nurses, 3e (Finkelman)
Chapter 13 Improving Teamwork: Collaboration, Coordination, and Conflict Resolution
1) Which typical response by the nurse indicates the use of effective collaboration skill?
1. Negotiates with others.
2. Avoids competition.
3. Strongly defends own ideas.
4. Attacks to assert own position.
2) The patient, the nurse, and the physician have discussed treatment options and nursing care
and have come to an agreement on the patient's plan of care. Which principle does this illustrate?
1. Education
2. Conflict resolution
3. Emotional intelligence
4. Collaboration
3) Select the options that reflect the key concepts related to collaboration. Select all that apply.
1. Partnership
2. Interdependence
3. Position
4. Responsibility
5. Dynamic
4) The administrative staff has brainstormed for ideas on creating a more collaborative
environment in the healthcare agency. Which idea would be the best to develop further?
1. Develop a plan to help members of each profession more completely understand the impact of
their own work.
2. Institute collaborative strategies quietly and in a stealthy manner.
3. Hold education sessions regarding collaboration for each department.
4. Emphasize the fact that no one profession has all of the necessary skills to provide all care.
5) The nurse is working to make sure all plans for the patient's discharge are complete. Which
option best reflects the role in which this nurse is working?
1. Evaluation
2. Coordination
3. Communication
4. Collaboration
6) The staff nurse approaches the nurse manager with a complaint about a physical therapy
assistant and states, "She doesn't do the same amount of work as the nursing assistants." After
investigating, the manager believes the staff nurse does not understand the PT assistant's role and
that is causing stress for the nurse. Which kind of conflict has this situation caused the nurse?
1. Organizational conflict
2. Individual conflict
3. Interpersonal conflict
4. Repressive conflict
7) The nursing staff members report a problem to their nurse manager by saying, "We know we
are going to have a problem with this." This statement illustrates which stage of conflict?
1. Perceived conflict
2. Felt conflict
3. Manifest conflict
4. Latent conflict
8) Which actions are important in the prevention of conflict? Select all that apply.
1. Allocate resources fairly.
2. Try to keep problems confidential.
3. Address staff fears.
4. Clearly state expectations.
5. Keep lines between roles flexible and dynamic.
9) A nurse who is often a staff leader frequently comes to the nurse manager with concerns and
complaints. When the nurse is reviewed for a merit raise she does not receive it even though the
nurse demonstrated excellent work leading the unit change to evidence-based practice. This
illustrates use of which type of power by the nurse manager?
1. Coercive power
2. Referent power
3. Informational power
4. Reward power
10) The manager has asked the staff to participate in the selection of new intravenous pumps for
the unit. The manger has provided a list of choices and budget guidelines. This is an example of
use of which management strategy?
1. Use of expert power
2. Use of legitimate power
3. Empowerment of staff
4. Management persuasiveness
11) A staff member has become very disagreeable. The other nurses know this staff member is
transferring to another unit at the end of the week. The nurses decide to ignore the situation. This
illustrates which method of conflict resolution?
1. Accommodation
2. Collaboration
3. Avoidance
4. Passive-aggressiveness
12) The nurse manager is responsible for resolving a conflict. Place the steps of conflict
resolution in the order the manager should use.
Choice 1. Identify the problem behaviors.
Choice 2. Discuss the situation with those involved.
Choice 3. Document the facts and their source.
13) Which option illustrates that effective negotiation has occurred?
1. Education about the issue occurs.
2. Boundaries are set and meeting times and place are established.
3. Both parties compromise and make concessions.
14) Select the appropriate interventions to discourage verbal abuse between physicians and
nurses. Select all that apply.
1. Approach those involved in private and identify a need for change in behavior.
2. Gain a better understanding of each profession's viewpoint.
3. Appoint a professional from another discipline to take charge of training and education
programs for physicians and nurses.
4. Encourage nurses who are involved in this behavior to find employment elsewhere.
5. Disseminate code-of-conduct policies and reporting guidelines to both nurses and physicians.

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