Nursing Chapter 12 Once Goal Reached Reward The Staff Call

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17) Which statement regarding the authority of a team leader is accurate?
1. The team leader in a healthcare organization has authority equal to those individuals who
comprise the administrative staff.
2. The team leader has only as much authority as the team members will allow.
3. The team leader relinquishes authority and control as the team gains strength.
4. The team leader has control of the team, but no real authority.
18) The staff nurse has been asked to assume leadership of a work team. Which strategies should
this nurse use to increase the team members' trust? Select all that apply.
1. Keep promises that are made.
2. Give honest feedback.
3. Create a logical excuse for not keeping promises made.
4. Reward followers.
5. Ask followers to defer feedback until the end of the project.
19) What are the basic group skills necessary for development of an effective team? Select all
that apply.
1. Communication
2. Negotiation
3. Manipulation of situations
4. Assessment of team dynamics
20) The nurse manager has done an excellent job of creating a team atmosphere for patient care.
Patients receive excellent care, staffing needs of the unit are met internally, and all employees of
the unit are valued for their contributions. Which type of teamwork has this manager facilitated?
1. Interprofessional teamwork
2. Multidisciplinary teamwork
3. Total patient care
21) Place Tuckman's stages of team development in order.
Choice 1. Forming
Choice 2. Performing
Choice 3. Norming
Choice 4. Storming
22) Maslow's theory of motivation focuses on a need hierarchy. Place the examples of steps of
this hierarchy in order from the lowest to the highest level.
Choice 1. This month's meeting is scheduled one day after a bomb scare resulted in the hospital
being evacuated.
Choice 2. The meeting room assigned to the team is cold.
Choice 3. At the first meeting of the team, one of the members states, "I don't know why there
are physical therapists on this team. They don't belong to this group."
Choice 4. At a team meeting, a member states, "This is a lot of hard work, but it is the right thing
to do."
Choice 5. Appointment to this team is considered an honor and performing well in the team will
23) Choose the options that reflect the needs listed in McClelland's learned need theory of
motivation. Select all that apply.
1. The need for money
2. The need for achievement
3. The need for affiliation
4. The need for power
5. The need for status
24) The nurse leader has assessed that the healthcare team lacks motivation and as a result is not
achieving its goals. What can the leader do to change this situation? Select all that apply.
1. Focus on moving the team forward.
2. Help the group set an incremental, more manageable goal.
3. Once a goal is reached, reward the staff.
4. Call a meeting with the staff to look for errors in past performance.
5. Focus on what the team is doing correctly.
25) Groupthink can be a barrier to effective team functioning. What are reasons groupthink
occurs? Select all that apply.
1. The team pressures members to agree with everyone on the team.
2. The group is closely associated with the consequences of its actions.
3. There is a general closed-mindedness prevalent in the group.
4. The team accepts too many suggestions.
26) What is the key difference in the charge nurse and the team leaders from the following
1. The charge nurse and team leader have the same responsibilities.
2. The charge nurse has no responsibilities related to the unit teams.
3. The charge nurse focuses on the whole unit and the team leader on a team.
4. The charge nurse is concerned with individual staff and team leaders with groups.
27) Which statement would not relate to the position of the charge nurse?
1. The charge nurse is the nurse manager.
2. The charge nurse is focused on making sure the unit runs well.
3. The charge nurse works with multiple teams.
4. Charge nurses may work on any shift.
28) Who developed TeamSTEPPS®?
1. A healthcare system
2. A state health department
3. Insurers
4. The federal government
29) What does TeamSTEPPS® recommend as strategies to sustain this model? Select all that
1. Ensure leaders emphasize new skills.
2. Measure success.
3. Update the plan.
4. Celebrate wins.
5. Provide coaching.
30) Which approach is recommended to implement TeamSTEPPS®?
1. Cover all content before implementation.
2. Asking staff what they want.
3. Dosing before implementation.
4. Whole training for all staff.
31) Which strategy is best used to get a team member back on track and focused? Select all that
1. Review the agenda and identify what still needs to be done.
2. Allow member(s) who have concerns to share them even if takes time.
3. The team leader should take time to explain the issues and tell the team what should be done
4. Allow sharing of different views from team members.
Learning Outcome: LO 07. Examine how TeamSTEPPS® may be used to improve teams.

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