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16) Which statement, made by a nursing student, reflects accurate knowledge of the NAM?
1. It is a governmental organization focused on healthcare.
2. It is the agency that developed the Healthy People initiatives.
3. It is an agency developed to protect the interests of medical doctors and other healthcare
4. It is a non-governmental agency that serves in an advisory capacity for the government.
17) Which options reflect the foundational goals of the Healthy People initiative? Select all that
1. Self-management of health
2. Consumer education
3. Increasing Medicare reimbursement
4. Advocacy
5. Decreasing cost of prescription medications
18) The nursing student is preparing a presentation on the NAM. How should this student
characterize the IOM's view of the patient?
1. As a member of the interprofessional team
2. As a passive recipient of care
3. As a liability to healthcare finance
4. As a component to be managed
19) The patient states, "I don't want to take this new medication. I looked it up on the Internet
and there are so many side effects." How can the nurse best assist this patient?
1. Advise the patient not to read about medications on the Internet because the information is too
complex to understand without help.
2. Access the site and help the patient understand the information presented about the
3. Give the patient a copy of the information about the medication provided in a nursing
handbook of medications.
4. Empower the patient to talk with the physician about the decision.
20) The nurse has been asked to develop content for the Patient Education section of the
hospital's website. What skills are essential for this nurse? Select all that apply.
1. Understanding the principles of adult learning
2. How to use technology to support learning
3. Basic entry-level computer programming skills
4. Clinical knowledge of the topics being developed
5. Software development skills
21) The nursing staff has been asked to contribute to the design of a new customer/patient
satisfaction survey that will be adopted for use in the hospital as a whole. What should the nurses
consider when working on this document? Select all that apply.
1. Customer/patient satisfaction reflects attitudes.
2. Customer/patient expectations play a major role in patient satisfaction.
3. Once customer/patient satisfaction is measured, developing strategies to increase it will be a
straightforward process.
4. It is difficult to identify who the customers of a healthcare organization really are.
5. Customer/patient satisfaction is difficult to measure.
22) The nurses on a unit are working to increase the return of patient satisfaction surveys. Which
patients can the nurses expect will be more likely to return these surveys? Select all that apply.
1. Patients who are alert.
2. Patients who are younger rather than older.
3. Patients who are dissatisfied with care.
4. Patients who speak English.
5. Patients who are economically disadvantaged.
23) The nurses who work in the Emergency Department (ED) of a hospital believe that they
provide high quality care. Which option best supports that opinion?
1. Nurses working in other areas of the hospital rate the ED nurses' care as high quality.
2. The physicians who work in the ED state that they are satisfied with the level of nursing care
3. Patients cared for in the ED report that the nurses provided high quality care.
4. The hospital administrator rates the ED nurses as providing the best care in the facility.
24) The patient diagnosed with cancer has elected to abandon curative treatment in favor of
palliative care. The nurse strongly believes the patient can have a long survival time if curative
care continues. What nursing advocacy action is appropriate?
1. Support the patient's choice.
2. Ask to have a different nurse assigned to this patient's care.
3. Provide education to the patient.
4. Defer to the patient's physician's position on the case.
25) The nurse is dedicated to the concept of empowering patients and their families by giving
advice, emotional support, and providing resources. In which levels of the advocacy continuum
is this nurse focused? Select all that apply.
1. The individual level
2. The interpersonal level
3. The community level
4. The policy level
26) Which of the following had a major impact on increasing healthcare consumerism?
1. Affordable Care Act of 2010
2. Use of Medicare
3. Development of managed care
4. Nursing advocacy
27) What is an important factor in determining if the PSDA must be followed?
1. The HCO receives Medicare payments for services.
2. The patient is a U.S. citizen and lives in the state.
3. The patient asks that the PSDA be followed.
4. The HCO gets payment from multiple third-party payers.
28) Which of the following factors is identified as a factor that increases patient satisfaction?
1. Location of the HCO
2. Shared governance in the HCO
3. Type of third-party payer
29) Which of the following examples would not demonstrate patient advocacy by a nurse? Select
all that apply
1. Provide the patient with information about the patient's problem.
2. Tell the patient what you (the nurse) would do.
3. Plan with the patient's physician who will talk with the patient.
4. Expect a patient to accept treatment for cancer.
30) In a study published in 2015 by Austin, et al., what was the conclusion about the use of
report cards to rate hospitals?
1. Rankings are not always accurate or ensure quality.
2. There is limited variation in data and rankings.
3. Rankings provide critical data to consumers to ensure they make best choices.
4. Focusing on one survey result is best.

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