Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

MT 85897

February 5, 2017
After seeing advertisements for the Toyota Prius, Joel becomes interested and does
some Internet research. However, after seeing the price for a new model, he decides to
purchase a Ford Fusion instead. This is an example of the lagged effect.
Firms with global appeal can run global advertising campaigns and simply translate the
wording in the advertisements and product labeling.
Omnichannel retailers are able to simply charge the same prices across all channels.
Puffery is not always illegal in the United States under state and federal law.
The idea that corporate social responsibility is unnecessary because the goal of any
corporation is simply to make a profit has been thoroughly discredited and is no longer
supported by economists or businesspeople.
The failure rate for new products is high.
Off-price retailers specialize in having a consistent line of merchandise available at
discount prices.
Tipco Computer Company decided to market its tablet computers to preschoolers, even
though the tablets were better suited for much older children. This potentially unethical
activity takes place during the control phase of the strategic marketing planning
If it is a company's policy to intentionally mislead potential customers about some
aspect of a product, a sales rep that carries out this policy by misleading the customer
can be held legally accountable.
Colin wants information about the infrastructure in the countries his company is
planning to export to, so he should gather information about the transportation and
communications capabilities in each country.
One use of marketing research is to provide an effective means to understand
consumers' service expectations and their perceptions of service quality.
The power adapters Dell sells with its computers are built by small companies that
specialize in power-related accessories. When Dell purchases its power adapters from
these small companies, it is engaged in B2B marketing.
The greater the difference between a consumer's unsatisfied need and the desired state,
the greater the need recognition will be.
Brazil is characterized by strong upper and lower classes, but the middle class has
declined in recent years.
Coupons may annoy or confuse customers and therefore do little to increase store
Price lining is setting a price floor and a price ceiling for a line of products and then
setting price points in between to represent differences in quality.
New product development adds value to a firm's products and services through
Brenda wants a new car that will be dependable transportation and look good. She
wants to satisfy both functional and psychological needs.
Retailers generally have no prior knowledge of the merchandise they will be receiving
from suppliers in any particular shipment.
Tweens rarely use any type of technology.
Most B2B buying situations can be categorized into three categories: new buys,
structured rebuys, and automatic rebuys.
A company's product line consists of its various product mixes.
Marketing research should be used only to produce favorable recommendations for
senior management to consider.
When designing a social media marketing campaign, the first step is to identify the
target audience.
Mary visited an office building and went door to door to hand out business cards and
sell office products. Mary was making cold calls.
To maximize potential, segments and target markets can and should be defined by more
than just geography.
Dollar General and Family Dollar are examples of full-price discount retailers.
The more familiar customers are with a brand, the harder their decision-making process
will be.
Even the best marketing communication can be wasted if the sender does not gain the
attention of the consumer.
The sales process always proceeds through each of the five steps.
Many retailers and some manufacturers are exploring the use of an omnichannel or
multichannel strategy in which they sell in more than one channel, for example, the
Internet and stores.
For all Facebook pages, the conversion rate is calculated as the percentage of visitors to
the page who click the "Like" button.
Stakeholders typically include the firm's employees, customer groups, stockholders, and
members of the community in which the firm operates.
Most Americans tend to take access to global products and services for granted.
The zone of tolerance refers to the area between customers' expectations regarding their
desired service and the minimum level of acceptable service.
Firms that are engaged in sentiment mining are analyzing data collected from
A. experiments.
B. in-depth interviews.
C. focus groups.
D. social media sites.
E. observations.
The president of the Northwoods University student body made a formal request to the
IT department for additional computers in the main computer lab. The student body
president is the __________ in the buying center.
A. initiator
B. gatekeeper
C. decider
D. buyer
E. gateway
__________ is any interference in the IMC process.
A. Translation
B. Looping
C. Excessive reach
D. Noise
E. Feedback
A _______ strategy involves accurately measuring all the factors needed to predict sales
and profits at various price levels, so that the price level that produces the highest return
can be chosen.
A. sales orientation
B. target profit
C. target return
D. status quo
E. maximizing profits
Several months ago, Veronica took over the sales territory managed by a very
successful salesperson. Veronica should use __________ as a first source of leads.
A. current customers
B. chamber of commerce gatherings
C. trade shows
D. census data
E. competitor databases
Which of the following is most effective in building brand image, listing details about
retail locations and educating customers about products and services?
A. corporate blog
B. faxed newsletter
C. Super Bowl ad
D. corporate website
E. Twitter
Population estimates show that by the year 2050, nearly 30 percent of the population in
the United States will come from which group?
A. Hispanics
B. Asians
C. Pacific Islanders
D. Native Americans
E. Eastern Europeans
To estimate reach in terms of electronic media, marketers can use the click-through rate
(CTR). To do so, they need to know the number of clicks and
A. the number of destinations.
B. the number of impressions.
C. the cost per click.
D. how much time consumers spend viewing the ad or page.
E. the total number of clicks recorded by the industry.
One of the goals of value-based marketing is
A. to provide the greatest value for the least profit.
B. to sell products for the highest possible price.
C. to offer greater value than competitors offer.
D. to determine the value of the brand.
E. to sell to all consumers, regardless of their needs.
Andy purchased a number of books from Amazon.com, and he learned to trust the
recommendations made to him. More than once he was pleasantly surprised at the
books and authors he discovered this way. In this case, Amazon.com was creating value
for Andy through
A. repeat business.
B. rapid delivery.
C. expanded market presence.
D. personalized offerings.
E. interactive offerings.
Which ethnic group in the United States tends to earn more, have more schooling, and
be more likely to be professionally employed or own a business?
A. Northern European
B. Middle Eastern
C. Hispanic
D. Asian
E. African American
Now that the consumer demand is building for Miranda's new organic shampoo, she
and her team face a new set of decisions. Which of the following is not one of the
decision items on the agenda for the team discussion of place in the marketing mix for a
new product launch?
A. How much should be shipped initially to the stores?
B. Where should the merchandise be stored: at distribution centers or shipped directly
to the stores?
C. Which retailers are chosen to sell the product?
D. Should slotting allowances be given to get the product into stores?
E. Should the manufacturer be involved in reordering decisions?
The diffusion of innovation theory focuses on
A. the geographic boundaries of innovation.
B. the relationship between pioneer brands and imitators.
C. the psychological traits of innovators.
D. the rate at which consumers are likely to adopt a new product or service.
E. the way a product moves through the product life cycle.
Suppose that you work for an advertising agency and are brought into a meeting where
everyone is asked to generate ideas for names for a new beach resort. You are engaged
in __________, a form of new idea generation.
A. R&D
B. licensing technology
C. consumer research
D. geodemographic analysis
E. brainstorming
While waiting to be seated at a restaurant, Joylee receives a customer loyalty coupon
through an app on her mobile phone for half off a dessert with the purchase of an entre.
This use of a location-based software application is designed to promote which of the
4E framework objectives?
A. engage
B. energize
C. excite
D. experience
E. educate
Trey sells consumer electronics. He knows his customers weigh the costs versus the
benefits associated with the different options available. He decides which products to
offer and what prices to charge based on the way his customers think. Trey operates as
if he were in the __________ era.
A. production-oriented
B. sales-oriented
C. market-oriented
D. value-based marketing
E. retailing-oriented
Because manufacturers with JIT systems produce merchandise closer to the time of
sale, they can
A. organize cooperative agreements among competing manufacturers to reduce
B. reduce inventories needed to satisfy retailers' demand.
C. use exclusive geographic territories to centralize production.
D. effectively eliminate the need for a dispatcher.
E. replace independent supply chains with corporate supply chains.
The manufacturer of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones decides to advertise in the
"lifestyles" sections of big-city newspapers. However, this generates a limited response
in sales. Which of the following represents a likely breakdown in the communication
process here?
A. The message was decoded incorrectly.
B. The message was not transmitted.
C. The message was not received by its intended audience.
D. The message was encoded incorrectly.
E. The sender was not clearly identified.
When choosing where to eat lunch, Veronica's major service criterion is speed: being
seated promptly and served her meal quickly. For Veronica, __________ is the most
important of the five service quality dimensions.
A. assurance
B. reliability
C. tangibles
D. responsiveness
E. empathy
Overriding desires that drive how we live our lives are called
A. self-values.
B. self-concept.
C. self-esteem.
D. self-confidence.
E. self-control.
What do the BRIC countries have in common?
A. They participate together in a trading bloc.
B. They have suffered more than most other countries in the recent recession.
C. They are Asian countries experiencing explosive population growth.
D. They are the four countries known for the highest levels of bribery in business and
E. They are experiencing significant levels of economic growth.
The political/regulatory environment comprises political parties, governmental
organizations, and
A. legislation and laws.
B. citizens.
C. interest groups.
D. for profit and nonprofit businesses.
E. international influences.
Graham had developed an extremely successful advertising and promotion campaign
for a client in the United States. The client wanted to roll out the same campaign to
markets worldwide, but Graham cautioned against doing this, most likely because
A. differences in languages, customs, and culture might make the campaign
meaningless and ineffective in some markets.
B. copyright and intellectual property concerns prevented him from wanting to share his
good ideas outside of the U.S. market.
C. he had not applied for or received international certification that was required for
working outside the United States.
D. he was unfamiliar with the code of ethics for advertising in other countries.
E. he did not have the budget for a global rollout.
Which of these is not one of the BRIC countries?
A. Bulgaria
B. Russia
C. India
D. China
E. These are all BRIC countries.
U.S.-based global marketers have often found that
A. anything goes when advertising outside the United States.
B. EU advertising laws are more restrictive than those in the United States.
C. children in other countries are less influenced by advertising.
D. self-regulatory groups are especially demanding of U.S. advertisers.
E. outside the United States, standards are subject to UN approval.
Unlike advertising, public relations
A. supports promotional efforts by generating "free" media attention.
B. accounts for a greater increase in marketing spending.
C. converts mass media advertising into direct marketing.
D. is considered a human resource function.
E. should not be considered part of the marketing area.
In questionnaire design, a question such as "When was the first time you went to a
A. is a question that respondents cannot easily or accurately answer.
B. is a question that respondents are reluctant to answer because the information is
C. leads respondents to a particular response.
D. asks two questions at once.
E. is complex and something respondents may be unfamiliar with.
Wanda and Jim are working on a research project to anticipate customer attitudes
toward a proposed new-product line for their company. They have worked with the
marketing manager to determine the answers that are needed, and have created a
detailed design of the project. Their next logical step will be to
A. develop a budget.
B. begin to collect data.
C. summarize their preliminary conclusions to present to managers.
D. begin recommending changes to the new-product line based on ideas developed in
the design phase.
E. analyze the data.
A "no haggle" pricing policy is a type of _____ pricing strategy.
A. maximizing profits
B. sales orientation
C. target return
D. status quo
E. customer-oriented
When Val sees the RFP issued by one of his customers, he is concerned that the
company has changed its specifications since it placed a previous order with him. His
company's products do not meet the new specifications. In this situation, being the
current vendor
A. will necessitate renegotiating price and delivery terms.
B. allows for a straight rebuy.
C. offsets a consensus buying center culture.
D. will probably not be an advantage in getting the new order.
E. will allow Val to get the order even though his products do not meet the
Which of the following is not a major consideration in determining an advertising
A. role of advertising in overall promotional objectives
B. the product life cycle
C. the nature of the market
D. the budgeting method used
E. the nature of the product
What are the four Ps of marketing? Give an example of each.
Brandon has developed a line of clothing accessories and has lined up the production
and financing. Next, he is preparing to reach out to the ultimate customer. He has
spoken to several stores that have agreed to carry these products, and he has narrowed
his options to specialty and department stores. What factors must Brandon now
Explain the concept of reverse innovation by giving an example of this practice.
Although most people do not have a personal marketing plan, when would one be
Effective marketers recognize that a label is much more than just a sticker on a package.
What can a label do for a marketer?
Why do manufacturers set manufacturer's suggested retail prices (MSRP)? How do they
enforce this practice? Is it legal?
Darrell saw a review of the new Love CD produced in collaboration with Cirque du
Soleil, and has decided he has to have it. At what stage in the AIDA model is Darrell?
Trent is creating a sales force for his new hydrogen-powered vehicles company. What
questions will Trent will need to address when creating a sales force?
Explain the process of customer relationship management (CRM) in terms of how it
impacts marketing activities.
In approximately 2006, hybrid cars moved from the early adopter to the early majority
stage. What did this mean for marketers of hybrid cars?
In 2005, a new federal law allowed consumers once-a-year free access to their credit
reports. Many consumers who accessed their credit reports were surprised by the
amount of information collected. What can marketers and marketing researchers do to
minimize consumers' privacy fears?
Which of the segmentation attractiveness criteria is addressed when Magnolia Pizzeria
asks the question, "Are private food service companies allowed to deliver pizzas on the
military base?"
Name three benefits of a strategic relationship between channel members.
Why must a firm's STP strategy be consistent with and derived from the firm's mission
and objectives?
Why do manufacturers like Procter & Gamble spend millions of dollars annually
creating and maintaining their brands? Why don't they just manufacture their products
and sell them under store brand labels?
What would it mean if Oreo adopted a glocalization strategy for global sales of its
Which type of orientation would you expect among ethically challenged marketers: a
relational or transactional orientation? Explain.
If you were advertising your company's watches in Vogue and you had five ads in the
magazine, how would you calculate your gross rating points (GRP)?