Book Title
A Preface to Marketing Management 14th Edition

MT 712 Test 1

October 29, 2015
With regard to global marketing research, which of the following is true of using census
data for in-depth demographic information?
A. Some countries publish census reports only in their native language.
B. Data contained in a census are uniform across all countries.
C. Census reports are the most reliable sources for securing in-depth demographic
D. All countries take a census once in every five years.
The Hector & Gable Corporation conducted a research study and found that vacuum
brick-packs of coffee sell much better in the urban uptown than coffee that is canned.
As a result, Hector & Gable repackaged their Danver brand of coffee for the urban
uptown and developed an advertising campaign to market them to the region. Sales of
Danver coffee in this region were found to have increased by 32 percent. In this
example, Hector & Gable used _____ segmentation to market its coffee.
A. mass marketing
B. psychographic
C. person/situation
D. geodemographic
On her way home from work, Shelby sees an ice cream stand and immediately feels a
craving for some ice cream. She pulls over to buy a hot fudge sundae. Which of the
following influenced her purchasing decision?
A. Social features
B. Reference groups
C. External stimuli
D. Task features
In the context of global marketing, which of the following best represents a defensive
A. An international apparel brand's goal to conduct research across its areas of
operation in order to find customer preferences and improve overall market position.
B. A Swiss chocolate firm's plan to expand its operations to India to reap the benefits of
economies of scale.
C. An American candy manufacturer's ambition to take advantage of the differences in
operating costs between countries.
D. An Italian pizzeria's desire to enter into a franchising agreement with a firm in the
United States to enhance its profit prospects.
An organizational buyer in a(n) _____ organization would have a strong commitment to
traditionally accepted behavior and act accordingly.
A. innovative
B. liberal
C. adaptive
D. lethargic
Which of the following types of organizational purchases requires relatively few
employees and is executed almost automatically?
A. Buy-side auction
B. Straight rebuy
C. New task purchase
D. Modified rebuy
Eastlake Furniture Company, a maker of Victorian furniture reproductions, uses only
Trenton adhesives for its finely crafted products. The adhesive can bond wood just as
well as hot-melt adhesives without damaging heat-sensitive areas, so it satisfies the
needs of the company's craftspeople. Even though the Trenton adhesive is slightly more
expensive than the hot melt glues offered by competitors, Trenton retains its clientele as
it guarantees delivery just two days after an order is placed. This scenario illustrates that
Eastlake Manufacturing is using _____ for its supply of adhesives.
A. sole sourcing
B. licensing
C. franchising
D. data mining
In terms of organization-specific factors that influence a purchasing process, an
organization that is highly centralized is:
A. less likely to have joint decision making processes.
B. exclusively characterized by sole-sourcing contracts.
C. less likely to have an autonomous decision-making body.
D. exclusively characterized by production-oriented personnel.
HSV Electronics Ltd. manufactures computers, laptops, digital cameras, and several
other electronic products. It operates in many countries and standardizes its marketing
activities when there are cultural similarities and adapts them when the cultures are
different. The company has established universal product divisions, each responsible for
selling its own products throughout the world. The information in this scenario implies
that the electronic firm has adopted a _____ strategy.
A. multidomestic
B. transnational
C. global
D. vertical integration
Qualitative research is commonly used for:
A. validating or answering a business problem or information requirements.
B. assessing the reliability and validity of scales for investigating market factors.
C. assessing the effectiveness of marketing strategies on marketplace behaviors.
D. identifying a business problem or opportunity situation, or establishing information
Which of the following examples would most likely use a straight rebuy?
A. A company looking to buy suitable premises for its new branch office
B. A physician planning to buy an endoscope at the price of $35,000
C. A manufacturer of lawn mowers ordering spare parts regularly from the same
D. A cold storage warehouse planning to buy a generator costing $100,000 to keep its
storage area cold in the event of an electric outage
Which of the following is the first component of the strategic plan?
A. Organizational objectives
B. Organizational strategies
C. Organizational mission
D. Organizational portfolio plan
According to the VALSâ„¢ framework, consumers driven by a desire for social or
physical activity, variety, and risk taking are motivated primarily by _____.
A. ideals
B. achievements
C. self-expression
D. extrinsic rewards
_____ is an example of pricing below competition, in which the firm is bidding directly
against competition for project contracts.
A. Prestige pricing
B. Bundle pricing
C. Price skimming
D. Sealed-bid pricing
When purchasing a fire alarm system for a warehouse full of steel furniture, Samuel
decides to buy a steel-based system. For a home full of irreplaceable antiques, he
chooses a rubber-based system. Which of the following situational influences accounts
for Samuel's difference in behavior?
A. Social features
B. Task features
C. Current conditions
D. Physical features
Which of the following indicates the direction in which an organization is moving with
respect to its current products and markets?
A. Growth vector matrix
B. Line extension graph
C. Market segmentation index
D. Market diversification grid
An independent designer sells his exclusive collection of premium sportswear for men
and women at specialty stores and select departmental stores nationwide. He considers
his products as being characterized by high unit value and limited frequency of
purchase. Before choosing his intermediaries, he checks to ensure that they have a good
reputation in the market. Which of the following methods of distribution is the designer
most likely utilizing?
A. Selective
B. Restrictive
C. Intensive
D. Extensive
Identify the primary reason for conducting a product audit.
A. To develop a marketing plan for new products
B. To detect sick products and bury them
C. To earn the estimated profits without introducing new products
D. To implement cost cutting strategies without altering the product mix