Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

MT 56438

February 5, 2017
If McDonald's wanted to change its marketing strategy in response to the social trends
outlined in the text, it might consider all of the following ideas except
A. offering an expanded menu of healthy options.
B. making nutritional information readily available to consumers.
C. using recycled paper in its food packaging.
D. using solar power in its restaurants.
E. creating an advertising campaign targeting elementary schoolchildren.
When shopping for a car you notice a significant price gap between domestic and
imported cars, with the imported cars being much more expensive. This could be the
result of
A. a tariff.
B. a boycott.
C. overseas consolidation.
D. globalization.
E. franchising.
Consumers consider universal, retrieval, and evoked sets during which stage of the
consumer decision process?
A. need recognition
B. postpurchase evaluation
C. information search
D. situational analysis
E. evaluation of alternatives
Gray markets can be a challenge to marketers because
A. they are just as illegal as black markets.
B. they may tarnish the manufacturer's image.
C. they are legal in some states and illegal in others.
D. consumers are against them, but retailers support them.
E. they may result in price increases across the board.
Over the last few months, Juan and his colleagues have analyzed the current business
situation and identified target markets for his firm's personal care products. Finally, they
developed the products, prices, distribution, and promotion that should appeal to each
of those target markets. In doing so, Juan has also identified what he believes is an
advantage his competitors cannot match. Juan and his colleagues have been developing
A. a business mission statement.
B. a strategic vision.
C. team-building exercises.
D. a marketing strategy.
E. competitive assessments.
Heartland Plantation produces organic food products like stone-ground grits and wild
rice. The company has limited production capacity and wants to carefully control where
its products are sold. Heartland will likely choose __________ distribution intensity.
A. luxury
B. variable
C. monopolistic
D. intensive
E. exclusive
One of the major tools used by marketers to meet the needs of loyal customers is
It is almost impossible to watch a sporting event on television without seeing Nike's
'swoosh" check mark, which is Nike's
A. name.
B. symbol.
C. design.
D. term.
E. theme.
If you ever watched a television commercial and at the end of the message wondered
what they were promoting, you may have had trouble __________ the IMC message.
A. decoding
B. transmitting
C. precoding
D. encoding
E. tracking
If many consumers in the marketplace are familiar with a brand and what it stands for
and have an opinion about the brand, the brand has considerable
A. awareness.
B. equity.
C. extension.
D. integration.
E. depth.
From a retailer's perspective, a(n) _______ is helpful in order to know exactly what will
arrive in a particular shipment from a supplier.
Loretta would like to know which, if any, of her firm's IMC efforts are working. She
could use all of the following except __________ to provide feedback from her efforts.
A. sales data
B. complaints
C. compliments
D. coupon redemption rates
E. the channel
Radio frequency identification tags are
A. selective distribution designs used to maximize geographic efficiency.
B. electronic discount information tags used to provide reduced prices to select
C. VMI demand scheduling data tags.
D. tiny computer chips that transmit information about a container's contents.
E. information tags used for floor-ready merchandising.
Which country has a rapidly aging population due to its one-child policy?
A. Brazil
B. Russia
C. India
D. China
E. Japan
Evelyn knows that prospective customers are likely to raise reservations about price and
quality. She needs to convince customers that her products represent
A. time savings.
B. a good value.
C. the least expensive choice available.
D. average quality for an average price.
E. an environmental achievement.
One measure of traffic from visitors on sites, the total page requests, is measured in
units called
A. clickers.
B. hits.
C. paths.
D. tweets.
E. impressions.
Salina is working to create greater brand awareness for her company's new line of
personal digital assistants. To increase brand awareness, the least important information
that should be included in promotions is
A. the brand name.
B. the logo.
C. the packaging.
D. the slogan.
E. the product history.
Which of the following is least likely to provide a sustainable competitive advantage?
A. lowering prices
B. having a well-known brand name
C. achieving high levels of customer satisfaction
D. using patented technology
E. creating an efficient supply chain
Which of the following is a true statement about distribution centers?
A. They enable retailers to carry less merchandise in individual stores.
B. Distribution center space is typically more expensive than retail space.
C. They are appropriate for all retailers, from the largest to the smallest.
D. They are the quickest way to get all products to retailers.
E. They complicate the process of predicting accurate sales forecasts.
Sally has been having a difficult time working with a particular buyer while using the
personal selling process, and she has asked her manager, Chris, for some ideas about
how to close the sale effectively. Chris asks her a number of questions to help sort out
the difficulties. Which of the following questions would Chris be least likely to ask?
A. "What does the buyer's body language tell you about her readiness to buy?"
B. "Did you skip any steps in the process?"
C. "Are there any reservations that have not been addressed to the buyer's satisfaction?"
D. "Have you completed the follow-up to ease the buyer's mind?"
E. "Should you go back to an earlier stage in the process and start the process over from
Which of the following is a core aspect of marketing?
A. satisfying as many needs as possible
B. creating a product that everyone will want to buy
C. setting prices lower than all competitors
D. making product, place, promotion, and price decisions
E. increasing the company's profit
Raycom Construction needs heavy-duty equipment to install a new pipeline in northern
Alaska. After a vendor is chosen, Reginald will handle the paperwork and send out the
purchase order. Reginald plays the role of __________ in the buying center.
A. buyer
B. initiator
C. influencer
D. user
E. gatekeeper
Quantitative research offers a means to confirm ideas through
A. surveys or experiments.
B. in-depth interviews.
C. data mining.
D. qualitative research.
E. informal analysis.
The service dimension called __________ refers to the ability of the firm's employees
to convey trust and confidence.
A. assurance
B. reliability
C. responsiveness
D. empathy
E. tangibles
Compared to mass media advertising, a key advantage of direct marketing is
A. it allows for personalization of the message.
B. it reaches a larger audience.
C. it involves face-to-face contact.
D. it uses the rule-of-thumb budgeting method.
E. it is used almost exclusively for B2B marketing.
One of the categories of products for which brand extension is especially logical is
A. generic goods.
B. generic services.
C. commodities.
D. complementary goods.
E. licensed brands.
Whenever Donald calls on potential pest control customers, he emphasizes the fact that,
unlike the national franchise competitors, he is a local business person and has been in
business over 20 years. Donald is __________ his business relative to his competition.
A. segmenting
B. packaging
C. positioning
D. pricing
E. targeting
Empowerment of employees helps address the delivery gap because
A. employees directly involved with the customer can respond effectively at the
moment the problem occurs.
B. customers appreciate feeling empowered.
C. management then doesn't need to devote time and energy to resolving service
delivery problems.
D. employees spend less time resolving problems than managers would.
E. it ultimately contributes to employee knowledge and retention.
Cheryl asked Nadia to help her buy some aftershave for her boyfriend. Nadia was going
through a list of different brand names, when Cheryl stopped her and said, "I recognize
that one." Marketers call this
A. selective recall.
B. free association.
C. aided recall.
D. recall mapping.
E. top-of-mind awareness.
After Sharon graduated from college, she found a steady and good-paying job, got
married and began to raise a family, and began to receive recognition at work and in the
community. Eventually, she began to devote more time and effort to intellectual and
aesthetic pursuits. Sharon is moving up to what level on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?
A. self-fulfillment
B. self-esteem
C. self-confidence
D. self-actualization
Firms achieve ___________ through efficient procedures and excellent supply chain
A. customer excellence
B. locational excellence
C. customer loyalty
D. value-based pricing
E. operational excellence
Your new sales manager, who previously worked for Boston Consulting Group, directs
each sales rep to "toss out the dogs," "exploit the stars," and "milk the cows." Translate
this into everyday English: What is the sales manager asking the sales reps to do?
What types of sales promotions would a marketer consider if the goal is to build
short-term sales?
Helena was surprised to learn that the car and home insurance agency she was just hired
by does not have a CRM program. Why should the agency have a CRM program, and
what CRM efforts should Helena recommend?
How can developing a questionnaire be part art and part science?
Why does loyalty segmentation make so much sense? Describe how a local pizza
restaurant could employ loyalty segmentation.
Marketers rely on three types of social media: social networking sites, media-sharing
sites, and thought-sharing sites. Describe each of these types of sites and give examples
of each.
What lessons could Coca-Cola apply from its success with Coke Zero to other potential
new products?
What is the advantage of a corporate or family brand? Provide an example of one.
Why do many biotechnology firms license their new products?
What kinds of ethical problems can be created by corporate sales policies?
One of the newest IMC efforts is the use of corporate blogs. Why do businesses use
Why are marketers more likely to be singled out for criticism about unethical behavior
than other business professionals?
What are the brand components used by your university?
To be effective, what three qualities does a selling proposition in an advertising
campaign need to have?
Assume you are the marketing consultant for your university, which wants to focus its
marketing efforts on retention of current students. You have a choice of segmenting the
undergraduate student market on either a geographic or psychographic basis. What is
the difference between the two? Which would you recommend, and why?
In theory, why is micromarketing the ultimate in STP strategy? What is the weakness
associated with micromarketing?
The text states, "Viewing customers with a lifetime value perspective, rather than on a
transaction-by-transaction basis, is the key to modern customer retention programs."
Create an example demonstrating a lifetime value perspective. Why is customer
retention almost always a profitable marketing strategy?