Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

MT 34869

February 5, 2017
Marketers particularly want their brands and products to be in consumers' __________
A. universal
B. retrieval
C. evoked
D. deterministic
E. behavioral
Boris tells a colleague about a major prospect he plans to call on in the next few days
and asks the colleague to pretend to be a customer while he makes his sales
presentation. Boris and his colleague are engaged in
A. requalifying leads.
B. approach dynamics.
C. closing the sale.
D. role playing.
E. cold calling.
_______ reflect(s) the mental and emotional links that consumers make between a
brand and its key product attributes.
A. The core customer value
B. Brand equity
C. Brand associations
D. Brand loyalty
E. The product mix
Which of the following is not one of the five groups in the diffusion of innovation
A. Innovators
B. Non-adopters
C. Late majority
D. Early majority
E. Early adopters
Which of the following is the best example of a mass media advertising channel?
A. Weight Watchers Magazine
B. Red State Talk Radio (WRS)
C. Home and Garden TV (HGTV)
D. USA Today
E. The Golf Channel
B2B buying decisions are often made by
A. governors.
B. influencers.
C. committees.
D. resellers.
E. consumers.
David's marketing research returned the finding that customers were staying away from
his bookstore because of a lack of services like gift cards, return policies, and special
orders. David was shocked. "Nobody ever asks about that stuff! If it were that
important, people would ask about it." David is likely suffering from a(n) ________
A. knowledge
B. standards
C. ethics
D. delivery
E. communications
Which element of the marketing mix is most relevant to the activity "capturing value"?
A. promotion
B. purchasing
C. product
D. price
E. place
The elements of the social media engagement process are
A. listening, reacting, and correcting.
B. exciting, listening, and doing.
C. analyzing, developing, and engaging.
D. listening, engaging, and evaluating.
E. listening, analyzing, and doing.
Xavier is analyzing potential market segments. He should carefully seek potential
customers who have both an interest in his products and
A. a thorough knowledge of his brand messages.
B. the ability to buy them.
C. knowledge of competing products.
D. the ability to negotiate discounts.
E. are removed from traditional marketing alternatives.
A university using benefit segmentation and targeting students who want to get a degree
quickly while still working full-time would most likely focus on
A. providing classes at convenient times and offering online courses.
B. discount pricing for students taking more than twelve credit hours.
C. the higher average salaries earned by college graduates.
D. the great variety of classes offered.
E. the number of Nobel Prize winners on the faculty.
The decision to delete a product is never taken lightly because, generally, manufacturers
A. have offered the product line to other firms for purchase.
B. have made substantial investments in product development and manufacturing.
C. have promised consumers they will maintain the product.
D. have used brand repositioning to improve results.
E. must meet federal standards when taking products off the market.
Production of the DeLorean car, made famous in the film Back to the Future, never got
above 25,000 units during its lifetime. Automobile industry analysts estimate that
production of this car needed to reach around 300,000 units to achieve the __________,
which refers to a decrease in unit cost as product volume increases.
A. slotting allowance benefit
B. price fixing return
C. improvement value effect
D. experience curve effect
E. cumulative bundling benefit
For marketers to advertise a price as their __________ price, the Better Business
Bureau recommends that at least 50 percent of the sales of a product occur at that price.
A. fixed
B. zone
C. regular
D. leader
E. cost-based
Part of the social trend toward health and wellness is a concern about the increasing
degree of obesity in the United States. Related to this, the text notes the increasing
popularity of
A. flu shots.
B. high-carbohydrate diets.
C. yoga.
D. cooking shows on TV.
E. juicing.
Provide an example of a firm delivering the right message to the right audience through
the right media.
What percentage of U.S. adults now recycle their soda bottles and newspapers?
A. 10 percent
B. 20 percent
C. 50 percent
D. 75 percent
E. 90 percent
The generally accepted ethical code in marketing was developed by
A. Johnson & Johnson.
B. the American Marketing Association.
C. the Better Business Bureau.
D. a group of well-respected marketing executives.
E. the Advertising Association of America.
It is often difficult for retailers to distinguish themselves from their competitors through
the merchandise they carry because
A. they do not carry enough merchandise.
B. consumers no longer recognize brand equity.
C. big-box food retailers are shifting into specialty store product lines.
D. there is not enough merchandise to go around.
E. competitors can purchase and sell many of the same popular brands.
Which of the following is not one of the four overarching strategies to create and
deliver value and to develop sustainable competitive advantages?
A. locational excellence
B. customer excellence
C. operational excellence
D. product excellence
E. planning excellence
When a customer purchases a DVD at a Best Buy Electronics store, all of the following
information flows in the supply chain are started except
A. the sales associate scans the UPC recording the sale.
B. the sale is transmitted to Best Buy's distribution center to adjust inventory data.
C. the purchase is added to the customer's purchasing habit records.
D. Best Buy's buyer aggregates sales at all stores and uses the information to send a
reorder to the manufacturer.
E. the point-of-sale terminal records the sale and sends it to Best Buy's buyer.
Zappos is a successful online shoe company. One of the difficulties in running a shoe
company is the need to have significant __________, a large number of items in each
product line.
A. brand equity
B. product line breadth
C. product line depth
D. product mix depth
E. product mix breadth
By providing good customer service, firms __________ their products or services.
A. eliminate the communication gap for
B. add value to
C. reduce the assurance for
D. reduce the empowerment cost associated with
E. increase the perishability of
Jaleel is the marketing manager for moderately well-known rock band. He wants to
know more about industry trends including sales by different musical styles, online
downloads, and concert attendance. Jaleel will most likely use __________ to gather
this type of data.
A. focus groups
B. observation
C. syndicated data
D. sales invoices
E. census data
At the main campus of a large university, faculty always refer to one another as "Dr.,"
wear suits, and guard their academic domains against one another. This leads to
frequent name-calling and strenuous debates. Meanwhile, at the various branch
campuses, faculty members call one another by their first names, dress casually, and
support one another's scholarly efforts. This example illustrates the differences in
__________ that can exist within an organization.
A. supply chain communication
B. autocratic buying center culture
C. organizational culture
D. business missions
E. corporate social responsibility
An advertisement for Titleist golf balls that airs on the cable television Golf Channel
station is an example of what type of media channel?
A. niche
B. mass
C. select
D. product placement
E. institutional
By adding new product lines beyond its core business of computer software, like the
Zune MP3 player and Xbox 360 game system, Microsoft primarily benefits by
A. keeping up in a market where sales come mostly from new products.
B. satisfying the changing needs of the technological research staff.
C. avoiding market saturation from products that have just been introduced to the
D. creating diversification and reducing risk.
E. spreading out production costs.
If your company hired you to make sales calls via the telephone, it hired you to perform
A. cold calling.
B. telemarketing.
C. relationship selling.
D. inbound marketing.
E. role reversal selling.
A(n) __________ is a 13-digit code retailers can use to track inventory.
C. pick ticket
When referring to "exchange," marketers are focusing on
A. the location where products and services are traded.
B. the price charged, adjusted for currency exchange rates.
C. location-based tactics for creating value.
D. promotional offers designed to stimulate barter.
E. the trading of things of value.
College students can be a less __________ market segment because students' media
habits are quite diverse and firms might have to use a wide variety of media to attract
this segment.
A. substantial
B. perceptive
C. identifiable
D. reachable
E. quantifiable