Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

MT 32636

February 5, 2017
The potential benefits of brand extension do not include
A. allowing the perception of a brand with a quality image to be carried over to the new
B. lowering marketing costs.
C. boosting sales of the core brand.
D. spending less on creating brand awareness and associations.
E. eliminating competition.
Cosmetic manufacturers that sell shampoo and conditioner together as one package at a
lower price rather than selling each item separately are using
A. price lining.
B. slotting allowances.
C. cumulative quantity discounts.
D. loss leaders.
E. price bundling.
Because customers have different needs and expectations, the key to distributive
fairness in service recovery is to
A. listen to the customer.
B. contact a supervisor quickly.
C. estimate the damage.
D. provide a fair solution.
E. resolve the problem quickly.
A __________ is often used to illustrate the position of a firm's products or brands in
consumers' minds.
A. mass marketing analysis
B. psychographic profile
C. perceptual map
D. loyalty timeline
E. PRIZM analysis
When Yolanda asked her firm's advertising agency to estimate how often consumers
saw her firm's IMC message and what percentage of the target audience was exposed to
the message, she was told the reach was 40, the frequency was 4, and the competitive
parity was 10. The gross rating points for her firm's campaign were
A. 160.
B. 1,600.
C. 400.
D. 40.
E. The answer cannot be determined from this information.
Often, advertisers will employ a variety of media to deliver their message. When using
different media, advertisers need to deliver
A. value-based posttesting.
B. niche media emotional appeals to the mass market.
C. a consistent and compelling message.
D. selective, continuous pulsing.
E. mild puffery.
Though a picture may be worth a thousand words, the most important facet of encoding
A. who draws the picture.
B. the self-visualization process.
C. not what is received, but rather what is sent.
D. the sponsor rather than the receiver.
E. not what is sent, but rather what is received.
The three types of vertical marketing systems are administered, contractual, and
A. cooperative.
B. corporate.
C. independent.
D. coercive.
E. conventional.
Marketers __________ an advertising campaign to ensure that various elements of the
campaign will work in an integrated fashion and do what they are intended to do.
A. pretest
B. posttest
C. monitor
D. flight
E. pulse
B2B partners often connect to each other on the Internet through special __________
designed to facilitate information exchanges and transactions.
A. search engines
B. web masters
C. web portals
D. web routes
E. gatekeepers
Olga is the sales rep for ATV Communication Systems. She wants to bid on the RFP
issued by Manitoba University for distance learning technology. She knows she will
need to provide considerable information and demonstrations of her firm's technology
because Manitoba University is in a new buy situation and does not have
A. the money to afford it.
B. any experience with the product it wishes to purchase.
C. anyone interested in the technology.
D. any derived demand for the system.
E. any students who might be interested in distance learning.
Sodexo is a corporation that manages school cafeterias, university dining halls, mess
halls at military bases, concession stands at sports arenas, and other large-scale food
service facilities. If Sodexo were to begin to sell individual frozen meals in
supermarkets, it would be pursuing a __________ growth strategy.
A. product development
B. market development
C. market penetration
D. diversification
E. product proliferation
In BCG portfolio analysis, products in low-growth markets that have received heavy
investment and now have excess funds available to support other products are called
A. stars.
B. cash cows.
C. question marks.
D. dogs.
E. anchors.
Global segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP) are more complicated than local
STP, in part because
A. consumers may view their roles differently in different countries.
B. there are fewer franchising opportunities in global markets.
C. global consumer markets are almost totally homogeneous, making segmentation
D. most governments have rules against targeting consumers.
E. positioning almost always fails when attempted in a foreign country.
An excellent, inexpensive, and readily accessible method for assessing customers'
service expectations is
A. customer complaints.
B. syndicated data services.
C. employee empowerment programs.
D. distributive fairness analysis.
E. management by objective programs.
Which of the following brand strategies is being used when the local ice cream shop
decides to add a new flavor to its menu?
A. a line extension
B. a brand extension
C. a copycat brand
D. a premium brand
E. a multi-brand
A major airline sells an aggressively low priced ticket compared to a new low-fare
airline which is trying to enter the market. The airline may be accused of engaging in
the unethical practice of
A. leader pricing.
B. price skimming.
C. price fixing.
D. predatory pricing.
E. deceptive reference prices.
Marketers love consumers who engage in __________, buying their company's product
with little thought or consideration of alternatives.
A. compensatory decisions
B. personal problem solving
C. extended problem solving
D. reference group consumption
E. habitual decision making
Marketing efforts designed to get the product or service to the right customer, when that
customer wants it, are called
A. supply chain management.
B. a transactional orientation.
C. wholesaling.
D. value cocreation.
E. endless chain marketing.
To maintain trustworthy customer relationships, companies must take care that they
respect customer privacy and respect the ________that is, the amount of information a
customer feels comfortable providing.
A. privacy bubble
B. information limit
C. communication tolerance level
D. privacy zone
E. information comfort zone
In omnichannel retailing, what visible element must often be adjusted because of
competition faced in different channels?
A. supply chain
B. return policies
C. pricing
D. distribution
E. place
Regina wants to position her financial services company. Regina can position her
services according to all of the following except
A. the value proposition.
B. product attributes.
C. symbols.
D. competitive comparisons.
E. profitability.
Neville is trying to create an advertising message that tells consumers how his
company's cell, pager, instant messaging, and Internet services differ from other
alternatives in the market. Neville is trying to create a(n)
A. unique selling proposition.
B. proportional benefit communication.
C. institutional advertising message.
E. flighting ad strategy.
Most firms maintain customer complaint services online, in the store, or over the
telephone. Firms attempt to respond quickly to complaints, hoping to
A. get themselves into the universal set.
B. reduce the cost of postpurchase advertising.
C. minimize negative word of mouth and rumors.
D. extend decision rules to the customer complaint desk.
E. offset performance risk with financial risk.
By allowing consumers to sell their unwanted goods to other consumers, auction sites
like eBay cater to __________ marketing.
A. B2B
B. C2C
C. D2C
D. C2D
E. B2G
Brian is struggling with the choice of publishing his new book, How to Cook Polish
Barbeque, as an e-book or a paperback. Brian is addressing which core marketing
A. developing a promotional plan
B. managing the exchange function of marketing
C. making product decisions
D. deciding where and how to sell the product
E. pricing the product
Sales of national brands of orange juice tend to increase when the economy is doing
well, while sales of generic orange juice increase when the economy is not doing well.
This is an example of how _______ impacts demand for products.
A. dynamic pricing
B. the price inelasticity coefficient
C. the income effect
D. the target return effect
E. cross-price elasticity
Although marketers have found that psychographics are often more useful for
predicting consumer behavior than demographics, psychographic segmentation
A. is available only in limited geographic areas.
B. is rarely used and unproven.
C. offers only one-to-one marketing potential.
D. is a more expensive method for identifying potential customers.
E. is still an unproven area.
Today, many developed countries are experiencing __________ population growth.
A. slight
B. zero or negative
C. rapid
D. moderate
E. significant
A wholesaler is an example of a
A. reseller.
B. merchandiser.
C. reference group.
D. manufacturer.
E. retailer.
Each time you go to the grocery store and have your purchases scanned while using a
loyalty or bonus reward card, you are contributing to a database that can help marketers
determine all of the following except
A. what a typical shopping list looks like.
B. whether changes in prices affect buying.
C. marketplace trends.
D. what kinds of promotions might be attractive to you.
E. other stores where you buy similar products.
When using the objective-and-task method of IMC budgeting for multiple products and
services, how often must the process be repeated?
A. never, after the first product/service
B. once, for each individual product and service
C. once, by each management team member
D. only when a product is removed from the line
E. when the prior year's budget is exceeded
Many companies use the Internet to allow consumers to design customized products;
for example, Nike allows customers to order shoes with custom color combinations.
This is a form of
A. micromarketing.
B. concentrated targeting.
C. psychographic segmentation.
D. differentiated targeting.
E. undifferentiated targeting.