Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

MT 31252

February 5, 2017
When Buffalo Bank required all customers to use its online banking services, over 20
percent of its customers closed their accounts. In this scenario, Buffalo Bank's service
fell outside customers' zone of tolerance.
A marketing channel and a supply chain are virtually the same.
If the marketing communication has piqued the interest of its target market, the goal of
subsequent IMC messages should be to move the consumer from "I want it" to "I like
A personalized offer sent to a targeted customer via social media is more likely to be
relevant to him or her.
LinkedIn is useful for networking in the B2B marketplace, but Twitter is not typically
It is best if firms choose one pricing strategy to use for all its products rather than use
different methods for pricing.
Each individual's ethical standards are a product of his or her culture and upbringing.
When the iPad Mini came out, Sasha spent the night in front of the store so she could
get one before any of her friends. According to the diffusion of innovation, Sasha is an
Even if products succeed, not all consumers adopt new-to-the-world products at the
same time.
There is only one global product strategy: to sell a product or service similar to that sold
in the home country, but include minor adaptations.
Before conducting marketing research, it is important to establish in advance exactly
what problem needs to be solved.
The marketing of services differs from the marketing of products because services are
tangible and separable from the service provider.
The greater the wealth of a country, generally, the better the opportunity a firm will
have in that particular country.
Sales of private-label brands continue to decline in the United States, particularly in
big-box stores such as Costco.
Approximately half of marketers say they now use social media tools for marketing
Marketers might wish to sell their products to everyone, but it is not practical to do so.
When Jaclyn selects a case of Sprite at the grocery store for her party, she is attracted
by the holiday-themed box featuring green and white bells. What Jaclyn is seeing is
referred to as the secondary package.
Sellers using an EDLP pricing strategy often communicate their strategy through the
creative use of a reference price.
The strategic planning process always proceeds sequentially through the five steps.
Listening to the customer is the first step in service recovery.
Neighbors Bicycles needed more bicycle seats. It decided to order gel seats in addition
to the traditional seats it had always ordered. This is a straight rebuy.
Socially responsible marketing is defined as a strategic effort by firms to supply
customers with environmentally friendly merchandise.
All products and services are intangible.
A television ad showing a crowd holding candles and singing "I'd like to teach the
world to sing," followed by the words "Happy Holidays from your Coca-Cola bottler,"
is an example of reminder advertising.
Twitter is a form of blogging, and is increasingly used to reach current or potential
iTunes software is often credited with the success of the Apple iPod MP3 player,
because it made the iPod easier to use than competing players, and was difficult for
competitors to duplicate. This is an example of a sustainable competitive advantage.
The group with the highest ownership of smartphones includes older adults who can
afford the phones' high price.
Each element of an integrated marketing communication (IMC) strategy must have a
well-defined purpose and support, and extend the message delivered by all the other
Good salespeople know the types of reservations buyers are likely to raise.
Personal selling can be successful only through the use of print, newspapers, and radio.
NASCAR redirected its marketing efforts when a survey indicated that almost 50
percent of its fans were female. This is an example of psychographic segmentation.
Using wireless EEG scanners to measure involuntary brain waves that occur when a
consumer views a product is called neuromarketing.
Today, large retailers dictate to their suppliers what should be made.
When making an important purchase, consumers often consult friends and family. This
is considered an external search for information.
There are ethical dilemmas associated with providing customers with personalized
offers based on their browsing or purchasing habits.
Cheryl will let only Martin cut her hair. She has tried other stylists, but she knows from
experience that Martin cuts her hair well every time. For Cheryl, __________ is the
most important of the five service quality dimensions.
A. assurance
B. reliability
C. tangibles
D. responsiveness
E. empathy
One of the greatest constraints faced by store-based retailersand one that the Internet
channel can addressis
A. price competition.
B. the amount of merchandise that can be carried in a physical store.
C. competition from other retailers.
D. common zoning restrictions limiting the kinds of merchandise that can be offered for
E. interactive customer service.
Even the best marketing communication can be wasted if the sender does not first
A. generate consumer action.
B. offer testimonials from past consumers.
C. determine the level of desire needed to sustain action.
D. gain the attention of the consumer.
E. stimulate interest among stealth marketing consumers.
Which of the following is not true about public relations?
A. PR has become increasingly important as costs of other forms of marketing
communications continue to increase.
B. Consumers have become increasing skeptical of marketing claims made in
conventional media.
C. Media coverage generated by PR is seen as more credible than paid advertising.
D. Because of its high cost, the use of PR has waned in recent years.
E. Public relations activities often support other promotional efforts.
Because market and operating conditions are different in each target market
A. all consumers will react similarly to the firm's pricing strategy.
B. the choice of a pricing strategy should be specific to the target market.
C. prices need to be held constant because everything else is changing.
D. only horizontal price fixing should be used.
E. external reference prices will always be the best strategy.
Betty is assessing the effectiveness of her firm's marketing communications. She knows
the ultimate goal is to
A. maximize rating points.
B. minimize marketing communication expenditures.
C. shift encoding into decoding.
D. use personal selling to augment public relations.
E. drive the receiver to action.
Campbell's Soup Company ran a series of radio ads tied to local weather forecasts.
Before an impending storm the ads said, "Time to stock up on Campbell's Soup."
During the storm the ads said, "Stay home and stay warm with Campbell's Soup." The
first ad was __________ advertising, while the second ad was __________ advertising.
A. informative; persuasive
B. persuasive; reminder
C. reminder; persuasive
D. discussive; informative
E. institutional; persuasive
During the __________ era, manufacturers and retailers recognized they needed to give
their customers greater value than their competitors did.
A. production-oriented
B. sales-oriented
C. market-oriented
D. value-based marketing
E. retailing-oriented
George wants to increase the number of visits to his insurance firm's website, which
specializes in rental insurance for college students. George decides to target Internet
browsers who use the terms apartment, insurance, and student. Which of the following
will be most helpful to George?
A. Twitter
B. corporate blog
C. Google AdWords
D. Google Chrome
E. Google Analytical Thinking
Brand __________ is the set of assets and liabilities linked to a brand that add to or
subtract from the value provided by the product or service.
A. positioning
B. licensing
C. association
D. equity
E. solvency
In New England foot-long sandwiches are called "grinders," while in many other parts
of the country they are called 'subs." This is an example of the impact of
A. regional culture.
B. country culture.
C. generational factors.
D. social trends.
E. regulatory factors.
Despite its vivid design, the website for Lolly's Bookstore did not seem to attract
customers who lingered. In fact, most website visitors left the site before they made a
purchase. Which measure does the owner need to address?
A. sentiment analysis
B. page views
C. bounce rates
D. keyword analysis
E. mobilization rates
The shared meanings, beliefs, morals, values, and customs of a group of people
constitute its
A. reference group.
B. family.
C. culture.
D. cognitive frame.
E. evoked set.
For every consumer who purchases a pair of TOMS shoes for $55, the company
promises that a needy child will receive a pair of shoes. TOMS shoes is actively
engaging in
A. corporate social responsibility.
B. business ethics.
C. marketing ethics.
D. environmental marketing.
E. overpricing of its products.
As soon as she saw one, Hillary wanted a flat-screen television, but she was worried
about making the wrong choice. She waited until there were alternatives in the market
with lower prices and improved quality. Hillary is part of the __________ diffusion of
innovation group.
A. innovator
B. laggard
C. late majority
D. early majority
E. early adopter
From a marketing perspective, what role is played by professional bloggers?
A. engaging customers on behalf of companies
B. introducing new products to the marketplace
C. sharing videos and photos of products
D. recruiting employees
E. reviewing and giving product recommendations
Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, and Zoomerang are examples of
A. online survey software.
B. biometric data companies.
C. data warehouses.
D. syndicated data companies.
E. focus group programs.
The goal of customer relationship management is to
A. manage every customer relationship differently.
B. manage every customer relationship to maximize short-term profitability.
C. eliminate customers who are profitable, but not highly profitable.
D. identify and build loyalty among a firm's most valued customers.
E. generate relationships with competitor's customers.
__________ is the number of items within a product line.
A. Brand equity
B. Product line breadth
C. Product line depth
D. Product mix depth
E. Product mix breadth
If a manufacturer wasn't happy with either intensive or exclusive distribution, a logical
choice, which incorporates some features from both, would be __________ distribution.
A. moderate
B. compromise
C. luxury
D. evolutionary
E. selective
Retailing is defined as the set of business activities that
A. focuses on a firm's core values.
B. focuses on transactions, but not relationships.
C. adds value to products and services sold to final consumers.
D. separates wholesaling from manufacturing.
E. occurs only in brick-and-mortar space.
The local furniture store will purchase outdoor furniture only during the winter months
because the manufacturer offers a better price to the furniture store. This type of pricing
tactic is known as a
A. seasonal discount.
B. cash discount.
C. slotting allowance.
D. customary discount.
E. flexible price.
Michelin Tire Company produces a variety of tires at factories in South Carolina. Name
three B2B markets in which Michelin might sell its tires.
UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other shipping companies support other firms' __________
marketing goals.
A. supply chain management
B. value communication
C. value capture
D. retail management
E. promotion
When her company's dry goods deliveries were late for the third time, Melissa withheld
payment from her supplier until it was back on schedule. This is an example of
________ power.
A. coercive
B. reward
C. referent
D. expertise
E. legitimate
Which of the following is least likely to be a source of ideas for new products?
A. R&D efforts
B. licensing agreements
C. consumer research
D. geodemographic segmentation
E. brainstorming
Experts estimate that the average cost of a single B2B sales call is about
A. $50.
B. $190.
C. $600.
D. $1,000.
E. $1,500.
The concept of __________ refers to the area between customers' expectations
regarding desired service and their minimum levels of acceptable service.
A. voice-of-customer programs
B. empowerment
C. the zone of tolerance
D. standards analysis
E. quality gap analysis
Randall arrived at the hotel to find that, although he had a guaranteed reservation, the
hotel had no rooms available. He became angry when the hotel made him a reservation
at a more expensive hotel but refused to pay the difference in room rates. Randall was
upset because, in his opinion, the hotel's solution did not incorporate
A. intangible fairness.
B. distributive fairness.
C. procedural fairness.
D. service fairness.
E. empowerment fairness.
By promoting perfume based on youth, style, and sex appeal, Calvin Klein is
attempting to
A. influence social norms regarding sexuality.
B. encourage consumers to participate in product redesign.
C. stimulate supply chain management cooperation.
D. increase the perceived value of its products.
E. demonstrate social responsibility.
What are the individual elements of integrated marketing communications, and how
does each contribute to an IMC campaign?
Brandon is conducting an experiment, charging different prices for the same products at
different stores and measuring sales. With this information, he will construct a demand
curve. How can Brandon use this information?
Believe it or not, Walmart's first designer label clothing brand is called George. Few
Americans know the George brand, but in Britain it is well regarded and sold in
stand-alone George stores. What would be the benefits to Walmart if the George brand
of clothing became recognized and desired in the United States?
Name the various stakeholders who are impacted by marketing and give one example of
how each one might be impacted in a fictitious situation.
Assume you are the owner of a nationally franchised pizza restaurant in a large city like
New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles. Which types of media would you use, and why?
When writing news stories, journalists are taught to answer the questions of who, what,
when, where, and why. How is the job of retailers similar to that of journalists?
Describe a product that is in the early majority stage of the new product diffusion curve.
What type of advertising appeal is most appropriate for a marketer introducing
hydrogen-powered automobiles to consumers?
Every summer, university administrators attempt to estimate how many students will
show up in the fall. When August arrives, they hire part-time instructors and reassign
faculty to teach the courses students want. In the spring, administrators often go on a
retreat to consider how to do things differently next year. What phase of the strategic
planning process do they engage in during each of the three seasons (summer, fall, and
How have changes in the way consumers purchase goods and services contributed to
the growth in the use of direct marketing IMC efforts?
Burt's Bees mission is an "Earth Friendly, Natural Personal Care Company." As part of
that mission, Burt's Bees has a "Zero Waste to Landfill" initiative. During what phase of
the strategic marketing planning process would this initiative be pursued?
Explain the concepts of emotional support and instrumental support. When are they
Marketers often use the principles and theories from other disciplines to understand
consumer actions and develop marketing strategies. According to the text, what
disciplines are most useful to marketers trying to understand consumer behavior?
Explain why people may make unethical decisions. How can a firm ensure that the
people who work for it make ethical decisions?
Define horizontal channel conflict.
Rodney bought a suit at Men's Warehouse. Men's Warehouse bought the suit from a
distributor, which bought it from a designer. The designer bought the materials to make
the suit from a factory in China, and the suits were made at that same factory. The
employees in the factory bought their suits directly from the factory and sold them to
their friends. Explain which of these transactions were B2B, B2C, and/or C2C.
Almost every time a new-to-the-market electronic device (iPods, flat-screen TVs,
digital cameras, PlayStation, etc.) has been introduced, the marketer has used a price
skimming strategy. Why?
Segment profitability asks marketers to consider segment size, segment adoption
percentage, purchase behavior, profit margin percentage, and fixed costs. Select three of
these five elements and explain where marketers will find solid quantifiable information
to make the calculations.
Which step in the new product development process is the most critical to the survival
of a firm, and why?