Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

MT 16984

February 5, 2017
Briefly describe the three-stage process for engaging customers using social and mobile
The highest level of awareness occurs when customers mention a specific brand name
when asked about a product or service. Marketers call this
A. the primacy effect.
B. aided recall.
C. top-of-mind awareness.
D. category dominance.
E. elevated awareness.
When McDonald's comes up with a new drink or sandwich for its restaurants, it often
markets it in a dozen or so of its outlets. When the company does this, it is engaged in
A. pretesting.
B. product launch.
C. test marketing.
D. product development.
E. concept testing.
When developing an advertising message, the message should focus on
A. the producer.
B. the advertising environment.
C. solving problems for consumers.
D. creating investment opportunities.
E. niche media balance.
Adrienne decides to add new sales representatives and increase advertising to increase
sales in her existing market for her current line of security systems. Adrienne is
pursuing a __________ growth strategy.
A. segment development
B. market development
C. market penetration
D. diversification
E. product development
In the consumer decision process, we decide how much time and effort to expend
searching for information based partly on
A. postpurchase dissonance.
B. the outcome of the alternative evaluation process.
C. the degree of perceived risk associated with the product or service being considered.
D. the results of habitual decision making.
E. the results of the external search.
Instagram is an example of what type of social media site?
A. microblogging
B. social networking
C. thought sharing
D. media sharing
E. social bookmarking
The International Consumer Electronics Show is an example of
A. a vendor conference.
B. a product demonstration.
C. an industry convention.
D. a trade show.
E. a consumer meeting.
Integrated marketing communications include all of the following except
A. personal selling.
B. advertising.
C. public relations.
D. supply chain management.
E. direct marketing.
Karlie likes to post pictures of fancy cupcakes and cookies on Pinterest. She also posts
pictures of fun kitchen equipment in sherbet colors, and looks for baking ideas and
equipment. What type of social media site is Karlie using?
A. microblogging
B. media sharing
C. thought sharing
D. social networking
E. social bookmarking
Sales promotions include all of the following except
A. coupons.
B. rebates.
C. online ads.
D. point-of-purchase displays.
E. free samples.
The idea that a good product will sell itself is associated with the __________ era of
A. production-oriented
B. sales-oriented
C. market-oriented
D. value-based marketing
E. retailing-oriented
When selecting a target market, firms will be most successful if they
A. decide between demographic and geographic segmentation methods.
B. seek out opportunities to customize products.
C. develop a strong communication plan.
D. match the firm's competencies with a market segment's attractiveness.
E. reposition the brand.
J. D. Power and Associates, the National Purchase Diary Panel, and Nielsen are
examples of companies that provide
A. internal secondary data.
B. primary data.
C. online survey software.
D. website analytics.
E. syndicated data.
Before the development of computer-assisted design software, many firms handcrafted
__________, wooden or clay models that served as rough physical representations of a
new product.
A. premarket tests
B. blockbusters
C. prototypes
D. storyboards
E. designer models
What feature unique to Google+ lets people interested in similar topics form their own
A. Circles
B. Neighborhoods
C. Villages
D. Cliques
E. Communities
Because services are intangible, it is often difficult for customers to determine how a
service meets their expectations, which marketers call
A. service perceptions.
B. service efforts.
C. service quality.
D. service aspirations.
E. service feedback.
When the floor rusted through on her old car, Kelly knew she had a problem. Logically,
Kelly's next step in the consumer decision process would be to
A. identify her need.
B. search for information about cars.
C. evaluate alternatives.
D. purchase a new car.
E. assess her satisfaction with the car she purchased.
After installing an electronic data interchange, Carmella's gift shop was able to reduce
_______, the amount of time between the recognition that an order needs to be placed
and the arrival of the needed merchandise.
A. quick time
B. the advance notice
C. lead time
D. float time
E. supply chain conflict time
When firms successfully implement poor strategies (perhaps due to good luck) or do a
poor job of implementing good strategies, it can be difficult to
A. generate cost-based performance ratios.
B. evaluate performance and make adjustments.
C. increase product excellence without reducing customer excellence.
D. develop segmentation strategies.
E. choose a business mission.
Anita has gone to the same hair salon for the past 10 years. She believes that her stylist,
the salon owner, does a better job of cutting and styling her hair than anyone else could.
Other salons have opened closer to Anita's home, some offering more plush facilities or
lower prices, but she isn't tempted to switch. Anita's attitude toward the salon is an
example of
A. a sustainable competitive advantage.
B. a customer retention program.
C. an opportunity, in SWOT analysis.
D. customer loyalty.
E. the benefits of a locational excellence strategy.
One advantage of a retail store that is not shared with an Internet channel is
A. providing meaningful product information.
B. offering a greater selection of products.
C. accepting cash payments.
D. collecting information about how consumers shop.
E. price matching competitors.
There are many options available to consumers when it comes to breakfast cereals. So,
if Kellogg's significantly increases the price of Rice Krispies, consumers are more apt
to buy alternate cereals instead. This illustrates which concept?
A. the income effect
B. the substitution effect
C. the break-even point
D. the target return effect
E. cross-price elasticity
Laptop computers, personal digital assistants, and cellular phones were all readily
accepted and diffused in U.S. markets where business and personal lifestyles tend to be
faster-paced, compared to many other areas in the world. These products offered
__________ with consumers' needs and priorities.
A. relative positioning
B. compatibility
C. observability
D. complexity
E. trialability
___________ means converting the sender's ideas into a message, which could be
verbal, visual, or both.
A. Decoding
B. Integrated marketing communications
C. Precoding
D. Encoding
E. Tracking
As part of her company's SWOT analysis, Valerie is assessing the company's internal
environment, including
A. competition.
B. the economy.
C. strengths and weaknesses.
D. demographics.
E. opportunities and threats.
One approach marketers are using to reduce service __________ is to replace people
with machines whenever appropriate.
A. intangibility
B. inseparability
C. spendability
D. perishability
E. heterogeneity
Which of the following is not one of the four general types of organizational cultures?
A. autocratic
B. democratic
C. consultative
D. capitalist
E. consensus
Alex has found that both commercial and residential real estate buyers respond
positively to his marketing communication message. Alex has identified __________
that respond similarly to his marketing efforts.
A. mass customization consumers
B. geographic segments
C. market segments
D. self-concept customers
E. geodemographic segments
When marketers monitor the economic situation affecting their target markets, they are
likely to monitor changes in all of the following except
A. purchasing power.
B. interest rates.
C. inflation.
D. age.
E. currency exchange rates.
Jenny was feeling frustrated. "What's taking them so long to make a decision? It's been
weeks since I first met with them, and they all seem interested in the product. I've also
jumped through all their paperwork hoops." Jenny is likely selling to a firm in what
kind of buying situation?
A. new buy
B. modified rebuy
C. straight rebuy
D. generic buy
E. adapted buy
__________ is a method of prospecting in which salespeople telephone or visit
potential customers without appointments.
A. Qualified lead calling
B. Integrated sales support
C. Relationship selling
D. Cold calling
E. Role reversal selling
Why do marketers of new and innovative products often start out with a price skimming
strategy rather than a penetration strategy?
Raymond estimates the fixed costs associated with opening a new bank branch are
$500,000. He estimates the branch will attract 1,000 new customers who will cost
$50/year to service each of their accounts. He also expects to generate $100,000 in fees
annually from these accounts. What will be the total cost of opening the new branch and
remaining open for one year?
Marketers often have huge amounts of information about their customers. What ethical
issue should marketers include in their decisions regarding how to use this information?
Why do marketers take the time and cost associated with test marketing?
What are the main challenges in managing a supply chain?
In Europe it is common for hotel guests to ask to see the room before they agree to rent
it for the night. Which difference between a service and a product does this custom help
In some parts of the United States a long sandwich is called a sub sandwich. In other
parts of the country it is called a grinder. This is an example of what type of
macroenvironmental factor?
Most retail stores in the United States do 60 percent or more of their business in the
period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. What can these stores do to get sales staff
to provide 'service with a smile" during this stressful part of the year?
Provide two decision-making examples: one of an occasion when a consumer might use
a compensatory decision rule, and one when the consumer might use a
noncompensatory decision rule. For each, briefly identify the characteristics of the
decision that would make a compensatory or noncompensatory rule the best choice. Be
Jim is reviewing the proposed assessment measures for an upcoming travel magazine
campaign encouraging last-minute travel to his region. Jim knows he can measure the
number of inquiries on the website in response to the ad, but he wants to monitor
external factors that could influence consumers' responsiveness to the campaign. What
factors should he monitor?
In July 2010, Microsoft discontinued the Kin, its social networking phone, after just six
weeks of disappointing sales. During what step of the strategic marketing planning
process would Microsoft have made the decision to stop offering the product?
If you were a marketer who wanted to sell your product to very specific segments, what
kind of general merchandise retailer would you select? Why would this be an
Why is a JIT system especially valuable in a market like fashion clothing?
Many U.S. companies now use social media tools for marketing purposes. Demonstrate
your knowledge of social media by describing a small company and the ways you
would use social media to produce, promote, place, and price your goods or services.
Most public colleges charge less than half the price of similar private colleges. How can
each type of college be delivering value?
Suppose that your university creates a position for vice president of marketing and
promotes your professor to the position. What activities will the new vice president of
marketing probably be involved in? Be specific.