Book Title
Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

MPCS 95180

August 6, 2017
SDRAM was developed for use in Nintendo game systems.
A(n) ____________________ is a template for a group of objects with similar
Video capturing software allows you to start and stop the transfer, select the frame rate,
and choose a file format
____________________ testing ensures that each module operates correctly.
Plasma screens are expensive and lightweight.
Digital camera manufacturers express the resolution of an image in
Both dial-up and cable modem services provide always-on connections.
A digital cameral is considered a type of peripheral device.
Name four elements of a typical Web page:
The figure above demonstrates ____________________ Web publishing
A(n) ____________________ file is one that contains only one record type.
Software that automates patient billing for a hospital is an example of
____________________ market software.
Little or no programming is required when using an application development tool.
A ____________________ control structure, as shown in the figure above, is an
instruction that specifies what to do based on whether a condition is true or false.
A digital certificate is an electronic attachment to a file that verifies its source.
A network card is a type of expansion card.
Once a device or object has been expanded in the left pane of Windows Explorer, it is
preceded by a ____________________ sign.
Discuss the potential disadvantage of object-oriented programs.

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