Book Title
Database Concepts 7th Edition

MPCS 90715

August 22, 2017
Standard SQL does not allow built-in functions to be used in a WHERE clause.
The DBMS is used to create the database itself.
An entity class is described by the structure of the entities in that class.
Built-in SQL functions cannot be applied to data combined using the GROUP BY
Microsoft Access 2013 uses banded form and report editors.
A stored program that is stored within the database and compiled when used is called a
In the normalization process, if you find a candidate key that is not a primary key, then
you have determined that the relation needs to be broken into two or more other
When using Microsoft Access and IIS, the basic Web home page can be named
A dirty read is a problem with concurrent processing when a transaction rereads data it
has already read and finds modifications or deletions caused by another transaction.
A data warehouse is a database system that has data and programs for, as well as
personnel specialized in, BI processing.
Report authoring includes responsibility for delivery of the report.
Relations should always be normalized to the highest degree possible.
One type of strong entity is the ID-dependent entity.
One deliverable from the requirements analysis step is a statement of requirements
In crow's foot E-R notation, the hash mark indicates both a minimum cardinality of one
and a maximum cardinality of one.
A surrogate key is appropriate when the primary key of a table contains a lengthy text
Microsoft Access 2013 wizards allow easy mock-ups of forms and reports for
Metadata is the user data stored in the database.
In XML, a document author can only use the predefined XML tags.
One advantage of optimistic locking is that the lock is obtained only after the
transaction is processed.
Database objects are displayed in the Object Explorer window in the SQL Server
Management Studio.
A use case is a description of the way a user will employ the features and functions of
the new system.
The first step of the normalization process is to identify all the candidate keys of a
In the MapReduce process, the Reduce step is followed by the Map step.
The MySQL Workbench is included in the MySQL Community Server 5.6 installation
when the MySQL Installer for Windows is used.
Referential integrity constraints using the ON DELETE NO ACTION phrase may be
explicitly stated when the table is created using the CREATE TABLE statement.
XSLT is a robust and powerful transformation language that can be used to materialize
XML documents into HTML.
To start working with SQL Server 2014 Express in Windows 8.1, use the command
Start | All Programs | Microsoft SQL Server 2014 | SQL Server management Studio
An important improvement of XML Schema over DTDs is that XML Schemas are
themselves XML documents.
SQL Server 2014 uses DBMS authentication by default.
Business Intelligence (BI) reporting systems can do which of the following operations?
A) Filter data
B) Group data
C) Modify data
D) Both A and B
E) All of the above
In Microsoft Access, standard SQL table creation syntax items not supported by Access
SQL can generally be implemented by:
A) setting the Data Types in Access table Design View.
B) setting the field properties in Access table Design View.
C) setting the relationship properties in the Edit Relationship dialog box.
D) setting the referential integrity properties in the Edit Relationship dialog box.
E) running an ALTER TABLE query in Access SQL.
What relationship pattern is illustrated in the following schema?
PRODUCT (ProductID, Description)
SUPPLIER (SupplierID, ContactName, PhoneNumber)
PRODUCT_SUPPLIER (ProductID, SupplierID, Cost)
ProductID in PRODUCT_SUPPLIER must exist in ProductID in PRODUCT
SupplierID in PRODUCT_SUPPLIER must exist in SupplierID in PRODUCT
A) Association relationship
B) Intersection relationship
C) Recursive relationship
D) Strong entity relationship
E) Supertype/subtype relationship
A use case can be used to perform which of the following tasks?
A) Transform the data model into the database design
B) Validate the data model
C) Fill the database with data
D) Implement business rules
E) Develop applications
Microsoft Access 2013 switchboards can be used to create:
A) application forms.
B) application reports.
C) application menus.
D) application databases.
E) All of the above
Hadoop is a(n):
C) distributed file system (DFS).
D) print system.
E) Web server.
To run an SQL script in Oracle Database Express Edition 11g Release 2:
A) click the Execute button.
B) click the Execute Script button.
C) click the Run Script button.
D) click the Ready button.
E) click the Results button.
In many-to-many relationships in a relational database design, ________.
A) the intersection table is ID-dependent on one of the parents
B) the intersection table is ID-dependent on both of the parents
C) the minimum cardinality from the intersection table to the parents is always M
D) A and B
E) B and C
Which of the following is a type of element in an XML Schema?
A) simple
B) composite
C) compound
D) complex
E) A and D
The Microsoft Access application generator is not responsible for:
A) creating forms.
B) creating reports.
C) creating queries.
D) creating tables.
E) storing queries.
Which of the following is the correct SQL clause to sort the results of a SELECT query
in reverse-alphabetic order using the Department field?
A) SORT BY Department
B) REVERSE Department
C) ORDER BY Department DESC
D) SORT BY Department DESC
OLAP stands for:
A) Online Analytical Processing.
B) Offline Analytical Processing.
C) Online Analysis Process.
D) Offline Analysis Process.
E) Old, Lazy And Particular.
In the MySQL Workbench, a 1:N non-identifying relationship between two tables that
already contain the needed primary and foreign keys is created using:
A) the 1:N Identifying Relationship button.
B) the 1:N Non-identifying Relationship button.
C) the N:M Identifying Relationship button.
D) the Place a Relationship Using Existing Columns button.
E) None of the above is correct.
Operational databases store historical data.
XML documents can be ________ against their XML Schema.
A) measured
B) grown
C) validated
D) browsed
E) All of the above
Microsoft Access 2013 switchboards use ________ as part of the switchboard.
A) text buttons
B) report windows
C) Wizard buttons
D) command buttons
E) All of the above
Which of the following standard SQL data types is not supported in Microsoft Access
A) Integer
B) Char(25)
C) VarChar(35)
D) Numeric(5,3)
E) DateTime
A table that meets the requirements of a relation is said to be in which normal form?
A) Relational normal form (RNF)
B) First normal form
C) Second normal form
D) Boyce-Codd normal form
E) Domain/key normal form
The metadata maintained by a reporting system database describes:
A) reports.
B) users.
C) groups.
D) roles.
E) All of the above
Ensuring that each SQL statement independently processes consistent rows is known as:
A) transaction level consistency.
B) independent consistency.
C) statement level consistency.
D) process level consistency.
E) serializable consistency.
Given the tables
PRODUCT (ProductID, Description, Cost)
SUPPLIER (SupplierID, ContactName, PhoneNumber)
as shown in the figure below, which of the following would represent the correct
placement of foreign keys?
A) PRODUCT (ProductID, Description, Cost)
SUPPLIER (SupplierID, ContactName, PhoneNumber)
B) PRODUCT (ProductID, Description, Cost)
SUPPLIER (SupplierID, ContactName, PhoneNumber, ProductID)
C) PRODUCT (ProductID, Description, Cost, SupplierID)
SUPPLIER (SupplierID, ContactName, PhoneNumber, ProductID)
D) PRODUCT (ProductID, Description, Cost, ContactName)
SUPPLIER (SupplierID, ContactName, PhoneNumber)
E) PRODUCT (ProductID, Description, Cost, SupplierID)
SUPPLIER (SupplierID, ContactName, PhoneNumber)
A BEFORE trigger is called by the DBMS before reading data.
Which of the following is a component of a computer-based information system?
A) Hardware
B) Software
C) Data
D) Procedures
E) All of the above
XML stands for:
A) Experimental Markup Language.
B) Existential Markup Language.
C) Extendable Markup Language.
D) Extensible Markup Language.
E) Extensible Marketing Language.
By default, the E-R diagrams created in the MySQL Workbench use:
A) IE Crow's Foot notation.
B) IDEF1X notation.
C) UML notation.
D) Microsoft Visio 2010 Arrow notation.
E) None of the above is correct.
The XML Schema statement xmlns:xsd indicates that ________.
A) this XML Schema uses a labeled namespace calledxsd
B) this XML Schema is validated at www.xsd.com
C) this XML Schema is validated at www.xmlns.com using the xsd XML Schema
located there
D) this XML Schema is using a non-standard looping procedure, where xsd is the
variable name of the loop increment
E) the value of the variable xmnls is being set equal to the value of the variable xsd
Which of the following popular data mining techniques require special software?
A) Decision tree analysis
B) Logistic regression analysis
C) Neural networks
D) A and B
E) A, B and C
Which SQL keyword can be used in conjunction with wildcards to select partial values?
In database/ XML applications, it is a recommended practice that ________ carry data,
and that ________ carry metadata.
Although it cannot be used in creating an SQL VIEW, the SQL SELECT statements
retrieving view instances can include:
A) SQL keyword ORDER BY.
B) SQL keyword LIKE.
C) SQL keyword BETWEEN.
D) SQL keyword NULL.
E) SQL keyword NOT NULL.
Which of the following are components of a data warehouse?
A) Data extract, transform, and load (ETL) preparation programs
B) Data warehouse data
C) Data warehouse metadata
D) B and C
E) A, B and C
Microsoft Access is considered a "personal database" product. What is a personal
Although Microsoft Access is a personal database, the database tables in Access are still
subject to ________ if they are not well-formed.
Describe how to create a new database in SQL Server 2014 Express.
Reports that rely on the most current data when they are prepared are called ________
What components are included in a database?
What are Business Intelligence (BI) systems?
Microsoft Access 2013 switchboards use ________ to allow users to implement
application actions.
How does Michael Porter define primary or operational business activities?
Any table that meets the requirements of a(n) ________ is in first normal form.
The name of the Microsoft SQL Server 2014 ODBC Client as it appears the ODBC
Data Source Administrator is ________.
Explain minimum cardinality.
Briefly describe three types of triggers.
Business Intelligence (BI) systems fall into two broad categories: ________ and
To create a new SQL query, click the ________ button.
Microsoft Access 2013 database files are stored using the ________ file extension.
What is an SQL script, and why are SQL scripts useful?
The CAP theorem defines the three properties of ________, ________, and ________.
One deliverable from the requirements analysis step is a ________.
Users in SQL Developer log into a workspace using the ________ account.
What is an XML DTD?