Book Title
Business Driven Information Systems 5th Edition

MPCS 78303

July 20, 2017
Which of the following is a benefit of a solid MIS infrastructure?
A. reduces costs
B. improves productivity
C. optimizes business operations
D.All of these are correct.
Which methodology uses small teams to produce small pieces of deliverable software
using sprints, or 30-day intervals, to achieve an appointed goal?
When considering the 5 steps of the order-to-delivery business process, supporting sales
are included in which step?
A. Step 2 " Sales
B. Step 1 " Marketing
C. Step 3 " Operations management
D. Step 5 " Customer service
What is the bullwhip effect?
A. views all areas up and down the supply chain in real time
B. uses advanced mathematical algorithms to improve the flow and efficiency of the
supply chain while reducing inventory
C. ensures supply chain cohesion by automating the different activities of the supply
D.occurs when distorted product-demand information ripples from one partner to the
next throughout the supply chain
What is the MIS system that manipulates information to create business intelligence in
support of strategic decision making?
A. online transaction processing (OLTP)
B. online analytical processing (OLAP)
C. digital dashboard
D. visualization
A company can reduce its costs using ebusiness to change its business processes. All of
the following represent examples of a company reducing its costs through ebusiness
except ________.
A. creating an online travel reservation
B. ordering a product online
C. purchasing a book online and picking it up in the store
D. researching products to find the lowest price and visiting the store to purchase the
What represents the loss of a network signal strength measured in decibels (dB) and
occurs because the transmissions gradually dissipate in strength over longer distances or
because of radio interference or physical obstructions such as walls?
A. traceroute
C. repeater
D. packet footer
What refers to the technology associated with the transmission of information as light
impulses along a glass wire or fiber?
A. twisted-pair wiring
B. coaxial cable
C. fiber-optic cable
D. transmission control protocol/internet protocol
What is software that prevents direct communication between a sending and receiving
computer and is used to monitor packets for security reasons?
B. broadband over power line
C. attenuation
D. repeater
What limits the number of instructions the CPU can execute to increase processing
A. megahertz
B. gigahertz
When building a scalable system that can support new company developments, what
are the key factors to consider?
A.anticipating expected and unexpected growth
B. organizing and deploying additional resources
C. understanding competitor products and services
D. analyzing the accessibility and availability of competitor systems
What takes information entered into a given system and sends it automatically to all
downstream systems and processes?
A. backward integration
B. application integration
C. data integration
D.forward integration
________ extracts information from data and uses it to predict future trends and
identify behavioral patterns.
A. Internet of Things
B. Predictive Analytics
C. Machine to Machine
D. Flat World
In which phase does the firm analyze its end-user business requirements and refine
project goals into defined functions and operations of the intended system?
A.analysis phase
B. design phase
C. development phase
D. testing phase
What represents the maximum throughput a system can deliver, for example, the
capacity of a hard drive represents the size or volume?
B. web accessibility
C. web accessibility initiative
D. vulnerability
What is an extension of an intranet that is available only to authorized outsiders?
A. national ISP
B. regional ISP
C. intranet
What is the capability of services to be joined together on demand to create composite
services, or disassembled just as easily into their functional component?
A. service-oriented architecture
B. service
C.loose coupling
D. interoperability
What is a peer-to-peer network?
A. a network that enables the transmission of data over public or private networks
B. a communications, data exchange, and resource-sharing system created by linking
two or more computers and establishing standards, or protocols, so that they can work
C. any network without a central file server and in which all computers in the network
have access to the public files located on all other workstations
D. a computer that is designed to request information from a server
What does RSS stand for?
A. Reorganized Site Syndicator
B. Really Simple Sites
C. Rented Site Syndication
D. Real Simple Syndication
Why do students need to study information technology?
A. Information technology is everywhere in business.
B. Information technology is rarely discussed in business.
C. Information technology is rarely used in organizations.
D. Information technology is found in only a few businesses.
What is a sustainable MIS infrastructure?
A. identifies where and how important information, such as customer records, is
maintained and secured
B. includes the hardware, software, and telecommunications equipment that, when
combined, provides the underlying foundation to support the organization's goals
C.identifies ways that a company can grow in terms of computing resources while
simultaneously becoming less dependent on hardware and energy consumption
D. includes the plans for how a firm will build, deploy, use, and share its data,
processes, and MIS assets
What measures the number of people a firm can communicate with all over the world?
A. information richness
B. information age
C. information reach
D. information browser
What is a computer designed to meet the computing needs of hundreds of people in a
large business environment?
A. supercomputer
B. mainframe computer
C. workstation computer
D. minicomputer
What is regression?
A. a statement about what will happen or might happen in the future; for example,
predicting future sales or employee turnover
B. a statistical process that finds the way to make a design, system, or decision as
effective as possible; for example, finding the values of controllable variables that
determine maximal productivity or minimal waste
C. predictions based on time-series information
D. a statistical process for estimating the relationships among variables
Which of the following stores information about a person, place, thing, transaction, or
event, and is usually referred to as a table?
B. extraction
C. attribute
D. foreign key
Today's workers are referred to as _______________ and they use BI along with
personal experience to make decisions based on both information and intuition, a
valuable resource for any company.
A. knowledge workers
B. knowledge thinkers
C. knowledge resources
D. knowledge players
What are the two most prevalent types of broadband access?
A. data subscriber and cable connection
B.digital subscriber line and cable connection
C. digital line and client line
D. digital server and client server
Which of the following is a not a type of organizational information system?
A. executive information system
B. decisions support system
C. analysis processing system
D. transactional processing system
What uses GPS tracking to track vehicles?
A.automatic vehicle location
B. geographic information system
C. cartography
D. edge matching
How would the banking industry use business intelligence?
A. analyze popular vacation locations with current flight listings
B.understand customer credit card usage and nonpayment rates
C. compare the demographics of patients with critical illnesses
D. predict claim amounts and medical coverage costs
Which of the following statements is incorrect?
A. The semantic web captures, organizes, and disseminates knowledge (i.e., know-how)
throughout an organization.
B. The semantic web describes the relationships between things.
C. The semantic web describes the properties of things.
D. The semantic web is not about links between web pages.
Which of the following terms could you use synonymously when referring to the Web?
A. Network, Paradigm shift
B. URL, Domain Name
C. HTML, Internet
D. Web browser, Blog
Information technology can enable departments to more efficiently and effectively
perform their core _____________.
A. facts
B. feedback mechanisms
C.business operations
D. media issues
What connects a group of computers in close proximity, such as in a school or office
A. metropolitan area network (MAN)
B.local area network (LAN)
C. wide area network (WAN)
D. secure area network (SAN)
What are the ramifications of improper electronic recycling, when analyzing the
example of a single desktop computer?
A. One computer contains more than 700 chemicals that can be toxic to the
B. Computers in landfills can leak these toxic chemicals into our land, water, and air.
C. Computers contain high levels of mercury, lead, and cadmiumharmful toxins.
D.All of these are correct.