Book Title
Business Driven Information Systems 5th Edition

MPCS 65887

July 19, 2017
At the operational level, employees are continuously evaluating company operations to
hone the firm's abilities to identify, adapt to, and leverage change.
Supplier power is one of Porter's five forces and it measures the suppliers' ability to
influence the prices they charge for supplies (including materials, labor, and services).
Association detection reveals the relationship between variables along with the nature
and frequency of the relationship.
Organizations address security risks through two lines of defense. The first is people
and the second is technology.
Crowdfunding sources capital for a project by raising many small amounts from a large
number of individuals, typically via the Internet.
Unsustainable MIS disposal refers to the safe disposal of MIS assets at the end of their
life cycle.
The executive sponsor is the person or group who provides the financial resources for
the project.
Strategic business processes are dynamic, nonroutine, long-term business processes
such as financial planning, expansion strategies, and stakeholder interactions.
When a user enters or updates information in one ERP module, it is immediately and
automatically updated throughout the entire system.
A supply chain execution system is the ability to view all areas up and down the supply
The primary objective of knowledge management is to be sure that a company's
knowledge of facts, sources of information, and solutions are readily available to all
employees whenever it is needed.
The planning phase establishes a high-level plan of the intended project and determines
project goals.
Social media analytics analyzes text flowing across the Internet, including unstructured
text from blogs and messages.
A social graph is a keyword or phrase used to identify a topic and is preceded by a hash
or pound sign (#).
Companies do not need a privacy policy for email because an employee's work email is
private and cannot be viewed by the company.
Hotspots are designated locations where Wi-Fi access points are publicly available.
Cartography is the science and art of making an illustrated map or chart. GIS allows
users to interpret, analyze, and visualize data in different ways that reveal patterns and
trends in the form of reports, charts, and maps.
Unit testing uses both the legacy system and new system until all users verify that the
new system functions correctly.
Unique information asks if each transaction and event is represented only once in the
Determining if there are any duplicate customers in the data is an example of a unique
characteristic of high-quality information.
Predictive analytics is a world where interconnected, Internet-enabled devices or
"things" can collect and share data without human intervention.
Classification segments a heterogeneous population of more homogeneous subgroups.
The network protocols include TCP/IP, FTP, and DHCP.
Fourth-generation programming languages look similar to human languages.
Wi-Fi infrastructure includes the inner workings of a Wi-Fi service or utility, including
the signal transmitters, towers, or poles and additional equipment required to send out a
Wi-Fi signal.
Worms are computer viruses that wait for a specific date before executing their
Storage virtualization combines the physical resources, such as servers, processors, and
operating systems, from the applications.
Real-time communication occurs when a system updates information at the same rate it
receives it.
Successful companies today operate cross-functionally, integrating the operations of all
A virtual workplace is a work environment that is not located in any one physical space.
Which implementation assigns a small group of people to use the new system until it is
verified to work correctly; then the remaining users migrate to the new system?
A. parallel implementation
B. plunge implementation
C.pilot implementation
D. phased implementation
Which of the following is an example of static processes?
A. employee layoffs
B. order level changes based on currency rates
C. canceling business travel due to extreme weather
D. creating financial statements
What maintains customer contact information and identifies prospective customers for
future sales?
A. sales management CRM system
B.contact management CRM system
C. opportunity management CRM system
D. sales force automation CRM system
What is the process of analyzing recorded calls to gather information; brings structure
to customer interactions and exposes information buried in customer contact center
interactions with an enterprise?
A. social media analytics
B.speech analytics
C. text analytics
D. web analytics
What is a file transfer protocol (FTP)?
A. software that prevents direct communication between a sending and receiving
computer and is used to monitor packets for security reasons
B. a standard that specifies the format of data as well as the rules to be followed during
C.a simple network protocol that allows the transfer of files between two computers on
the Internet
D. a standard Internet protocol that provides the technical foundation for the public
Internet as well as for large numbers of private networks
What is the overall process for developing information systems from planning and
analysis through implementation and maintenance?
A.systems development life cycle
B. project management
C. systems management
D. project development life cycle
Which of the following key terms represents the types of decisions made at the
operational, managerial, and strategic levels of a company?
A. structured decisions
B. unstructured decisions
C. semistructured decisions
D. All of these are correct.
What is the practice of expanding your business and social contacts by constructing a
personal network?
A. network effects
B. tagging
C. social taxonomy
D. social networking
What is an electronic book that can be read on a computer or special reading device?
A. tablet
B. ebook
C. appliance
D. minicomputer
What is a graphical network model that depicts a project's tasks and the relationships
between those tasks?
A. Gantt chart
B.PERT chart
C. dependency
D. All of these are correct.
If you were thinking about a washing machine as a system, which of the following
represents the inputs?
A. the dirty clothes, water, and detergent
B. the clean clothes
C. the wash and rinse cycle
D. the light indicating that the washer is off balance and has stopped
What is an online marketing concept in which the advertiser attempts to gain attention
by providing content in the context of the user's experience in terms of its content,
format, style, or placement?
A. reputation system
B. knowledge system
C. explicit system
D. native advertising
What is a graphical display of patterns and complex relationships in large amounts of
A. visualization
B. model
C. table
D. digital spreadsheet
Which of the following represents the three different levels of a company pyramid from
the top to the bottom?
A. managerial, strategic, operational
B. strategic, managerial, operational
C. operational, managerial, strategic
D. strategic, operational, managerial
Which of the following are all common forms of viruses?
A. packet tampering, worms, cakes, and trojan viruses
B. polymorphic, sniffer, splogs, and denial-of-service viruses
C. backdoor program, worm, Trojan-horse viruses
D. All of these are correct.
What software handles contact information, appointments, task lists, and email?
A. preventive security software
B. personal information management software
C. crash-proof software
D. course management software
What is a data integration?
A. the integration of a company's existing management information systems
B.the integration of data from multiple sources, which provides a unified view of all
C. an integration method that sends information entered into a given system
automatically to all downstream systems and processes
D. an integration method that sends information entered into a given system
automatically to all upstream systems and processes
The department within a company that records, measures, and reports monetary
transactions is called _____________.
A. accounting
B. marketing
C. human resources
D. operations management
Which of the following was one of the first CRM components built to address the issue
that sales representatives were struggling with overwhelming amounts of customer
account information that they were required to maintain and track?
A. sales management system
B. contact management system
C. opportunity management system
D.sales force automation system
The increased demand in technology devices has caused an increase in discarded
devices, a phenomenon known as ________.
B. grid computing
C. ergonomic code
D. electronic sustainability
When the software vendor releases a new version of the software that makes significant
changes to the program, what is it called?
A. a software update
B. a software upgrade
C. crash-proof software
D. course management software
Which of the following agile MIS infrastructure characteristics refers to how quickly a
system can transform to support environmental changes?
B. scalability
C. capacity planning
D. portability
What is it called when government attempts to control Internet traffic, thus preventing
some material from being viewed by a country's citizens?
A. typosquatting
B. website name stealing
C.Internet censorship
D. teergrubing
Which ebusiness tool increases the speed of business by allowing the transfer of
documents with the same speed as the telephone?
A. knowledge management system
B. podcasting
C. email
D. ebusiness
What is the project scope?
A. an individual who is an expert in project planning and management, defines and
develops the project plan, and tracks the plan to ensure that the project is completed on
time and on budget
B.a description of the business need (the problem the project will solve) and the
justification, requirements, and current boundaries for the project
C. a formal, approved document that manages and controls the entire project
D. a graphical representation of the processes that capture, manipulate, store, and
distribute information between a system and its environment
What analyzes unstructured data to find trends and patterns in words and sentences?
A. structured data
B. unstructured data
C.text analytics
D. web analytics
Which of the following is a good way to build trust when working with customers over
the Internet?
A. be accessible to communicate in person
B. be available to communicate in person
C. Use customer testimonials that link to your client website
D. All of these are correct.
Which strategy below helps an organization choose its business focus?
A. SWOT Analysis
B. The Five Forces Model
C. Value Chain Analysis
D. Three Generic Strategies
What type of keys do you need to use to create a relational database model?
A. primary keys and secondary keys
B.primary keys and foreign keys
C. entity keys and attribute keys
D. relational keys and DBMS keys
Most companies are typically organized by departments or functional areas. Which of
the following is not a common department found in a company?
A. accounting
B. payroll
C. marketing
D. human resources