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Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 3rd Edition

MPCS 60435

July 31, 2017
The ____ keyword indicates that the procedure can be used only within the current
Code Editor window.
One problem with posttest loops is that they always execute at least once. You can fix
the problem in the Posttest Loop button's code by placing the posttest loop in a(n) ____
The code template ends with the procedure footer, which contains the keywords____.
____ refers to the area where a variable is recognized in an application's code.
You use the ____ method to convert a string to lowercase.
The number of characters contained in a string is stored in the string's ____ property.
Visual Basic provides the ____ method for accessing any number of characters
contained in a string.
The syntax of the length property is ____.
In a two-dimensional array, the variable's row and column subscripts are specified in a
set of ____ immediately following the array name.
The dot member access operator is a(n) ____.
____ are the actions to which an object can respond.
Memory locations are called ____ because their contents can change (vary) as the
program is running.
A ____ is a value that can be True or False.
In the Clock application, the Start button's ____ event procedure contains the loops.
In the ____ loop, the condition appears in the first line.
a. sequential
b. pretest
c. posttest
d. iterative
You create a Public property using a(n) ____ procedure.
Variables declared using a structure as their data type are often referred to as ____
Using the format menu, you can use the ____ option to make two or more controls the
same width and/or height.
Besides using pseudocode, programmers also use ____ when planning algorithms.
Unlike the procedure header, which varies with each procedure, the procedure footer for
an independent Sub procedure is always ____.
Visual Basic's ____ feature exposes a set of commonly used objects to the programmer.
The basic syntax of the TryParse method is ____.
a. TryParse(text, numericVariableName) dataType
b. TryParse(text, numericVariableName)
c. dataType.TryParse(text, numericVariableName)
d. dataType TryParse text, numericVariableName
____ perform their tasks only when the user clicks them.
Setting a text box control's ____ property to 1 limits the text box entry to one character
You define a class using the ____ statement.
The easiest way to close an open window is to click the ____ button on the window's
title bar.
A form's ____ event procedure uses the TableAdapter object's Fill method to retrieve
the data from the database and store it in the DataSet object.
You use the ____ keyword to declare a class-level structure variable.
Using OOP terminology, the Public members are "exposed" to the application, whereas
the ____ members are "hidden" from the application.
You can format a number using the syntax ____.
a. numericVariableName.ToString(formatString)
b. formatString.ToString(numericVariableName)
c. ToString.numericVariableName(formatString)
d. numericVariableName.formatString(ToString)
The ____ in a flowchart is the input/output symbol.
A ____ error occurs when you break one of the language's rules.
When only the contents of a variable are passed, the receiving procedure is given access
to the variable in memory.
Selection structures that contain instructions in the true path and the false path are
referred to as double-alternative selection structures.
To pass a variable by reference in Visual Basic, you include the keyword ByRef before
the variable's corresponding parameter in the receiving procedure's header.
In the cases when you encounter situations where some variables are related, it is easier
and more efficient to treat the related variables separately.
You enter an event procedure's code in the Code Editor window.
You might use the integer division operator in a program that determines the number of
quarters, dimes, and nickels to return as change to a customer.
Currently, the two most popular browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla
The contents of the variables (elements) in an array cannot be displayed.
A repetition structure can only be a pretest loop.
A label control can have a scroll bar.
The AndAlso operator has a precedence number of 2.
If you need to access each element in a two-dimensional array, you typically do so
using an outer loop and a nested loop.
All the data in an array do not have to be the same data type.
Although there is nothing wrong with declaring all variables at the beginning of a
procedure, many programmers would prefer to create a variable only if it is necessary to
do so.
You can use variables to store the values of processing items, which do not appear in a
user interface.

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