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Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 3rd Edition

MPCS 48453

July 31, 2017
You can use the ____ portion of the For clause to declare the counter variable.
The second step in the problem-solving process is to plan the ____, which is the set of
instructions that, when followed, will transform the problem's input into its output.
A(n) ____ is a set of step-by-step instructions that accomplish a task.
The ____ method contains a complex mathematical formula for calculating a periodic
You pass a variable by ____ when you want the receiving procedure to change the
contents of the variable.
a. content
b. name
c. value
d. reference
To pause program execution for a half of a second, type ____.
a. System.Threading.Sleep(500)
b. System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(500)
c. System.Threading.Sleep(1000)
d. System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(1000)
The first word in a method name should be a(n) ____.
When writing a clock application, the second hand on a clock is controlled by the ____
The parameters in a procedure header have ____ scope, which means they can be used
only by the procedure in which they are declared.
A ____ is a block of code that performs a specific task.
The ____ is the goal of solving the problem.
Use a ____ to record an application's test data and the expected results.
An array's ____ method returns an integer that indicates the highest subscript in the
specified dimension in the array.
A helpful way to identify the ____ is to search the problem specification for what
information the computer will need to know to print, display, or store the output items.
When you pass a variable by reference, you pass its ____ in the computer's internal
The ____ contains three different symbols: an oval, a parallelogram, and a rectangle.
The syntax for the trim method is ____.
The ____ window provides a description of each error and the location of each error in
the code.
You use the ____ method to create a new, empty sequential access file to which data
can be written.
Passing a variable's address is referred to as passing by ____.
To prevent a text box from accepting an inappropriate character, you first use the e
parameter's ____ property to determine the pressed key.
A ____ is a memory location whose value cannot change while the application is
The area above the Public Class clause is called the ____ section.
You create a comment in Visual Basic by placing a(n) ____ before the text that
represents the comment.
____ indicate the order in which the computer performs the operation in an expression.
____ are encouraged to use the application as often as possible, because some bugs
surface only after months of use.
____ data is data that the program is not expecting the user to enter.
In a function, the data type of the expression in the Return statement must agree with
the data type specified in the ____ section of the header.
In a query, the ____ clause is used to sort the records in either ascending (the default) or
descending order by one or more fields.
The instructions in the true path are processed only when the condition evaluates to
If the user clicks the OK button, the InputBox function returns ____.
a. an empty string
b. the value contained in the input area of the dialog box
c. OKValue
d. Nothing
The syntax for declaring a streamwriter variable is ____.
a. [Dim | Private] streamWriterVariableName As IO.StreamWriter
b. {Dim | Private} streamWriterVariableName As IO.StreamWriter
c. {Dim | Private} streamWriterVariableName As IO.StreamWriteObject
d. Private streamWriterVariableName As IO.StreamWriter
You use the e parameter's ____ property to cancel the pressed key if it is an
inappropriate one.
A ____ is a control that serves simply as a container for other controls.
Arranging data in a specific order is called ____.
In addition to using LINQ to sort and select the records in a dataset, you also can use it
to perform arithmetic calculations on the fields in the records.
When using the Tab Order option, you need to set the TabIndex values in numerical
order, beginning with the number 1.
A structure variable can be stored in an array only when its members have the same
data type.
To display minute values from 0 through 9 use the following syntax: for intMinutes = 0
to 9.
When a named constant's value needs to be changed, the programmer must change its
value in its declaration statement.
When you pass a variable's address to a procedure, the computer uses the address to
locate the variable in its external memory.
When formatting characters, you can use either an uppercase letter or a lowercase letter
as the format specifier.
In addition to using Visual Basic classes, you also can define your own classes.
A pretest loop is easier to write and understand than a posttest loop with a selection
The number of rows in a two-dimensional array is always one number less than the
highest row subscript.
An item stored in a memory location can be a number, text or a Boolean value.
The mathematical formula for calculating a periodic payment on a loan is rather
complex, so Visual Basic provides a method that performs the calculation for you.
The StringLength property stores an integer that represents the number of characters
contained in a String.
The Error List window displays a red rectangle next to each error in the code.
The modulus operator cannot be used to divide numbers that contain a decimal place.
You can include punctuation characters or spaces in the name of an object.
Visual Basic provides the Replace method for replacing a sequence of characters in a
string with another sequence of characters.
Like selection structures, repetition structures can be nested.

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