Book Title
A Preface to Marketing Management 14th Edition

MKT 667 Quiz 3

October 29, 2015
The specialist viewpoint about the contribution of advertising to the economic health of
a firm is primarily concerned with:
A. viewing advertising as a competitive weapon.
B. emphasizing the strategic aspects of the advertising function.
C. measuring the effects of specific ads or campaigns.
D. sales, profits, return on investment, and so forth.
In which of the following situations would an organization most likely use a
cross-functional sales team?
A. To sell a $200,000 printing press to a company that publishes school directories for
colleges, universities, and high schools all over the United States
B. To convince pharmacies to promote a new cold remedy
C. To implement an ad campaign for a local used car dealer who claims to sell at least
50 cars in a month at a good profit margin
D. To replace a couple of computers in a university computer laboratory
Alpha Partners Ltd., an international auditing firm audits the accounts of various
multinational corporations. The firm specializes in conducting audits for the hospitality
sector by organizing global performance reviews. The ability of Alpha Partners Ltd. to
conduct global performance reviews is associated with which of the following internal
A. Structure
B. Culture
C. People
D. Management processes
Identify the correct statement about middle-class Americans.
A. They form the minority of the entire population of the country.
B. They are characterized by a consumer behavior that is directed toward buying
popular products.
C. They are least concerned about fashion and media recommendation.
D. They seek to establish their identity and therefore do not emulate the upper
The _____ comprise one-third of the American population, and these consumers want
to make purchases that are cost-efficient, fashionable, and popular.
A. lower Americans
B. upper Americans
C. working-class Americans
D. middle-class Americans
_____ can be used as a strategy for bypassing restrictions on advertising enforced by
some foreign governments.
A. Vertical integration
B. Benchmarking
C. Sales promotions
D. Strategic alliances
The concept that focuses an organization's attention on providing continuing
satisfaction and reinforcement to individuals or organizations that are past or current
customers is known as _____.
A. strategic alliancing
B. commercialization
C. aftermarketing
D. prospect maintenance
_____ refers to a method used for creating and managing project teams, where a project
team can work in relative privacy away from the rest of the organization.
A. Skunkworks
B. Relay approach
C. Six sigma
D. Rugby approach
MNM Foods Inc. manufactures jelly made out of gelatin in various fruit flavors.
However, the sale of its current line of flavored jelly has significantly fallen. To recover
losses, the company conducts market research and identifies that a significant amount
of health benefits can be attributed to the consumption of the food jelly. The firm
incorporated new promotion strategies so that consumers would retry the product owing
to its projected health benefits. This is an example of:
A. additions to existing product lines.
B. improvements and revisions of existing products.
C. product repositionings.
D. new-to-the-firm products.
Secondary reference groups include _____.
A. family
B. close friends
C. spouse and children
D. college associations
Which of the following businesses is most likely to use rate-of-return pricing?
A. A grocery wholesaler
B. A glass manufacturer
C. An independently owned clothing retailer
D. A construction company
Paula sells a scanner that converts large documents to an electronic format for editing
and printing items up to six feet long and four feet wide. She secures an appointment
with the marketing manager of a large department store chain, which had been
identified by her sales force as a prospect. Her plan is to demonstrate the product's
unique features. However, as soon as the meeting starts, the manager says, "I am the
regional head for all the buying that this chain does. What made you attempt your sales
pitch with me? You should have met one of my subordinates first." Based on which of
the following questions of the qualifying process is Paula likely to deem the manager as
a lead, but not a true prospect?
A. Does the lead have the ability to pay?
B. Can the lead be approached favorably?
C. Does the lead have a want or need that can be satisfied by the purchase of Paula's
products or services?
D. Is the lead eligible to buy?
RL Inc., an American insurance company, attempted to sell life insurance in Spain.
However, the company failed to understand that life insurance policies are viewed with
a negative attitude in Spain. People are averse to profiting from someone else's death
and hence the company failed to reach its sales target. In this scenario, RL Inc.
A. legal risk.
B. political uncertainty.
C. economic risk.
D. cultural misunderstanding.
Which of the following dominates nonstore retailing?
A. Catalogs and direct mail
B. Vending machines
C. Direct sales
D. Electronic exchanges
The biotechnology industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years. One of the
companies at the forefront of research on diseases and insect-resistant seeds is Biocore's
biotech division. The success of this division has led to many economists calling it one
of the leading firms in the market. In terms of the BCG Portfolio Model, Biocore's
biotech division is a _____.
A. dog
B. cash cow
C. question mark
D. star
Lauren is a brand manager at a company that manufactures toothpaste. She wants to
increase the sales of an existing brand of toothpaste. To do so, she calls for a meeting
with a team comprising of members from the administrative department, the human
resource department, and the finance department. All these members work together to
come up with ways to improve the company's toothpaste brand positioning. Such a
team is an example of a _____.
A. departmental team
B. marketing-management system
C. cross-functional team
D. category-management system
A store that sells art supplies has established the Makers segment of the VALSâ„¢
framework to be the most ideal segment to target. According to the market
segmentation process, which of the following steps must the store undertake next?
A. Complete a situation analysis to determine objectives and threats
B. Decide on the segmentation approach to be used
C. Position the product favorably in the minds of its customers
D. Finalize the marketing mix or mixes to be used for the segment
_____ is a nonpaid form of nonpersonal communication about an organization and its
products that is transmitted through a mass medium in the form of a news story.
A. Advertising
B. Sales promotion
C. Publicity
D. Direct marketing
Which of the following is true of the influences of price, product, and promotions on
consumer behavior?
A. Salespeople do not have a direct impact on consumer behavior and its patterns.
B. Consistent bombarding of messages about a product will put off potential consumers.
C. Marketing communications play a critical role in informing consumers about
products and services.
D. Value-conscious consumers buy products on the basis of place than other attributes.