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Basic Marketing Research: Using Microsoft Excel Data Analysis 3rd Edition

MKT 61693

July 18, 2017
Hypotheses are used to generate theory and laws and they have no place in problem
The standard error of the percentage depends on two factors: the variability, denoted by
p x q, and the sample size, n.
When current information falls short of desired information there is an information gap.
Focus groups should not be used when there is a need to have data representative of a
large population.
An important, but secondary, objective of coding is to represent each possible response
with a unique number because numbers are easier and faster to use in computer
tabulation programs.
In the formula for the skip interval, the sample size is divided by the population list
By providing information for a specific problem at hand, marketing research provides
information not provided by other components of the MIS.
It is believed that conducting an interview in the respondent's home improves the
quality of the data and facilitates the rapport between interviewer and interviewee.
In databases, fields are composed of records.
The terms dependent and independent are arbitrary designations and are customary to
regression analysis.
There are two named worksheets in an XL Data Analyst that are critical: the Data
worksheet and the Define Variables worksheet.
Marketing researchers always rely on the normal curve interpretation of the standard
deviation, they often encounter the standard deviation on computer printouts, and they
usually report it in their tables.
Researchers realize that, when formulating research objectives, the information
requested of respondents must be worded using the researchers' frame of reference.
Chi-square analysis can determine if there is a significant relationship between two
categorical variables.
A mall-intercept company generally has its offices located within a local shopping mall.
The findings section is the most important and most detailed portion of the report.
XL Data Analyst and Excel allow you to prepare pie charts.
Pie charts, which are circles divided into sections, are useful for illustrating relative size
or static comparisons.
It has been said that the only thing worse than having a problem is to have a problem
and not be aware that you have it!
It is important that the manager allow the marketing researcher to decide on the survey
mode because this person has a unique understanding of how question characteristics,
respondent characteristics, and survey resources and objectives come into play.
The generalization process used to estimate population parameters from sample
findings is known as parameter estimation.
A marketing decision support system is defined as collected data that may be accessed
and analyzed using tools and techniques that assist managers in decision making.
The standard error of the estimate is used as a measure of the accuracy of the
predictions in regression; it is analogous to the standard error of the mean, used in
estimating a population mean from a sample.
Internal secondary data refers to any information that is stored in the internal memory
of a computer.
Secondary data, as is implied by its name, should always be sought second.
The firm Common Knowledge provides clients with the option to design their own
surveys or utilize their programming services.
Sample frame error refers solely to overrepresentations of the true population in a
sample frame.
The goal of environmental analysis studies is to find opportunities or to identify
problems with an existing strategy.
Marketing researchers have struggled with growing consumer resentment to their
invasion of privacy.
Which of the following is most accurate?
A) Marketing is an attempt to create an exchange.
B) Marketing is an attempt to create long-term customer relationships.
C) Marketing is an attempt to create long-term customer relationships which will then
likely satisfy the organization's objectives.
D) Marketing is an attempt to earn profitable dollars.
E) Marketing is an attempt to gain customers from competitors while at least breaking
even profitwise.
Questions that are used to classify respondents into various groups for purposes of
analysis are called:
A) transitions
B) warm-up
C) skip
D) classification
E) ferreting
In a bar chart depicting a percentage distribution, "high variability" is noted when:
A) the bars are roughly equal
B) one bar is much larger than all the other bars
C) two or more bars are much larger than all the other bars
D) the bars are divided into sub-bars
E) none of the above; a bar chart cannot show variability
A question that asks how often a respondent purchases plane tickets would be
A) categorical levels
B) metric levels
C) metric labels
D) categorical labels
E) average levels
________ is (are) a type of secondary data in which the data collected and/or the
process of collecting the data are standardized for all users.
A) Basic data
B) Complex data
C) Written data
D) Standardized information
E) Syndicated data
Which type of data refers to information that is developed or gathered by the researcher
specifically for the research project at hand?
A) basic data
B) primary data
C) complex data
D) secondary data
E) standardized data
All information under a heading should relate to the heading, but:
A) if the report is written in first person, this is not necessarily so
B) fewer than 10 headings is preferred in marketing research studies
C) subheadings may divide information into segments
D) new headings should not be created just because there is a new topic
E) none of the above are true
When a marketing researcher compares two groups of respondents to determine
whether or not there are statistically significant differences between them, the
researcher is considering them to be two independent ________.
A) samples
B) segments
C) channels
D) clusters
E) populations
Which of the following would be considered an example of the drop-off survey?
A) researcher brings questionnaire to respondent's home and leaves it to be completed
B) a hotel leaves a questionnaire in a room for customers to evaluate their
C) a retail store offers a customer a survey and promises a gift certificate if they return
the questionnaire on their next visit
D) giving a survey to persons at work and asking them to return the completed survey
when they return to work the next day
E) all of the above would be considered drop-off surveys
If you enter more than one independent variable in XL Data Analyst while performing
regression, you are running:
A) bivariate regression
B) single variable analysis
C) multiple regression analysis
D) polyvariable regression
E) none of the above; you cannot enter more than one independent variable in XL Data
The "law of large sample size" refers to:
A) confusing the size of the sample with the representativeness of the sample
B) the industry standard referring to the need for a sample size of 500 respondents
C) the industry standard that the accuracy benefits of excessively large samples are
typically greatly justified by their increased costs
D) calculating the restrictive power of the sample to 95% or more
E) all of the above
If a correlation coefficient is not statistically significant:
A) you can still use the size of the coefficient to indicate the amount of the association
though you know it is not significant
B) you can use the direction of the coefficient to indicate the nature of the association
though you know it is not significant
C) you must assume the correlation is zero; the coefficient has no meaning at all
D) you should rerun the analysis to see if the beta is significant
E) none of the above; all coefficients are statistically significant
Which of the following was NOT listed in the Guidelines for Categorical Data Tables?
A) Use a descriptive title for the table.
B) Do not report the frequencies alone, and not at all if a large sample is used.
C) Typically include the standard deviation.
D) Report the percentages, either as whole numbers (e.g., 12%) or with a single decimal
place (e.g., 11.9%); include a 100% total.
E) Place percents in a vertically aligned column located close to the categorical
variable's labels (e.g., male, female) for ease of reading.
Non-probability sampling methods take shortcuts that:
A) save time, effort, and money
B) obliterate the equal-chance guarantee of any probability sampling method
C) evidence a lazy researcher
D) lead to accurate, representative results at reduced costs
E) both A and B
The use of p=50%, q=50% is a research industry standard at least in part because:
A) it is the most conservative p-q combination
B) it generates the largest sample size
C) it is preferred to guessing about variability
D) there may be little prior knowledge about the population to be studied
E) all of the above are true
"Now, I would like to ask you a few questions about your family's television viewing
habits" is an example of a ________ statement.
A) screening
B) warm-up
C) complicated
D) transition
E) ferreting
If you were gathering information from those thought to be knowledgeable on the
issues relevant to the research problem, you would probably be using which method of
exploratory research?
A) Secondary data analysis
B) Experience surveys
C) Case analysis
D) Longitudinal studies
E) Cross-sectional studies
Which of the following is NOT considered a probability sampling method?
A) simple random
B) systematic
C) cluster
D) stratified
E) convenience
Which of the following is a challenge facing the marketing research industry?
A) Marketing research is too inclusive.
B) Marketing research no longer represents the voice of the consumer.
C) There is too much interaction among functions in a firm.
D) Marketing researchers try too hard to diagnose the market.
E) The industry is too concerned with nonresponse error.
In a marketing research report, recommendations should:
A) always be included
B) never be included
C) be included if agreed upon by the researcher/client
D) be carefully edited
E) only be included in the oral report
Collecting survey data from a church group would be:
A) an example of improper data collection
B) against the AMA's Code of Ethics
C) an example of group, self-administered surveying
D) a nonrepresentative sample
E) a form of dual data collection
All other variables held constant, a 95% confidence interval will give us a ________
range than will a 99% confidence interval:
A) wider
B) narrower
C) the same
D) more standard
E) none of the above
A study of factors thought to be important in purchasing an automobile uses the
following question: "Have you purchased an automobile in the last two years?" This is
an example of what type of question?
A) screening
B) warm-up
C) complicated
D) classification
E) ferreting
Which of the following is an abstract idea inferred from specific instances that are
thought to be related?
A) Abstract
B) Abstract inference
C) Construct
D) Title abstract
E) Inferred hypothesis
If you have five friends who tell you they all have had great experience with their
purchase of a Chevrolet, and you used this evidence to decide to buy a Chevrolet, you
would be using:
A) consumer self-report and evaluation
B) deductive statistics
C) generalization
D) independent judgment
E) statistical logic
How should researchers determine if case analysis is an appropriate component of
exploratory research?
A) They ask themselves questions to determine the relevance of prior cases.
B) They determine how similar phenomena in the past is with phenomena in the
C) it is not necessary to determine appropriateness, because case analysis should always
be included in
D) Both A and B are correct.
E) None of the above are correct.
Which of the following causes sampling error?
A) the method of sample selection
B) the size of the sample
C) the method of the sample selection and the size of the sample
D) miscounting and other clerical errors
E) the size of the sample and clerical errors
Which of the following is true about the questionnaire development process?
A) There is no questionnaire development process; each study is unique.
B) Sample size is included in the process because you must know how many questions
to include.
C) You should gain client approval, pretest, and revise as needed.
D) Data should be gathered early during the development process.
E) all of the above are steps in the questionnaire development process
The sample plan refers to:
A) the process used to select units from the population to be included in the sample
B) the process used to select units from previous samples into the present sample
C) the process used to select units from the population into a sample size formula
D) the process used to select units from the population to be included in telephone
E) the process used to determine which members of the sample should be contacted
Which of the following functions does a questionnaire serve?
A) translates research objectives into specific questions
B) standardizes specific questions and response categories
C) serves as a permanent record of research
D) through wording and question flow, it fosters respondent cooperation
E) all of the above
________ means that those who do respond to questionnaires are probably different
from those who do not fill out the questionnaire.
A) Nonresponse
B) Interview evaluation
C) Self-selection bias
D) Omission bias
E) Survey bias
Which command would you use to prepare a pie chart?
A) XL Data AnalystPie
B) XL Data AnalystChartPie
C) XL Data AnalystGraphs
D) XL Data AnalystPieSliceChart
E) none of the above; you use Excel's Chart Wizard
When is it appropriate for marketing researchers to consider selecting a research
A) never; clients determine the research design
B) before collecting data but after data analysis
C) after thoroughly considering the problem and the research objectives
D) this should be one of the very first decisions researchers make even before the initial
client meeting
E) after collecting data
In XL Data Analyst, if you want to summarize a metric variable, you would select
which of the following?
A) click on XL Data Analyst, Categorical, Percents
B) click on XL Data Analyst, Summarize, select either Percents or Averages
C) click on XL Data Analyst, Summarize, select Averages
D) click on XL Data Analyst, Summarize, select Percents
E) click on XL Data Analyst, Summarize, select Metric