Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

MKT 60744

February 5, 2017
Core Publishing Company learned that when selling overseas, local fulfillment can be
more cost-effective, and it also can decrease delivery time and improve customer
service. This is an example of a global _________ strategy.
A. communication
B. product
C. promotion
D. distribution
E. pricing
Briena is looking at the results of a syndicated study conducted two years ago. Briena is
looking at primary data.
Which of the following is not part of the "actual product" level of the product offer?
A. product warranty
B. features
C. design
D. quality
E. brand name
P&G's Tide laundry detergent has been around since 1948 and is still a market leader.
P&G has used __________ advertising to reposition Tide several times over the
product's life, trying to motivate new consumer segments to use the product.
A. informative
B. persuasive
C. social marketing
D. emotional
E. institutional
Firms typically repurchase office supplies (paper, ink cartridges, pens, etc.) through
straight rebuys on their supplier's website. Should an office supplies sales rep stay in
close touch with his or her current customers? Why or why not?
A. No; this is a waste of time since straight rebuys are straightforward and easy to
B. No; the sales rep should be looking for new customers instead.
C. Yes; straight rebuys require a lot of the sales rep's assistance.
D. Yes; the sales rep might learn about a new opportunity in the need recognition stage.
E. Yes; history has shown that online reordering can't be trusted.
When Natasha took over as facilities manager for Burlington Furniture Manufacturing,
she was shocked to see the factory was still heated with a coal-fired boiler. She made an
immediate decision to upgrade the heating system to something more efficient, and
began to research available options. For Natasha and Burlington Furniture, this
represented a(n) __________ situation.
A. adapted buy
B. modified rebuy
C. straight rebuy
D. generic buy
E. new buy
Which of the following is an example of a government buyer?
A. Mayo Clinic Hospital
B. Procter & Gamble
C. the Pentagon
D. Nucor Steel Corporation
E. Walmart
Regina has made the same sales presentation twice a day for almost a month. At first,
the presentation seemed to flow nicely but lately it has not seemed as effortless as it
initially was. Regina might ask another sales rep to participate in __________ and
critique her presentation.
A. requalifying leads
B. approach dynamics
C. closing the sale
D. role playing
E. cold calling
Which of the following statements reflects the philosophy of the market-oriented era?
A. A good product will sell itself.
B. The customer is king.
C. Firms should take advantage of a seller's market.
D. Advertising and personal selling should be emphasized in order to make the sale.
E. Firms should focus on value.
Company sales invoices, census data, and trade association statistics are examples of
A. primary data.
B. data mines.
C. secondary data.
D. tertiary data.
E. qualitative data.
In established businesses, a large proportion of B2B purchases fall into the __________
A. straight rebuy
B. new buy
C. adapted buy
D. modified rebuy
E. generic buy
Julia is considering a career in marketing. She is concerned about the image of
marketers as fast-talking, high-pressure people who care only about making a sale.
When reading about the core aspects of marketing, Julia is relieved to see that in
A. all parties to an exchange should be satisfied.
B. promotion is the most important consideration, followed by pricing decisions.
C. decisions are made regarding how a product is designed.
D. customers are not considered until the product is ready for sale.
E. distribution is controlled by customers.
If a firm declared that it wanted to develop a strategic relationship, but was unwilling to
commit funds or any effort to make it succeed, there would be an obvious lack of
A. mutual trust.
B. common goals.
C. a contractual arrangement.
D. credible commitments.
E. open communication.
The Johnson & Johnson credo acknowledges the company's responsibility to
A. users of its products, its employees, the community, and its stockholders.
B. its stockholders first, its managers, its employees, and its suppliers and vendors.
C. domestic markets, other countries in the developed world, and finally countries in
the developing world.
D. users of its products, the researchers who develop the products, regulators, and its
E. doctors, nurses, insurance companies, and users of its products.
Traditionally, retailers treated all their customers ________, but today, successful
retailers ________.
A. based on demographics; treat customers based on share of wallet
B. based on share of wallet; treat all customers identically
C. identically; base customer attention on demographics
D. based on demographics; provide more value to mobile commerce customers
E. identically; provide more value to their best customers
Value-driven firms constantly measure the __________ that customers perceive,
compared to the prices of their offerings.
A. information
B. benefits
C. relationships
D. rebates
E. merchandise
TheWall Street Journal provides a set of guidelines each year for purchasing a laptop
computer. The guidelines include recommendations for hard disk capacity, memory
size, battery life, and several other attributes. TheWall Street Journal is providing
consumers with
A. an evoked set.
B. psychological needs.
C. social concerns.
D. evaluative criteria.
E. biased information.
Natalie represents a manufacturer who makes unique, high-end hats. When making a
recommendation about potential retail partners, what should be Natalie's first
A. What is the appropriate advertising strategy?
B. When will customers want this product?
C. What prices will customers be willing to pay?
D. What assortment of products will customers want?
E. How likely is it for certain retailers to carry this product?
Julie is developing a budget for her firm's IMC program. First she sets objectives. Then
she chooses media, and finally she determines the cost for each product to be promoted.
Julie is using the __________ method of establishing an IMC budget.
A. reach and frequency
B. track and decode
C. objective-and-task
D. rule-of-thumb
E. sender-receiver
Although conflict is likely to occur in any supply chain, it is generally more pronounced
A. the supply chain members are geographically too close to each other.
B. manufacturers pressure retailers.
C. retailers pressure manufacturers.
D. the supply chain members are independent entities.
E. the economy is booming.
The increased use of customer databases has enabled marketers to identify and track
consumers over time and across purchase situations, and has contributed to the rapid
growth in
A. media advertising.
B. publicity.
C. public relations.
D. sales promotions.
E. direct marketing.
To avoid having ethical situations become problematic for a firm, the short-term goals
of each employee must
A. be aligned with the long-term goals of the firm.
B. be overridden by the overall goals of the firm.
C. become secondary to the needs of the remaining stakeholders.
D. be reviewed on an annual basis.
E. change on a regular basis.
Of the following retailers, the best example of a category killer is
A. Dollar General.
B. Staples.
C. Kohl's.
D. Target.
E. Costco.
In countries like the United States, services
A. have almost all been replaced by technology.
B. are a small portion of GDP relative to manufacturing.
C. are replacing property taxes as a source of government revenue.
D. will decrease in demand as the population ages.
E. account for an increasing share of jobs.
For many years, Southwest Airlines distinguished itself as the low-cost airline. Now,
many other low-cost competitors have entered the market. Similarly, Southwest was
one of the first airlines to offer online ticketing. Now, all airlines have online ticketing.
These examples suggest that
A. no single strategy is likely to be sufficient to build a sustainable competitive
B. a situation analysis does not accurately predict a firm's strengths.
C. customer excellence cannot be achieved.
D. product excellence is the only true source of a sustainable competitive advantage.
E. innovation is pointless because competitors will develop copycat offerings.
Coca-Cola sells two different zero-calorie versions of Coke: Diet Coke and Coke Zero.
It has chosen to attempt to appeal to men with Coke Zero. In addition to launching an
ad campaign featuring men enjoying Coke Zero, Coca-Cola also designed a
masculine-looking can for Coke Zero, with bold red lettering on a black background.
This specially designed can is an example of
A. positioning.
B. targeting.
C. segmentation.
D. a market segment.
E. market penetration.
Greta is concerned that one of the potential market segments she has identified for her
dog grooming service is too small and has too little income to have sufficient buying
power. Greta is concerned with whether the segment is
A. substantial.
B. responsive.
C. profitable.
D. reachable.
E. identifiable.
For U.S. businesses with strong export capabilities, expansion of U.S. trade agreements
with other countries creates
A. weaknesses.
B. opportunities.
C. strengths.
D. threats.
E. strategic plans.
Randall wants to do an online survey of college professors about the factors that
influence their textbook selection. He would like to use a structured survey but is not
sure what responses to include for each question. Randall could use __________ to help
him develop his survey.
A. in-depth interviews
B. experiments
C. surveys
D. observation
E. primary data mining
Empowerment is when __________ are authorized to make decisions to help their
customers and, as a result, service quality generally improves.
A. consultants
B. middle managers
C. corporate executives
D. production control managers
E. frontline employees
Not knowing the roles of key players in the buying process could cause a sales
representative to
A. bid too high a quantity.
B. fail the vendor analysis.
C. respond to an RFP too quickly.
D. waste time and alienate people.
E. misdirect his or her product.
When developing a social media campaign, what is unique about the copy and images
to be used that is more critical with social media that other forms of IMC?
A. They need to be humorous.
B. They need to be updated almost constantly.
C. They need to feature only young actors.
D. They must appear only in color (not black and white).
E. They must appeal to a diverse, multicultural audience.
You have been asked to evaluate the economic potential of a new global market. What
economic measures would you use? Explain each measure.
How does value cocreation provide additional value to customers?
What is the difference between a strategic alliance and a joint venture?
It seems that you cannot pick up a newspaper without reading about globalization. What
fundamental changes are contributing to the growth of global markets?
Create a realistic example of a B2B buying center, describing the different roles played
by members of the team.
How are social media used to help facilitate the consumer decision process? What are
the three most popular sites?
Assume you are the manager of a resort property that is close to the mountains, to
several recreational sites, and to a few luxury restaurants and stores. How would you
manage customer expectations to enhance postpurchase satisfaction? Be specific.
How does the exchange of ideas provide value, and what is the role of marketing in this
process? Explain this using the example in the text of groups marketing bicycle
helmets, or choose your own scenario.
Colgate, like any major consumer products company, is always looking for
opportunities to expand its product lines. What two industry factors often influence
product line expansion decisions?
As the customer service manager for a heating and air conditioning firm, you are
constantly bombarded with complaints about service people not showing up, not having
the parts needed to make repairs, and being unable to quickly get the materials needed
to fix things. You decide to bring in a marketing consultant to assist you with these
problems. What area of marketing specialization would you look for in a marketing
consultant and what recommendations would you expect to receive? Be specific; this is
a heating and air conditioning firm.
How do companies such as Home Depot and the Home Shopping Network effectively
utilize media-sharing sites? Provide examples, including reference to which two of the
4E frameworks are most active.
As a very small manufacturer of nutritional products for race horses, Horse Health
Products Company, maintained information using bookkeeping and inventory
management software and communicated with customers through e-mail and
facsimiles. As its business expanded, Horse Health Products's owner began to consider
creating an electronic data interchange. What could an EDI system do for his company?
Funeral home businesses were recently criticized for accepting payments from medical
parts companies for assisting medical parts companies in finding families who would
allow materials to be harvested from deceased family members. Though not illegal, the
payments raised ethical questions. How should the funeral industry go about addressing
these questions?
What is the difference between exclusive distribution and selective distribution?
How can direct marketing create a win-win situation for customers and the firm?
Once a company has decided to sell in a foreign country, it must determine the best
mode of entry. List each mode of market entry and give an example for each.