Book Title
A Preface to Marketing Management 14th Edition

MKT 586 Test 2

October 29, 2015
Which of the following is true about missionary salespeople?
A. They are used to focus exclusively on promotion of existing products and
introduction of new products.
B. They are used when a product is extremely high priced and is being sold to the
whole organization.
C. They provide training to the front-line staff of the buying organization.
D. They are especially useful when a product is to be used to solve certain technical
problems of buyers.
According to the VALSâ„¢ framework, _____ are consumers who are change leaders
and are most receptive to new ideas and technologies.
A. Innovators
B. Survivors
C. Thinkers
D. Believers
Which of the following statements about the various methods of establishing
advertising budgets is true?
A. The per-unit expenditure approach is most popular in retailing.
B. The percent-of-sales method is popular with higher-priced merchandise.
C. The all-you-can-afford approach to budgeting is essentially a "followership" strategy.
D. The task approach is often used in conjunction with the research approach.
Which of the following is true of the various implications for service marketers?
A. Many service firms have been criticized for not using advertising as a major element
of the promotion mix.
B. The sum total of the marketing mix elements cannot predict the total impact of the
firm's marketing strategy.
C. Unlike tangible products, services are not subject to distribution in the marketing
sense of the word.
Remus Co., a pharmaceutical company that is involved in drug discovery and
development, is ISO 9000-certified. The ISO 9000-certification indicates that Remus:
A. provides subsidized products in a relatively horizontal market.
B. meets standardized levels of product quality.
C. follows a traditional marketing approach focused primarily on product features.
D. competes in a purely vertical market.
Which of the following statements about the American social classes is true?
A. The middle class emulates the upper Americans, which distinguishes it from the
working class.
B. The middle class is differentiated from other social classes mainly by having income
levels that only suffice the meeting of basic needs.
C. The working class is primarily concerned with fashion and buying what experts in
the media recommend.
D. Most of the middle class receives public housing, food stamps, and Medicaid.
Which of the following is an advantage of franchising?
A. Franchisees tend to function as independent sub units with autonomy.
B. Franchisors tend to have complete control of franchisees in gaining financial
C. Franchisees tend to have greater motivation to make the business a success than
employees of a company-owned store.
D. Franchisors tend to protect franchisees from possible legal exposure to illegal
Franchising is a form of contractual vertical marketing system that has a number of
advantages for the franchisor compared with a company-owned chain. Franchisees may
have greater motivation to make the business a success than employees of a
company-owned store.
Refer To: Marketing Insight 10-2
Which of the following viewpoints about the contribution of advertising to the
economic health of a firm sees advertising as a competitive weapon and places
emphasis on the strategic aspects of the advertising function?
A. The generalist viewpoint
B. The specialist viewpoint
C. The consumer attrition perspective
D. The marketing management approach
Which of the following is true of product considerations in pricing?
A. A penetration policy is generally used when the firm expects minimal competition
for a product.
B. A skimming policy is generally used when the firm expects competition to move in
C. A penetration policy cannot be used to obtain large economies of scale.
D. A skimming policy is useful when demand for the product is price inelastic.
_____ can be defined as the desire to become everything one is capable of becoming.
A. Physiological needs
B. Self-actualization needs
C. Esteem needs
D. Belongingness and love needs
Which of the following explains the reason why the quality of services can vary more
than the quality of goods?
A. Unlike that of products, producers of services have procedures to prevent, identify,
and correct defects.
B. Most services are human performances and often customized to the needs of the
C. Producers of goods typically customize products to the needs of the buyer.
D. Unlike services, customers are more likely to purchase defective products.
The availability of employable foreign nationals is a dimension of the factor "_____."
A. structure
B. management process
C. culture
D. people
Which of the following statements is true with regard to reference groups?
A. A buyer may also consult a single individual about purchase decisions.
B. The nature of a product being purchased determines the identity of the reference
C. Reference group influence is generally considered to be constant across product
D. Family is secondary to peers as a reference group for people of all ages.
Which of the following is an example of an off-peak pricing strategy?
A. An apparel brand charges prices containing odd numbers.
B. A computer manufacturer offers select software and games free of cost.
C. A music band sells its songs online by asking buyers to pay any desired amount for a
given commodity.
D. A telecommunication company charges different tariffs at different times.
Which step of the marketing research process involves obtaining and recording the
maximal amount of useful information, subject to the constraints of time, money, and
respondent privacy?
A. Processing of research data
B. Plan of the research
C. Performance of the research
D. Preparation of the research report
Profit sharing as a type of incentive is more likely to result in:
A. full-line balanced selling.
B. smaller average costs.
C. an increase in customer turnover.
D. an increase in selling costs.
Zimmer Co., a food manufacturing company, wants to launch a new low-fat cereal
called "Zimmer-less." The company decides to use certain demographic factors to
determine the market potential of Zimmer-less and its expected sales at different price
levels. Which of the following questions is the company most likely to consider?
A. How many boxes of the low-fat cereal will be consumed by a household in a month?
B. Are potential buyers likely to believe that the price of the cereal is indicative of its
C. Are potential buyers of the cereal prestige oriented and therefore willing to pay
D. Will potential buyers be tempted to buy the cereal if it's oddly priced?
With regard to global marketing, which of the following is an example of an offensive
A. A mutual fund firm, headquartered in New York, aiming to increase its sales targets
in its European branches
B. An American automobile manufacturer planning to gain access to technological
innovations developed in Japan
C. An information technology company, based in Texas, attempting to take advantage
of the low costs of operations in India by outsourcing its services
D. An American clothing company aiming to expand its operations to India to compete
with the local brands there
Which of the following is an advantage of licensing?
A. It offers extensive control over the marketing strategy.
B. It offers the firm tight control over the manufacturing process.
C. It is an attractive option for potentially volatile markets.
D. It does not require granting of patent rights to third parties.
_____ are personalized journals where people and organizations can keep a running
A. Podcasts
B. Scraps
C. Buzzposts
D. Blogs
Venus Inc., a producer of high-end computer software, provides merchandising aids to
its distributors in the form of interactive videos on the application of the software. It
offers distribution allowances to resellers for putting up special counter displays of its
exclusive range of products. It aims to accelerate the sales of its newly-launched
product through these measures. In this scenario, Venus Inc. is employing a _____.
A. profile marketing strategy
B. push marketing strategy
C. pull marketing strategy
D. target marketing strategy
When weekend gardeners think of mulch to put around their plants and keep away the
weeds, they tend to think in terms of pine bark, wood chips, or pine straw. Slatescape
has developed mulch made out of crushed slate rock. The company first targeted
landscape businesses and was successful in marketing to these businesses and to
government agencies. However, in order to expand its business, the company must now
educate consumers about its product. Slatescape will be implementing a _____.
A. market penetration strategy
B. market differentiation strategy
C. diversification strategy
D. market development strategy