Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

MKT 53363

February 5, 2017
__________ segmentation is the segmentation method most directly related to value
creation for consumers.
A. Geographic
B. Demographic
C. Psychographic
D. Benefit
E. Geodeomographic
The old clich 'service with a smile" recognizes the fact that
A. service providers need to be pleasant even if the customer is not.
B. smiling is contagious.
C. service providers should smile and not think.
D. life is too short to be ugly.
E. services are perishable but a smile is forever.
Chris is gathering information about the general economic environment in Nepal. In
doing so, he will look for information about the general economic environment, market
size and population growth rate, and
A. culture.
B. real income.
C. airport capabilities.
D. political status.
E. religious institutions.
By producing motorcycles that do more than get riders to their destinations and back,
Harley-Davidson is addressing consumers' __________ needs.
A. functional and social
B. postpurchase and prepurchase
C. safety and situational
D. psychological and physiological
E. functional and psychological
_______ systems are designed to deliver smaller shipments of merchandise on a more
frequent basis to retailers.
A. Cross-docking
C. Just-in-time (JIT)
D. Pick ticket
E. Lead time
Special in-store displays for magazines and chewing gum are most likely to be effective
if located
A. near the entrance to the store.
B. near the restrooms.
C. along the aisle or wall to the far right of the customer as he or she enters the store.
D. near the checkout counter.
E. in the window at the front of the store.
For marketers, media-sharing sites such as YouTube or Flickr are social media tools
best used to
A. encourage customers to engage with the firm and experience its products.
B. stimulate excitement.
C. develop customer education and engage with others users.
D. develop customer education.
E. energize customers and stimulate excitement for its products.
Trina is developing a marketing campaign for an organic stain-removal product. As
'stain removal" is rather dull, she is trying to educate consumers about the value and
uniqueness of the product, and appeal to the environmentally conscious. Which of the
following is the best social media application for this task?
A. YouTube
B. LinkedIn
C. blog
D. Instagram
E. Google+
Knowing what customers expect is essential. Retailers need to know which
manufacturers their customers prefer, while manufacturers need to know
A. if customers are using credit cards or cash to make purchases.
B. how many employees the retailers have.
C. where their target customers expect to find their products.
D. whether the products will fill a customer's self-actualization needs.
E. whether customers will find the store atmospherics appropriate to the location.
The customers at Marielle's coffee shop want to grab a quick cup of coffee before
boarding the commuter train into the city. The sign in the window promises "Quick,
In-and-Out Service," and usually Marielle's keeps that promise. But one morning,
customers were frustrated when the staff behind the counter showed more interest in
gossiping about their social lives than in waiting on customers. Marielle's shop is
suffering from a ________ gap.
A. knowledge
B. standards
C. social expectations
D. delivery
E. communications
Bill is a yacht broker in the southeastern United States. For years he has had difficulty
selling large yachts locally because there were few places to dock these boats. Yachts
and spaces to dock them are an example of
A. substitute products.
B. purely competitive products.
C. status quo pricing products.
D. complementary products.
E. competitive parity products.
Which country is Europe's largest Internet market, with Internet users growing at a rate
of 14 percent annually?
A. Great Britain
B. Spain
C. France
D. Germany
E. Russia
A product is __________ that can be offered through a voluntary marketing exchange.
A. the combination of a firm's marketing mix
B. the brand associations
C. the category depth
D. a tangible item
E. anything of value to consumers
Last semester, Henri bought his textbooks over the Internet and saved a considerable
amount of money. Classes start in a few days, and he needs to decide right away how
and where to purchase his books. Henri will most likely engage in a(n) __________
A. impulse buying
B. limited problem-solving
C. extended problem-solving
D. ritual consumption
E. affective decision
A ____________ advertising schedule uses heavy advertising during some periods
followed by periods of no advertising.
A. continuous
B. flighting
C. pulsing
D. penetrating
E. purposeful
Among the factors affecting the consumer decision-making process is the way
consumers spend their time and money to live, otherwise known as
A. lifestyle.
B. conspicuous consumption.
C. the demonstration effect.
D. external validation.
E. life standards.
When integrating ethics into a marketing strategy, a key task is to ensure all potential
ethical issues have been addressed and that all employees of the firm have acted
ethically. This action would take place during what stage of the strategic marketing
planning process?
A. brainstorming phase
B. planning phase
C. implementation phase
D. control phase
E. revision phase
Integrated marketing communications represents the __________ element in the four Ps
of a firm's marketing mix.
A. pricing
B. product
C. promotion
D. place
E. partnering
The ethical decision-making framework includes all of the following steps except
A. identify issues.
B. promote the firm's corporate social responsibility efforts.
C. gather information and identify stakeholders.
D. brainstorm alternatives.
E. choose a course of action.
Stuart wanted to impress Janet with the perfect engagement ring. He had been saving
money for months, and he noticed his attitudes and perceptions about diamond rings
changing as he began paying attention to ads for rings. Marketers call this process
A. consumer confidence building.
B. self-actualization.
C. a decision rule.
D. reducing prepurchase dissonance.
E. learning.
Name at least two examples of ethical behavior and two examples of socially
responsible behavior that you have witnessed in a company or heard about through the
media. How do these instances meet the criteria for ethical and socially responsible
behavior as outlined in the text?
By setting appropriate service standards and measuring service performance, firms can
attempt to close a __________ gap.
A. seniority
B. knowledge
C. standards
D. delivery
E. communication
The advertising message "People are not looking for quarter-inch drill bits; they are
looking for quarter-inch holes" suggests that advertising messages need to
A. emphasize technology.
B. focus on quality.
C. inform consumers about opportunities.
D. focus on solving problems.
E. engage in mild puffery.
Martha had several unpleasant experiences trying to find the merchandise she needed at
a large lumber yard and hardware store. The employeeswhen she could find themrarely
seemed to know where anything was outside of their own departments. But on her most
recent visit, she was pleasantly surprised to find that the store had installed kiosks
where she could get directions quickly and accurately. The store had found a
technological solution to the services marketing issue of
A. intangibility.
B. part-time employees.
C. perishability.
D. inseparability.
E. heterogeneity.
In a(n) _______ pricing strategy, marketers rely on the promotion of sales, during
which prices are temporarily reduced to encourage purchases.
A. high/low
C. price skimming
D. uniform delivered
E. bait-and-switch
A(n) __________ situation in B2B marketing is similar to limited problem solving in
the B2C process.
A. adapted buy
B. new buy
C. modified rebuy
D. straight rebuy
E. generic buy
Stores like Home Depot and Costco act as wholesalers when they
A. take delivery in whole-lot quantities.
B. sell directly to consumers.
C. sell products for distributors.
D. sell to contractors or restaurant owners.
E. compete with each other.
In developing marketing strategies, why is price often the most challenging of the four
Ps to manage?
A. because most managers feel it is the least important element of the marketing mix
B. because it is the least understood element of the marketing mix
C. because it has to be based on the promotion budget for the product
D. because it is difficult to calculate markups for products
E. because managers don't understand the relationship between benefits and costs
When a product has gained a certain level of brand awareness, firms use __________
advertising to motivate consumers to take action.
A. informative
B. persuasive
C. institutional
D. discussive
E. reminder
Gerald's Tire Store sets itself apart from competitors by the extra attention it pays to
retaining loyal customers by providing fast, courteous service in a clean,
professional-looking environment. Gerald's has used this strategy for over 40 years,
expanding to 15 outlets. Gerald's Tire Store has created a ___________ macro strategy
to create and deliver value and to develop a sustainable competitive advantage.
A. supply chain excellence
B. locational excellence
C. product excellence
D. diversification excellence
E. customer excellence
Unlike product, promotion, or place, price is the only part of the marketing mix
A. that offers the opportunity for an oligopoly.
B. that is subject to gray market manipulation.
C. that leads to competition.
D. that generates revenue.
E. that is determined by the consumer.
When conducting a survey about choosing vacation destinations, Hillary will need to
__________ in order to get reluctant respondents to provide honest information.
A. choose only highly verbal consumers
B. assure consumers that their individual responses will be kept confidential
C. use only focus group interviews
D. ask unstructured questions
E. create an efficient data warehouse
American visitors to the Indonesian island of Bali are often aghast when they see the
sign for the Swastika resort. Americans associate the swastika symbol with Nazi
Germany while Indonesians associate the symbol with the four major elements on
Earth. The two groups have different
A. lifestyles.
B. risk factors.
C. perceptions.
D. factual norms.
E. postpurchase dissonance.