Book Title
A Preface to Marketing Management 14th Edition

MKT 454 Quiz 2

October 29, 2015
A bonus is a type of incentive given to the sales force that is most likely to result in a
potential performance outcome of:
A. increased attention on selling new products.
B. increased customer turnover.
C. increased selling costs.
D. increased full-line selling.
A _____ structure provides the practical benefit of limiting the distance each
salesperson must travel to see customers and prospects.
A. syntactic
B. geographic
C. customer
D. product
Which of the following is a benefit of an organizational buyer involved in sole
A. It allows the organization to buy products and services from vendors that offer the
lowest price.
B. It allows the organization to seek competitive bids for the products obtained by sole
C. It allows the organization to turn modified rebuys into simpler straight rebuys.
D. It allows the organization to turn new task purchases into straight rebuys.
Goods grown or extracted from the land or sea, such as iron ore, wheat, and sand are
better known as _____.
A. agricultural products and raw materials
B. consumer goods
C. convenience goods
D. specialty goods and intermediate products
Which of the following defines the direction in which an organization is heading and is
typically determined in the first stage of strategic planning?
A. Mission statement
B. Employee manual
C. Annual plan
D. Code of ethics
Carrie is an organizational buyer of a supplier that provides nursery products to Dulko,
a large retail store. In a management meeting, she proposes that the company replace
their three current suppliers of plastic containers and trays, who have been selling to the
company for the past 20 years, with a single supplier who guarantees on-time delivery.
Attendees at the meeting are unenthusiastic about Carrie's proposal as they like the
traditional suppliers and are unwilling to switch. Carrie, in order to maintain acceptance
and keep conflict to a minimum, suggests that they try the plan for three months and
revert to the original supplier if it fails to work. What kind of an organizational climate
is described in this example?
A. Innovative
B. Liberal
C. Responsive
D. Lethargic
Which of the following is a limitation of a brand-manager system?
A. Managers following this system often pay inadequate attention to new products.
B. This system can be used only in organizations that have one dominant product line.
C. Managers following this system are more concerned with the profitability of all of
the organization's brands than with their own brand's profitability.
D. Managers following this system believe in category management rather than product
Which of the following factors is most likely to invalidate test marketing study results?
A. When test marketing areas are representative of and proportionate to the market in
B. When the test-market period is so long that it can determine whether the product will
be repurchased by customers
C. When test stores provide complete support to the study
D. When test-market products are advertised beyond a profitable level for the market in
_____ is the first stage a firm's marketing communication tools must encourage and
allow a potential buyer to experience.
A. Conception
B. Conviction
C. Comprehension
D. Awareness
Candela Inc.'s marketing and product design involves identifying customer needs and
then working backwards to devise products and services to meet those needs. Which of
the following statements is most likely true about Candela Inc.?
A. It does not adhere to the marketing concept.
B. It demonstrates customer orientation.
C. It aims to manipulate customers to increase sales.
D. It has a production orientation.
Whizzle Corp. first introduced a line of toothpastes under the Whizzle brand name. A
few years later, it introduced two different products, a mouthwash and a chewing gum,
using the same brand name. Whizzle is using a _____ strategy to market its products.
A. line extension
B. multibranding
C. brand extension
D. joint branding
TradeEx Incorporation, which deals with financial services, employs individuals and
trains them intensively for a month. The training sessions include enhancing their
knowledge of various financial services in the market, the changing trends of the stock
market, and the fast-moving business environment. The employees are also trained on
how to reach their sales targets. These steps taken by the firm in training new
employees imply that the firm focuses on:
A. emphasizing on teaching employees to have good attitudes.
B. a careful selection process in hiring employees.
C. an energetic follow-through process.
D. significant modeling by managers.
A _____ refers to a market that is typically characterized by a limited number of
A. horizontal market
B. matrix market
C. vertical market
D. parallel market
_____ segmentation refers to an approach that identifies specific households in a
market by focusing on local neighborhood areas to create classifications of actual,
addressable, mappable neighborhoods where consumers live and shop.
A. Psychographic
B. Social
C. Benefit
D. Geodemographic
Groups that an individual looks to when forming attitudes and opinions are called
A. reference groups
B. out-groups
C. venture groups
D. cross-functional groups
Marilyn is not particularly concerned with fashion although she believes in buying
quality merchandise. Her interests lie mostly in theatre and art. She frequently travels to
Europe to purchase paintings and artwork of renowned artists to add to her extensive
private collection. To which of the following social classes does Marilyn most likely
A. The working class
B. Lower Americans
C. The middle class
D. Upper Americans