Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

MKT 42364

February 5, 2017
Private-label brands are developed and managed by
A. manufacturers.
B. wholesalers.
C. supply chain specialists.
D. manufacturer's representatives.
E. retailers.
Price advertisements should never
A. include "puffery."
B. deceive customers to the point of doing harm.
C. include the MSRP.
D. use advertising allowances to increase sales promotion.
E. use price skimming after using price penetration.
Most big box retailers regularly move products from one aisle to another. They also put
personal care products in the pharmacy area, many aisles away from the grocery
products. They do this because consumers who spend more time walking through the
store are likely to buy things they hadn't planned to buy, or make
A. impulse purchases.
B. limited problem-solving decisions.
C. extended problem-solving decisions.
D. ritual consumption purchases.
E. affective alternative decisions.
Marketers need to think about the product offer on three levels. Which of the following
levels includes associated services such as warranties, financing, support, and after-sale
A. augmented product
B. core customer value
C. actual product
D. modified product
E. core product
The expression "3/10, n/30" means
A. a 10 percent discount if paid in full within 3 days, or the net amount is due in 30
B. a 3 percent discount if paid in full within 10 days, or the net amount is due in 30
C. a 3 percent discount if paid in full within 3 days, or the net amount is due in 10 days.
D. a 3 percent discount if paid in full within 30 days, or the net amount is due in 10
E. no discount is available on this order; the net amount is due between 10 and 30 days.
Inkjet printers were a big improvement over the dot-matrix printers they replaced.
Inkjet printers gained rapid acceptance in the marketplace primarily because of their
A. relative advantage.
B. compatibility.
C. observability.
D. complexity.
E. trialability.
The primary ethical dilemma facing managers is how to balance
A. profits and expenses.
B. employees' needs with the needs of the firm.
C. shareholder interests with the needs of society.
D. costs and benefits.
E. ethical actions with making money.
Brand extension is a popular marketing strategy because
A. it separates out the cost of brand extension from brand intention.
B. it allows the firm to discontinue complementary products.
C. it allows the firm to spend less on creating brand awareness and associations.
D. it avoids the problem of brand dilution.
E. it guarantees success for a new product.
Whenever the major beverage companies develop a new product, they advertise it
heavily using television and print media. These efforts are designed to
A. generate goodwill for the company.
B. pull the product into retail stores through consumer demand.
C. signal strategy changes to market competitors.
D. make it easier to do posttesting.
E. push the product into retail stores so customers can purchase it.
A firm's macroenvironment includes all of the following except
A. competition.
B. culture.
C. demographics.
D. economics.
E. political/legal issues.
Many American consumers are purchasing hybrid automobiles even though they are
more expensive than compact conventional autos. These consumers
A. value contributing to a greener environment.
B. are economically irrational.
C. are responding to global corporate pressure for social responsibility.
D. would prefer an SUV.
E. are greenwashing.
Which of the following trade agreements is designed to manage and promote trade
activities for the United States, Canada, and Mexico?
D. Mercosur
Diane owns a bakery where she sells cupcakes. Two blocks down there is another
bakery, CC's Bakery, that sells cupcakes for $1 less than Diane. Diane decides to lower
her price and match CC's Bakery prices. What type of pricing strategy is Diane
A. internal pricing
B. profit-oriented pricing
C. competitor-oriented pricing
D. customer-oriented pricing
E. sales-oriented pricing
When marketers look at advertising media they often begin with viewer or listener
profiles such as age, income, gender, and race. They then compare the media profile
with their target audience. These marketers are using __________ to see if the media
"fit" with their advertising agenda.
A. country culture
B. regional culture
C. demographics
D. micromarketing measures
E. scenario planning
Which of the following is currently a negative factor for foreign investment in India?
A. India's population is fairly old and aging fast.
B. India's infrastructure for supply chain management is not up-to-date.
C. India prevents foreign investors from entering into joint ventures.
D. India has no shopping malls or other large commercial centers.
E. India lacks a skilled workforce.
Paula has developed a successful business selling appliances to homebuilders. She
carefully monitors the issuance of new home permits to anticipate how many appliances
she will need to buy in order to supply her customers. Paula is concerned with
__________ demand.
A. modified
B. secondary
C. rebuy
D. derived
E. delayed
All of the following are service quality dimensions related to follow-up except
A. ethics.
B. reliability.
C. tangibles.
D. responsiveness.
E. empathy.
Psychographics is the segmentation method that delves into how consumers
A. adjust to demographic changes.
B. allocate scarce incomes to a variety of goods and services.
C. describe themselves.
D. value their livelihoods.
E. believe other people see them.
Marco was assigned to help create a positioning strategy for his employer's products
based on product attributes. He should consider
A. the features the engineers feel are most important.
B. the ways the sales representatives have been positioning the firm's products.
C. the characteristics that helped his firm win a statewide award for excellence in
D. what the target market would consider the most important features.
E. the safety record of the firm and its products.
When the Minnesota Timberwolves encouraged Facebook fans to post a great shot of a
dunk onto its Pinterest page for a chance to win tickets to a game, which dimension of
the 4E framework was being targeted?
A. educate
B. experience
C. engage
D. energize
E. excite
__________ is communication by a marketer that informs, persuades, or reminds
potential customers about a product.
A. Pricing
B. Promotion
C. Placement
D. A relational orientation
E. Value cocreation
What retailer, in 2013, suffered a massive security breach that allowed hackers to steal
credit and debit card information for 40 million customers?
A. Macy's
B. Target
C. Kmart
D. Sears
E. JCPenney
How does your text describe how social media firms help marketers connect with their
A. by helping firms appear more "hip" to customers
B. by helping build connections between customers and firms
C. by helping firms establish an Internet presence
D. by allowing customers to search for products more easily
E. by allowing firms to capture customer information
One difficulty associated with using advertising as part of a marketer's IMC efforts is
A. it is hard to break through the clutter of other messages targeted for the same
B. it is more expensive than personal selling.
C. it works only when communicating to the most uninformed consumers.
D. government regulations have significantly decreased allowable advertising
E. it is considered old-fashioned by many younger consumers.
Marketing channel management is related to which of the four Ps?
A. product
B. price
C. place
D. promotion
E. production
In a corporate vertical marketing system,
A. conflict tends to be a major problem.
B. independent firms at different levels of the marketing channel join through contracts
to obtain economies of scale and coordination to reduce conflict.
C. there is no common ownership, and the dominant member has significant power to
impose its ideas and objectives.
D. independent firms join together formally to decide how the marketing channel will
When purchasing books on Amazon.com, customers are shown other books and a
message saying "Customers who purchased (your book) also purchased . . ." This is an
example of
A. mass media advertising.
B. publicity.
C. public relations.
D. sales promotions.
E. direct marketing.
When a company offers consumers the ability to make purchases via a smartphone, this
is known as
A. M-commerce.
B. smart retailing.
C. cell selling.
D. P-commerce.
E. channel expansion.
When confronted with an angry and emotional customer, the best first step toward
service recovery is to
A. call security in case it is necessary to escort the person from the building.
B. match the person's voice in intensity and volume to gain control of the confrontation.
C. gently but firms tell the person you will not tolerate being addressed in that tone of
voice and turn away until he or she calms down.
D. listen carefully and with empathy until the customer feels he or she has been heard.
E. ask a coworker to take over handling the complaint to get a neutral perspective.
When marketers say that services are __________, they are referring to the fact that
services cannot be touched, tasted, or seen, like a pure product can.
A. intangible
B. inseparable
C. heterogeneous
D. perishable
E. replenishable
VALS is the most widely used __________ segmentation tool.
A. geographic
B. behavioral
C. psychographic
D. benefits
E. geodemographic
Kathy has naturally curly hair and has often been disappointed with the haircuts she has
received. When she moved to a new town, she approached her new office mates and
several strangers with curly hair and asked them where they had their hair cut. She
chose to spend considerable effort finding a new hair stylist based on the __________
associated with her purchase decision.
A. evoked set
B. reference group
C. physiological risk
D. performance risk
E. financial risk
Most manufacturing and retailing marketers worry constantly about whether or not their
IMC efforts are paying off. They assess various forms of __________ to determine
what is working and what is not.
A. noise
B. pretesting
C. precoding
D. encoding
E. feedback
A differentiated targeting strategy can allow a firm to obtain a bigger share of the
overall market; this strategy
A. is the cheapest option.
B. requires the use of advanced advertising techniques.
C. rarely works.
D. is likely more costly than an undifferentiated strategy.
E. is ineffective without multiple brand names.
Sales data, complaints, compliments, and redemption rates for coupons and rebates are
types of __________ marketers use to assess the effectiveness of their IMC efforts.
A. decoding
B. pretesting
C. feedback
D. simulations
E. encoding
Online reviews of the Paradise Motel by its customers indicate that the motel offered
stale food, it advertised babysitting services that were not readily available, and had an
assistant manager with a poor attitude. If you were the new manager of the Paradise
Motel, how would you use the five dimensions of service quality to identify and correct
the problems?
Your marketing professor, Dr. Sullivan, has been asked to participate in the university's
strategic marketing planning process. After completing the first three steps of the
process, Dr. Sullivan has been asked to assist with implementing the marketing mix and
allocating resources. What questions will Dr. Sullivan ask? Be specific to the
university's strategic marketing planning process.
What does purchasing power parity mean?
Though most universities are nonprofit organizations, they are engaged in marketing
strategy choices, just like businesses. For example, universities must decide if they
should increase or decrease product mix breadth, or increase or decrease product line
depth. Using your university, describe a real or plausible example of each of these four
potential changes.
When Deena was hired to the sales position in Austin, she found that the previous rep
had laid the foundation for several sales that resulted in half a million dollars in sales,
even though Deena never called on those customers. Noreen had only a $200,000
increase, but she took over a territory that had not been called on for two years. How
would you handle their evaluations and bonuses at the end of the year?
What should a service provider do when a customer gets emotional about the service
Explain how YouTube helps customers "experience" a product or service.
Martin, a sales rep for a wholesale food supply firm, knows that the new head chef at
one of the restaurants he calls on is inexperienced. Martin knows that he can talk the
chef into a large order and make a significant monthly bonus from his company, but
suspects that the chef will soon realize that she did not need the quantities she was
talked into buying. What frequent marketing ethical dilemma does Martin face?
Alex has trouble closing sales with new customers but not with existing customers.
What advice would you give Alex?
Explain the 4E framework for social media, and identify the social and mobile media
tools that are most effective for accomplishing each of the 4Es.
Discuss the political and regulatory environment of business as it relates to the
protection of consumers. Name and describe at least two laws that had a major impact
on fair competition, consumer protection, or industry-specific regulation.
For years Mark sold new cars, but he and his wife recently grew tired of city life and
moved to a beach town. Now he sells costume jewelry (made by his wife) at an open-air
market near the ocean. To be successful, what will Mark have to recognize about the
difference between consumers' problem solving processes for cars and costume
Why is it important for sales representatives to know whether a potential business
customer is making a new buy or a modified rebuy decision?
Julie is developing a budget for her firm's IMC program. First, she decides what she
wants to accomplish. Then she chooses media, and finally she determines the cost for
each product to be promoted. What type of IMC budgeting process is Julie using?
Compare an independent supply chain with a vertical marketing system.
After installing a new HVAC system, what should Frank's Heating & Air Conditioning
do, according to the personal selling process?
Explain the key difference among the three different pricing methods a firm might
What is the advantage to a business of price bundling? What is the advantage to a
Create two appeals for a nonprofit organization whose cause you supportone
informational appeal, and one emotional appeal.