Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

MK 93065

February 5, 2017
Kyle is preparing for an important sales presentation. He knows that customers are
more likely to ___________ during his presentation than during other stages of the
selling process.
A. be identified as qualified leads
B. agree with everything he says
C. raise objections
D. offer advice
E. return unacceptable merchandise
The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota is known for top-quality medical care. For decades, even
presidents and dictators from around the world flew to the Mayo Clinic to utilize its
services. The Mayo Clinic used its reputation to create additional medical facilities in
Jacksonville, Florida, and elsewhere. This is an example of a firm focusing its efforts on
satisfying customer needs that
A. are easiest to satisfy.
B. provide minimal core value.
C. are important to all generational cohorts.
D. competitors have tried and failed to satisfy.
E. match its core competencies.
Several years ago, changes in advertising restrictions allowed pharmaceutical
companies to begin promoting their products through traditional media. Today, it is
common to see ads on television ending with, "Ask your doctor about (our medicine)."
In addition to creating awareness about their drugs, the companies are most likely
hoping to
A. reduce deceptive advertising.
B. signal encoding symbols to simplify the feedback loop.
C. offer objective-and-task marketing communications.
D. stimulate interest, persuading consumers to investigate further.
E. promote public interest social responsibility communications.
Quincy had no idea how consumers would respond to a survey about attitudes toward a
program opening up space travel to private citizens. He could use __________ to allow
respondents to answer in their own words.
A. secondary data
B. an observational study
C. an experiment
D. a structured questionnaire
E. a survey with open-ended questions
Tara made sure that her customers felt comfortable contacting her when they needed
something, and she focused on the long term in her dealings with them. Tara is a
________-oriented salesperson.
A. needs
B. relationship
C. sales
D. profit
E. rewards
The Big Mac Index is a novel measure of
B. purchasing power parity.
C. per capita GNI.
D. economic growth.
E. international trade surplus.
Steve is working on the message to convey in his firm's advertising campaign. As a
starting point, Steve should first consider
A. the due date for his contribution to the campaign.
B. touting the key benefits of his firm's services.
C. what competitors are doing.
D. which media he wants to use.
E. whether or not he uses the product being advertised.
Marketing channels and supply chains comprise various buying entities that form
relationships with one another. The basic motivating factor in these interactions is
A. collaboration creates transactional relationships.
B. the most powerful member of the supply chain always wins.
C. each party wants something from the others.
D. the participants must create the best possible EDI system.
E. retail floor salespeople need emotional support from management.
Kim wants to maximize sales to the customers who walk into her store. Of the
following, Kim will most likely focus on
A. in-store promotions.
B. billboard and other outdoor advertising.
C. supply chain relationships.
D. off-price wholesaling.
E. mass media advertising.
Which of the following is not one of the five dimensions used by consumers to
determine overall service quality?
A. assurance
B. reliability
C. acceptability
D. responsiveness
E. empathy
Using technology and __________ are two ways a delivery gap can be reduced in size.
A. empowering employees
B. variability analysis
C. voice-of-customer analysis
D. zone of tolerance analysis
E. public relations
Omar is responsible for marketing and marketing research for a midsized manufacturer
of assemblies for the housing market. His boss has asked him to cut back expenses,
especially in marketing research: "Why can't you just use information off the Internet?
There's plenty out there." What is Omar's best response to try to get his boss to change
his mind?
A. "We can try, but if it's wrong it's not my fault."
B. "Those are secondary data, and they may not be as timely, accurate, and relevant as
what we need. Our decisions may not be as good, and we'll run a huge risk."
C. "I'd rather not use any data at all than use secondary data."
D. "This is a matter of principle. I quit."
E. "You should never use any information from the Internet in marketing research."
The head of the marketing area told Alex to find the most stringent federal regulations
on advertising to create the toughest standards. "If we can pass those, we should be able
to get by all regulations." One real problem is
A. state regulations are not always consistent with federal standards.
B. FCC regulations create a uniform standard that preempt all other regulations.
C. European countries have agreed to follow the U.S. standards, so it's a matter of
working with the U.S. federal regulations.
D. as long as the advertising does not contain sexually explicit content, there are no
E. in most cases, standards are changing almost daily.
Rob was complaining to another member of the lawn crew, "I don't know how they
expect me to do an adequate job. The mower doesn't work right, the trimmers are so
dull they don't cut anything, and the rest of the equipment is so old we can't get parts."
Rob's company lacks the __________ workers need to be able to do a good job.
A. maintenance schedule
B. instrumental support
C. emotional support
D. service infrastructure
E. customer expectation mechanisms
To discourage consumers from buying in gray markets, some manufacturers have
A. warned consumers that warranties will become null and void if the product is
purchased through a gray market supplier.
B. shifted advertising resources from gray markets to black markets.
C. increased the price to gray markets while maintaining existing prices to blue
D. petitioned government regulators to impose price controls.
E. lowered the quality of their products to reduce gray market demand.
This type of thought-sharing site typically provides the highest level of control for
A. professional blog
B. corporate blog
C. personal blog
D. Flickr
E. Google+
In the diffusion of innovation process, innovators enjoy taking risks and are regarded as
highly knowledgeable. Marketers want to identify innovators because
A. they prefer products from established market leaders.
B. other consumers defer to their judgment, creating the opportunity for word-of-mouth
C. they are especially price conscious.
D. they are easily influenced by reminder advertising.
E. they encourage competitors to enter the market.
A(n) __________ is a fee paid by manufacturers to get new products into stores or to
gain more or better shelf space for products.
A. facilitating payment
B. introductory price promotion
C. slotting allowance
D. stocking premium
E. placeholder
In one test before product launch, customers try a sample product and are then surveyed
to understand whether or not they would buy/use the product again. This is known as
A. premarket testing.
B. market testing.
C. alpha testing.
D. concept testing.
E. prelaunch testing.
What type of B2B organization is a retail store such as T.J.Maxx?
A. Internet
B. institution
C. government
D. manufacturer
E. reseller
If you're a manufacturer, and you want to showcase your product in a store that has a
narrow but deep selection of merchandise and where sales associates can assist
customers with their selections, you'd most likely choose
A. a category specialist.
B. a specialty store.
C. a department store.
D. an extreme value retailer.
E. a warehouse club.
After reviewing the existing data on seasonal spending by his company's customers,
Marvin decided he needed new information collected to address his research questions.
Marvin will need __________ data to address the questions in his marketing research
A. primary
B. secondary
C. mined
D. syndicated
E. warehoused
After a firm has identified the various stakeholders and their issues and gathered
available data related to an ethical decision-making situation, __________ should
engage in brainstorming and evaluating alternatives.
A. the senior managers most involved
B. key customers
C. elected officials
D. all parties relevant to the decision
E. any individuals with competing interests
To develop psychographic segments, the marketer must understand consumers'
A. age, income, and education.
B. gender, race, and religion.
C. disposable personal income, benefit perceptions, and alternative egos.
D. self-values, self-concept, and lifestyles.
E. buying patterns and behaviors.
Advertising in which medium relies on a mix of visual and auditory techniques?
A. radio
B. magazines
C. newspapers
D. television
E. direct marketing
The California Raisin Advisory Board used to run ads featuring "The California
Raisins," a fictitious R&B musical group composed of dancing raisins that boogied to
the song "I Heard It Through the Grapevine." The ads, which were hugely popular and
which gave rise to a line of raisin-themed merchandise, were designed to encourage
raisin consumption. This campaign was an example of
A. product-focused advertising.
B. consumer-generated advertising.
C. public service announcements.
D. institutional advertising.
E. push strategies.
Of the seven primary motivations for mobile app usage, which one do people spend the
most amount of time on each month?
A. need for "me time"
B. need for socializing
C. need for shopping
D. need for accomplishing
E. need for self-expression
When Cynthia's Boutique receives dresses, they already have price tags and are on
hangers. Cynthia's Boutique receives __________ merchandise.
A. floor-ready
B. repurposed
C. just-in-time
D. quick response
E. horizontal channel
While it is relatively easy to offer customers Internet options like an FAQ page and an
e-mail address to answer questions, some companies are using an interactive approach
to address customers' questions while they are visiting the websites. These firms are
using ___________ to provide the customer with enhanced customer service.
A. vendor-managed inventory
B. web videos
C. online chats
E. online games
In the United States, the regulation of advertising involves a complex mix of laws and
informal restrictions designed to
A. protect consumers from deceptive practices.
B. stimulate domestic demand.
C. reduce international competition.
D. promote social marketing.
E. institutionalize pull strategies.
In the AIDA model, awareness leads to
A. intention, which hopefully leads to desire and then action.
B. integration, which hopefully leads to desire and then action.
C. interest, which hopefully leads to desire and then action.
D. intention, which hopefully leads to desire and then attention.
E. interest, which hopefully leads to determination and then action.
The basic difference between a good and a service is that a good
A. provides intangible benefits.
B. can be physically touched.
C. is always less expensive than a corresponding service.
D. generates greater interest among consumers.
E. is more quickly forgotten by consumers.
Imagine you are shopping for a specific item (such as a sweater, a toaster, etc.). What
type of general merchandise retailer will you first seek? Using a specific item, select
one type of general retailer, and in broad terms, describe the breadth and depth of its
merchandise, the level of anticipated customer service, and general pricing.
What kinds of information affecting the supply chain would be found in a data
Explain the concept of the high/low strategy. Why is this an attractive strategy to
When personal computers were new, people spent considerable time and energy
learning about and investigating choices and options. Now, many consumers replace old
computers with little research or investigation. In terms of types of products (specialty,
shopping, convenience, and unsought goods), how have personal computers changed?
Why is it important for marketers to pay special attention to providing excellent
customer service?
Walt Disney Company recently announced it would no longer allow its characters to be
used in promoting unhealthy foods. In branding strategy, what does this change? From
both ethical and marketing perspectives, does this change make sense?
Jean-Pierre is a wine distributor in the United States representing primarily European
vintners (wine producers). He knows his potential market is every wine drinker in the
United States, but he has limited resources to market his products. Using the ideas
presented in the text, what should Jean-Pierre do as a first step when developing his
marketing plan?
Social networking sites that compete directly with Facebook have a difficult time
surviving; however, LinkedIn has survived by focusing on the needs of business
professionals, who seek to network with colleagues, share their expertise, post online
rsums, and look for new jobs. Write a value proposition for LinkedIn.
A year after expanding his celebrity golf photography business to include golf course
photography, Chet decided it was time to evaluate results. What three interrelated
factors will Chet consider when evaluating the success of his new product?
Often political candidates position themselves as "outsiders," not part of the
establishment. These candidates assume that voters have a negative attitude toward
incumbent politicians (i.e., those currently in office). Describe three components of
attitudes voters might have toward incumbent politicians.
Burger King and Hagen-Dazs ice cream once attempted to use co-branding. What is a
likely reason that it failed?
The first step in developing an ad campaign for Jason's reggae band is to identify his
target audience. Why is this a starting point for effective advertising? What does
identifying his target audience involve?
Create three one-sentence advertising messages for the nearest fast-food restaurant: one
that is informative, one that is persuasive, and one that is a reminder ad.
What are the five major trade agreements that cover two-thirds of the world's
international trade?
What is predatory pricing? What federal acts make it illegal? How are consumers hurt
by predatory pricing?
What kinds of sociocultural concerns are raised in international marketing that go
beyond promotion and advertising?
Assume you are advising the Nepalese government about trade policies. What options
does the government have? Which would you recommend to stimulate the domestic