Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

MK 92405

February 5, 2017
The shift of population from the Rust Belt in the North to the Sun Belt in the South and
Southwest will likely
A. decrease national cultural identity.
B. reduce regional cultural differences.
C. make it difficult to collect demographic information.
D. create a demand for a new generational cohort.
E. make it more difficult for companies to differentiate their products.
Academic researchers often jump at the opportunity to conduct a research study, curious
to learn more and address unanswered questions for the sake of general knowledge.
Businesspeople tend to be more cautious before embarking on a marketing research
study, recognizing that research is often
A. beyond most managers' ability to comprehend.
B. expensive and time-consuming.
C. an academic exercise of little real value.
D. an impediment to decisive management.
E. of little use in real marketing situations.
Today, retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, and Kroger dictate to their suppliers all of
the following except
A. which competitors they should collaborate with.
B. what should be made.
C. how products should be configured.
D. when products should be delivered.
E. what products should cost.
Compared to conventional supermarkets, warehouse clubs have
A. a broader assortment of food items.
B. a lower level of service.
C. slightly higher prices.
D. no products appealing to small businesses.
E. lower annual fees.
For consumers, shopping in a retail store instead of online offers the unique benefits of
participating in a social experience and
A. receiving meaningful product information.
B. viewing a greater selection of products.
C. obtaining immediate gratification.
D. receiving personalized offers.
E. viewing price matching by competitors.
The activity, set of institutions, and process for creating, capturing, communicating,
delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners,
and society at large is called
A. marketing.
B. marketing research.
C. market share analysis.
D. market segmentation.
E. market positioning.
Greenbelt Construction has been a successful small home-building firm for years. The
owner pays subcontractors slightly more than the usual rate for different tasks, reducing
the company's gross margin. Greenbelt rarely changes subcontractors, has relatively
few complaints from home buyers, and is able to get quick responses from
subcontractors when buyers do have problems. Greenbelt is engaged in
A. a traditional transactional orientation.
B. C2C value-driven marketing.
C. effective supply chain management.
D. value cocreation.
E. a virtual monopoly.
Jenna always buys Stacy's brand pita chips. She does not even consider alternatives.
Jenna is a __________ customer.
A. price-sensitive
B. brand-persuasion-oriented
C. brand-association-oriented
D. brand-extension-oriented
E. brand-loyal
Because of the way __________ buy merchandise, customers can never be confident
that the same merchandise will be in stock each time they visit the store.
A. department stores
B. off-price retailers
C. discount stores
D. services retailers
E. category specialist stores
One important reason manufacturers like rebates is that
A. the transaction costs are the responsibility of the retailer.
B. their redemption rates are low.
C. rebates expire faster than coupons do.
D. there are fewer price discrimination issues.
E. they build strong brand recognition.
After identifying the target audience for the university's new advertising campaign, the
advertising team needs to decide whether the advertising objective is to __________,
__________, or __________ potential and/or existing students.
A. create; stimulate; or ignore
B. beg; borrow; or steal
C. pay; buy; or entertain
D. inform; persuade; or remind
E. push; pull; or sell
Upscale men's and women's clothing stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, or Saks
Fifth Avenue are more likely to appeal to consumers' __________ needs.
A. functional
B. postpurchase
C. safety
D. psychological
E. situational
Raycom Construction needs heavy-duty equipment to install a new pipeline in northern
Alaska. Raycom's engineers have been asked to provide detailed specifications and
recommendations for the equipment needed. The Raycom engineers will primarily play
the __________ role in the company's buying center.
A. buyer
B. initiator
C. influencer
D. user
E. gatekeeper
A __________ gap reflects the difference between customers' expectations and the
firm's perception of those customer expectations.
A. seniority
B. knowledge
C. standards
D. delivery
E. communication
For which of the following is demand likely to be most sensitive to price increases?
A. prescription drugs
B. college tuition for last-semester seniors
C. electricity
D. hospital care
E. a specific brand of soft drink
The term trade deficit refers to
A. a country that exports more goods than it imports.
B. an indicator of the quality of life in a country.
C. a level of population growth that impacts exports.
D. the sum of all goods and services handled in a country.
E. higher levels of imports than exports.
Firms can close a __________ gap by being more realistic about the services they can
provide and managing customer expectations.
A. seniority
B. knowledge
C. standards
D. delivery
E. communication
Lorraine belongs to a national consumer panel created by a market research company.
She regularly receives samples of new products from a variety of firms and fills out
questionnaires about the products. The national consumer panel Lorraine is part of is
engaged in
A. premarket testing.
B. product launch.
C. test marketing.
D. product development.
E. concept testing.
Which of the following social media tools is a type of all-in-one marketing software
that can be used to educate customers?
A. Facebook
B. Twitter
C. LinkedIn
D. HubSpot
E. WordPress
The difference between advertising and publicity is that advertising is
A. more effective in reaching consumers.
B. almost always used in conjunction with consumer satisfaction surveys.
C. a paid form of marketing communication.
D. designed to remind consumers, while publicity is used to persuade consumers.
E. designed for very targeted audiences, while publicity reaches mass audiences.
If a marketing researcher has to collect data under severe time constraints, which of the
following types of data sources would probably be available soonest?
A. syndicated data
B. focus group data
C. experimental data
D. panel data
E. survey data
The process of creating a strong ethical climate within a marketing firm includes
A. having a set of values that guides decision making and behavior.
B. having a set of values that all stockholders can agree upon.
C. having a separate set of values for management and employees.
D. making sure the firm will earn a profit.
E. having a different set of values for each department within the firm.
When Jaime arrived at her hotel room and saw that the bed sheets had not been changed
from the last hotel guest and there were cockroaches in the bathroom, she chose to go
elsewhere. An undone, bug-infested room was not in Jaime's __________, which is the
difference between what she really wants and what she will accept before looking for
another hotel.
A. zone of tolerance
B. delivery gap
C. zone of intolerance
D. service gap
E. patience zone
Nicole knows her restaurant is understaffed today. She is hoping to get through the day
without falling below her customers'__________, the difference between what her
customers want and what they will accept before going elsewhere.
A. voice-of-customer quotient
B. empowerment standard
C. tangibles gap
D. zone of tolerance
E. quality gap
Using the BCG portfolio analysis, a "dog" should be phased out unless
A. its marketing manager is a champion of the product.
B. additional resources could increase its relative market share slightly.
C. it complements or boosts the sales of another product.
D. the market has a small chance of rebounding.
E. none of these. Dogs should be phased out.
Many U.S. companies first discovered marketing during the __________ era.
A. production-oriented
B. sales-oriented
C. market-oriented
D. value-based marketing
E. retailing-oriented
Melanie is the director of human resources for a small manufacturing firm. She has a
strong personal interest in technology, and is known throughout the firm as the one with
the most knowledge about new kinds of communications technologies. If the firm
decides to upgrade its network, Melanie will probably function in what role in the firm's
buying center?
A. leader
B. initiator
C. influencer
D. decider
E. gatekeeper
Segmentation, targeting, and positioning
A. are terms that can be used interchangeably in developing marketing plans.
B. are part of a firm's marketing strategy.
C. should be done simultaneously so synergies can help streamline the effort.
D. are part of the marketing plan but bear little direct relationship to the marketing mix.
E. are optional elements of a marketing plan.
Ford Motor Company decided to sell the Fiesta around the globe. Which of the
following would be an example of glocalization of the Fiesta?
A. The same product design and features, and the same basic promotional campaign,
used in all countries.
B. Variations in the product design country by country, with the same basic promotional
campaign used in all countries.
C. The same product design and features in all countries, with variations in the
promotional campaigns country by country.
D. Variations in the product design and the promotional campaign country by country.
E. The same marketing mix for all of the four Ps used in all countries.
Medical services, assisted living care, and active senior travel are all examples of
A. services shifted abroad because costs are lower in developing countries.
B. services an aging population will increase the demand for.
C. household maintenance activities that people increasingly pay others to perform.
D. the price elasticity effect on services demand.
E. the ability of empowerment to create tangible service products.
Which of the following apps would help consumers fulfill their "need to accomplish"?
A. Vine
B. Google Calendar
C. Flipboard
D. MyFitnessPal
E. SkyMap
Suppose that Walgreens (a major drug store chain) wants to introduce its own brand of
cough medicine that is similar in contents and packaging to a national brand, but at a
lower cost. What kind of brand would Walgreens be introducing?
A. private-label brand
B. counterfeit brand
C. premium brand
D. national brand
E. manufacturer's brand