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Basic Marketing Research: Using Microsoft Excel Data Analysis 3rd Edition

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July 18, 2017
The straight-line formula for a linear relationship is y=a + bx.
Hypothesis testing is a statistical procedure used to accept or reject the hypothesis based
on sample information.
Secondary data is readily available for very few applications.
A table of random numbers is a listing of numbers whose systematic order is assured.
When testing the difference between the percentages of two groups, XL Data Analyst
requires users to enter both the grouping variable and the target variable.
Recommendations are the deductions and inferences that have come about based on the
research findings.
When researchers wrestle with operational definitions of their scales, they are
simultaneously taking into account the data analysis as well as the presentation layout
they will be using in the final report.
Applied research addresses specific problems, and this type of research represents the
vast majority of marketing research studies.
If you use a categorical measure, you can calculate an average.
A marketing historian wrote the first questionnaire surveys.
Referral samples are most appropriate when there is a limited sample frame and when
respondents can provide the names of others who would qualify for the survey.
When testing the difference between the averages of two groups, XL Data Analyst
performs this task by the command: Compare2 Group Averages.
The tool iReportWriter Assistant provides an overall discussion of the research report
from the prewriting step through the research step, and finally to the revision step.
The American Cancer Society utilizes a mixed-mode approach of online and mail
survey modes for its annual Volunteer Satisfaction Survey.
A memo of transmittal is used to release or deliver the document to an organization for
which you are not a regular employee.
When testing the difference between the percentages of two groups, XL Data Analyst
performs this task by the command: Compare4+ Group Percents.
Scales having 5 points, 7 points, or 10 points are known as n-point scales.
A memo of transmittal is used to release or deliver the document to an organization for
which you are a regular employee.
External supplier firms may be classified into the two categories of full service and
field data service firms.
A good MIS will provide management with symptoms that performance for a particular
objective is not at a desirable level long before a predetermined date on which the
objective is to be assessed.
Before administering the final survey questionnaire to the sample, researchers should
pretest the survey to reveal any errors in the questionnaire.
In teleology, if there are individual costs but group benefits, then there are net gains,
and the behavior is judged to be ethical.
The way to interpret a confidence interval is as follows: If you repeated your survey
multiple times (literally, thousands of times), and plotted your p, or percentage, found
for each on a frequency distribution, it would look like a bell-shaped curve, and 95% of
your percentages would fall in the confidence interval defined by the population
percentage 1.96 times the standard error of the percentage.
The question "How many children do you have?" is an example of a question that is
about as crystal clear as a question can be.
Errors in the research process that pertain to anything other than sampling are referred
to as non-sampling errors.
One key advantage of syndicated data is shared costs.
Creating a computer file that holds the raw data from all the completed surveys is called
data entry.
With differences analysis, the researcher identifies a categorical variable (such as
gender) and compares the groups represented by that variable (males versus females) by
analyzing their differences on a second variable.
The internal reports system gathers information generated by internal reports, which
includes orders, billing, receivables, inventory levels, stock-outs, among others.
Since conclusions suggest how to proceed in the future, based upon the research
findings, some client input is advised. The researcher may not be totally aware of
resources needed to proceed.
A percentage can be used as the sample statistic for parameter estimation no matter
what kind of variable " categorical or metric " is being used.
Normally, the first row of a data matrix is where the researcher locates a label of some
sort that identifies the question or question part associated with each column in the data
Marketing research departments are usually organized according to only one of the
following functions: area of application, marketing function, or the research process.
A sample frame is a master list of all the members of the population.
Questions about the highest level of education a respondent has attained, their age, their
income level, or marital status are classification questions.
Natural metric formats may include scale descriptors such as "poor," "fair," "good,"
"very good," and "excellent."
"Sugging" is considered unethical and illegal.
A yea-saying pattern may be evident on one respondent in the form of all "yes" or
'strongly agree" answers.
A synthetic metric format uses:
A) no numbers to measure the property
B) numbers to measure the property
C) real properties to measure numbers
D) artificial numbers to measure properties
E) properties to measure synthetic numbers
If a researcher wanted the respondent to simply answer a question with no additional
information, he or she would likely use a(an):
A) unaided open-ended format
B) aided open-ended format
C) response probed format
D) continuous response format
E) categorical, close-ended format
When you use your XL Data Analyst to test a hypothesis about a percentage you must
do which of the following?
E) none of the above; you cannot test a hypothesis about a percentage using XL Data
Your question is "How many hours do you work per week?" The answers are recorded
as the number of hours. If your research objective is description, you should use which
command in XL Data Analyst?
A) percents
B) averages
C) variances
D) minimum-maximum
E) descriptions
Which of the following involves placing a person in a decision-making situation and
asking him or her to verbalize everything he or she considers when making a decision?
A) Word-association test
B) Protocol analysis
C) Sentence-completion test
D) Balloon test
E) Role-playing activity
Which of the following refers to the percentage of the population that possesses some
characteristics necessary to be included in a survey?
A) selection bias
B) incidence rate
C) population evaluation
D) action standard percentage
E) none of the above
The marketing research process is presented to you in your text as:
A) a "go-no go" process
B) an eleven-step process
C) a ten step process
D) an inadequate way to view marketing research
E) a six step process
Scale development is primarily concerned with the creation or use of ________
A) synthetic metric
B) natural metric
C) natural categorical
D) closed-ended
E) synthetic open-ended
Which of the following formats provides more than two possible choices?
A) the multivariate format
B) the tri-dual format
C) the multiple-choice category format
D) the n-way format
E) none of the above: no question has more than two possible choices
In the authors' step-by-step approach to the presentation of hypothesis tests, the first
step is:
A) state the hypothesis
B) by performing appropriate hypothesis test computations, state if the hypothesis is
supported or not supported
C) test the hypothesis only on variables that are metric
D) if the hypothesis is not supported, compute confidence intervals to provide the client
with the appropriate confidence intervals
E) none of the above; there is no step-by-step approach to the presentation of the
hypothesis test mentioned in your textbook
When comparing, a categorical scale requires that the researcher compare:
A) percentages
B) averages
C) standard deviations
D) standard errors
E) associations
When computing standard error, if the variability (p times q) increases and the sample
size remains the same, then the standard error:
A) decreases
B) increases
C) remains the same
D) is about average
E) none of the above; there is no such thing as standard error
If we used a confidence interval to estimate market potential, the lower and upper
values could be used to create a(n):
A) correct, incorrect estimate
B) pessimistic, optimistic estimate
C) average, median estimate
D) likely, unlikely estimate
E) none of the above; confidence intervals may not be used to estimate market potential
A ________ translates numbers into graphical displays so that findings can be
comprehended visually.
A) figure
B) column
C) table
D) row
E) cell
It is the researcher's responsibility to select only sample frames that:
A) perfectly represent the true population
B) have the least amount of error at a reasonable cost
C) have no error regardless of the cost
D) have error limited to 20%-30%
E) none of the above; researchers do not choose the sample frame
The expression of how similar respondents are to one another is referred to as
A) typical response identification
B) central tendency
C) variability
D) mean
With respect to standardized information, CGM stands for:
A) consumer-granted marketing
B) consumer-generated media
C) customer-given media
D) customers' generic marketing
E) connector-generated marketing
What type of experiment involves manipulating the independent variable and
measuring the dependent variable in a natural setting?
A) extraneous experiment
B) laboratory experiment
C) causal experiment
D) longitudinal experiment
E) field experiment
Some of the major advantages of using online surveys are:
A) easy to use SPAMBOTS to collect email addresses ; this lowers the cost and
increases speed
B) real time access to data and availability of many respondents by sending out
randomly selected emails
C) low cost, speed, and sample representativeness
D) representativeness and verifiability of samples
E) fast, easy and inexpensive
Which type of panel asks members the same questions on each panel measurement?
A) Continuous panels
B) Discontinuous panels
C) Repeated panels
D) Repeated measures panels
E) Small group panels
Which MIS subsystem is also called a DSS?
A) a marketing decision support system
B) a delivery system for standardized data
C) a data support system
D) detailed systems for standardization
E) a distant system for data
The larger the sample, the more ________ you have when you generalize your sample
findings to the population facts.
A) error
B) precision
C) parameters
D) means
E) weight
What is the purpose of the "internal reports system" subsystem of the marketing
information system?
A) to obtain everyday information about pertinent developments in the environment
B) to supply collected data that may be accessed and analyzed using tools and
techniques that assist managers in decision making
C) to gather information generated by internal reports, which includes orders, billing,
receivables, inventory levels, stock-outs, among others
D) to generate the particular information needed for the specific situation
E) to gather information not gathered by the other MIS component subsystems
Although focus groups should encourage open, free-wheeling information, who has the
task of ensuring that the conversation stays focused?
A) focus group manager
B) focus group moderator
C) focus group gate keeper
D) quantitative research assistant (QRA)
E) none of the above
Research is conducted to determine which type of car is most preferred. The sports car
has the highest preference ratings among the five cars that were test-driven. The report
states that more sports cars should be manufactured than any other type of car. This last
sentence is:
A) a recommendation
B) a conclusion
C) information that should be included in the front matter
D) a fact that should only be included in an oral report
E) a fact that must be substantiated in an oral report
Generalizations are greatly influenced by the:
A) population error
B) population means
C) population percentages
D) preponderance of evidence
E) clients intolerance for risk
The marketing researcher must develop response formats that are very clear and that are
used identically by the various respondents. This process is known as ________.
A) reliability
B) scale development
C) validity
D) objectivity
E) subjectivity
A standardized service firm is one that:
A) collects information that is made available to multiple subscribers
B) specializes in collecting data
C) offers a variety of research services tailored to meet the client's need
D) specializes in providing services online
E) provides syndicated marketing research services
The true value found, if a census were taken of the population, is known as the:
A) population hypothesis
B) population finding
C) population statistic
D) sample statistic
E) population fact
Which of the following was NOT discussed by your authors as stylistic devices or
"tips" to consider when writing the research report?
A) prepare the appendix in a smaller font than that used for the report
B) begin paragraphs with topic sentences which state the main idea of the paragraph
C) use jargon sparingly
D) proofread aloud
E) use strong verbs
When your XL Data Analyst compares the percentages of two groups and reports that
the support for the hypothesis that the two percents are equal is Not Supported, this
A) the two percentages are equal
B) there is no significant difference between the two percentages
C) the percentages are the same but there is a difference between the groups
D) the two percentages are significantly different
E) the two percentages are average
________ are words or numbers that are arranged in rows and columns.
A) Figures
B) Graphs
C) Tables
D) Charts
E) Pictures
Which one of the following is not on the title page?
A) the title
B) the organization/person(s) for whom the report has been prepared
C) the organization/person(s) who prepared the report
D) the date
E) none of the above; they are all included on the title page
Describing the typical response is referred to as:
A) typical response identification
B) central tendency
C) variability
D) mean