Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

MK 85562

February 5, 2017
Pam didn't go see the movie Gravity because her friends all said she wouldn't be able to
handle it. When she found out how good it was, she blamed her friends. Pam is
demonstrating an internal locus of control.
Effective packaging and labels send consumers the signal "Buy me."
Badger Hardware was planning on raising the pay of its managers, but not its frontline
employees. To determine the potential ethical issues, it should first identify the issues
involved so that it can gather facts related to those issues.
Positioning strategies generally focus either on how the product benefits the consumer
or on how it is better than competitors' products.
Formal performance evaluations of the vendor and the products sold generally occur in
the B2C buying process.
Firms become value driven, in part, by focusing on the competition.
A delivery gap is the difference between the firm's service standards and the actual
service it provides to customers.
B2B marketing involves manufacturers, wholesalers, and service firms.
The three elements of the consumer's immediate environment are the company,
competition, and corporate partners.
When a firm has a particular profit goal as its overriding concern, it will use target
return pricing to meet the profit objective.
When a good or service is promoted, the purpose of the promotion is to inform,
persuade, or remind customers about the good or service.
Brands are assets that can be legally protected through trademarks.
A consumer products company produces inexpensive goods in underdeveloped markets,
then repackages them as cost-effective innovations for Western buyers. This is an
example of glocalization.
A group of firms that makes and delivers a given set of goods and services is known as
a distribution network.
When companies store information on customers' purchase histories in large computer
files, this is known as data warehousing.
The four main types of financial rewards for sales representatives are salaries,
commissions, bonuses, and sales contests.
In the immediate environment, the competition has no effect on consumers.
When retailers extend their services to the Internet and become omnichannel retailers,
they are able to satisfy a broader range of customers' needs and wants.
For the average college student, a retirement account would be a shopping product.
The key to successful pricing is to match the product with the consumer's perception of
India is one of the fastest-growing markets and has one of the youngest populations in
the world.
New-to-the-world products that create new markets can add tremendous value to firms.
When survey data are analyzed in depth to determine consumer attitudes toward a
product, this is an example of sentiment mining.
Distribution centers are always operated by distribution specialists.
One of the benefits of careers in sales is flexibility in scheduling.
Manufacturers' representatives are a firm's senior sales employees.
Health clubs often use a low, introductory offer price to get people to join their club.
These low prices represent a _______ pricing strategy.
A. maximizing profits
B. target profit
C. target return
D. status quo
E. sales orientation
Efforts to change a brand's focus to target new markets or change the image of a brand
are called
A. co-branding.
B. brand extraction.
C. brand collusion.
D. brand repositioning.
E. brand dilution.
Kevin is recognized by his friends as an activist on many fronts. He prefers to buy
products from firms that will donate part of the total purchase price to organizations he
supports. Marketers recognize that this approach can be an important competitive tool;
it is called
A. social activist marketing.
B. voluntary premium pricing.
C. cause-related marketing.
D. business/social responsibility.
E. the do-gooder syndrome.
Brands can be extremely valuable domestically, but challenging internationally.
Companies can help overcome language difficulties in using brands by
A. keeping the brand name the same in all languages, regardless of meanings, as long as
the brand logo and symbol are displayed prominently.
B. avoiding the use of the brand name in advertising and focusing on feature and
C. translating advertising copy for the entire ad except the brand name.
D. developing brand names that have no preexisting meaning in any known language.
E. adhering to the UN Convention on Naming Rights.
Red Bull sends out student brand managers to distribute free samples to their peers.
What form of marketing communication is this?
A. sales promotion
B. direct marketing
C. public relations
D. mobile marketing
E. advertising
Which of the following is an example of an institutional buyer?
A. Mayo Clinic Hospital
B. Procter & Gamble
C. U.S. Marine Corps
D. Nucor Steel Corporation
E. Walmart
What is Google+?
A. an experimental, advanced search engine
B. a website where users can work together to create documents
C. a site offering analytical information about website usage
D. a social networking site
E. a video-sharing site intended for businesses
Sally is in the new marketing department of a midsized lawn and garden company. She
is working on the first marketing plan the firm has ever used. She has defined the
mission and objectives, and she just finished a situation analysis for the firm. The next
step is to
A. develop an advertising plan to promote the upcoming sales.
B. find marketing interns or hire new staff to help with implementation.
C. create pro forma financial statements to complete the package.
D. identify and evaluate opportunities by conducting segmentation, targeting, and
positioning analysis.
E. use the Internet, catalogs, and vendor information to draw up a list of new products.
Especially for marketers with new products or services, IMC is needed because
A. consumers need to know all about the features of new products before making a
purchase decision.
B. consumers are unlikely to buy products they are not aware of.
C. it is impossible for products to sell themselves through word-of-mouth
D. pricing decisions cannot be made without IMC.
E. new products and services need to be integrated into the supply chain value
In the past, __________ controlled supply chains.
A. retailers
B. manufacturers
C. government agencies
D. wholesalers
E. distributors
A(n) __________ gap exists when a firm knows what it needs to do to meet customers'
service expectations, but sometimes fails to do it.
A. knowledge
B. communication
C. standards
D. empowerment
E. delivery
__________ refers to the process by which the receiver interprets the sender's message.
A. Decoding
B. Feedback
C. Precoding
D. Encoding
E. Tracking
The owner of A. C. Flora Ford Dealership wanted to know why consumers chose his
company to purchase a car. He was fairly sure that most customers had one of three
reasonsservice, reputation, or locationbut wanted to know which was revealed as the
most frequent reason for purchasing. A. C. Flora will probably use a survey with
__________ questions to address his research problem.
A. observation-based
B. open-ended
C. experimental
D. closed-ended
E. unstructured
Salespeople should be evaluated and rewarded only for those activities and outcomes
A. generate the most income.
B. increase the number of customers.
C. fall under their control.
D. reduce manufacturing costs.
E. cut into competitors' sales.
If a B2B customer is satisfied with an existing supplier, it will probably engage in a(n)
__________ to purchase additional quantities of the item.
A. new buy
B. modified rebuy
C. adapted buy
D. straight rebuy
E. generic buy
Steven managed an auto parts store in the 1990s. At that time, stockoutsfailure to have
the parts auto mechanics needed to do their work that dayincreased the likelihood of the
mechanics becoming customers of competing auto supply stores. To avoid this problem
and keep his business customers, Steven most likely
A. canceled orders and shifted the business to competitors.
B. increased promotional outlays to overcome customer dissatisfaction.
C. used exclusive geographic territories to reduce supply chain inefficiencies.
D. stockpiled inventory, adding to the cost of providing auto parts.
E. returned to traditional distribution center logistics.
After a firm has identified the various stakeholders and their issues and gathered the
available data, all parties relevant to the decision should engage in brainstorming and
evaluating alternatives. __________ then review and refine these alternatives, and
choose a course of action.
A. Managers
B. The firm's lawyers
C. Key customers
D. Community leaders
E. All stakeholders
When a company that uses social media runs a contest online, it will measure its
effectiveness in a variety of ways. One such measure is the conversion rate. The
conversion rate for the contest promotion would be
A. the number of people who entered the contest.
B. the number of people who entered the contest plus the number of people who visited
the page describing the contest.
C. the number of people who visited the page describing the contest.
D. the percentage of visitors to the page describing the contest who entered the contest.
E. the percentage of fans of the company's page who learned about the contest.
Andr was afraid his new condominium would look shabby to his future in-laws, so he
had it painted just before their visit. Andr was addressing his __________ risk.
A. social
B. financial
C. performance
D. psychological
E. physiological
__________ involves the process of defining the marketing mix variables so that target
customers have a clear, distinctive understanding of what a product does or represents
in comparison with competing products.
A. Targeting
B. Market segmentation
C. A sustainable competitive advantage
D. Positioning
E. A customer excellence strategy
Viewers of the World Series are likely to see ads for beer and cars, and viewers of the
Academy Awards broadcast are likely to see ads for clothing and hair care products, due
A. cultural expectations.
B. male domination in corporate boardrooms.
C. differing demographic data for potential and past viewers.
D. marketers' general perceptions.
E. multiyear advertising contracts that cannot be broken.
The buying center for USF Corporation is in the process of discussing price, quality,
and delivery schedules with potential suppliers. They are in the __________ stage of
the business-to-business buying process.
A. vendor negotiation
B. product specification
C. need recognition
D. vendor performance assessment
When the delivery of a service fails to meet customers' expectations, a __________ gap
A. service
B. knowledge
C. standards
D. production
E. procedural
Which marketing activity is most directly served by the promotion element of the
marketing mix?
A. communicating value
B. creating value
C. capturing value
D. delivering value
E. producing value
The perceptions of __________ are being measured in a perceptual map.
A. competitors
B. strategic planners
C. the company's executive team
D. the current R&D team
E. consumers
Retailers use __________ to get customers into their stores.
A. marketing channels
B. specialty product displays
C. supply chain relationships
D. off-price wholesaling
E. mass media advertising
Domestic firms developing a global entry strategy might consider franchising; however,
the disadvantages need to be considered. Which of these is not a disadvantage of
A. The franchisor has limited ability to ensure that foreign operations follow all the
concepts and ideas that made the firm successful domestically.
B. The franchisee might end up becoming a competitor.
C. Franchising limits profit potential, since profits will have to be split with the
D. Franchising is the riskiest way to enter a foreign market.
E. All of these are disadvantages a firm must consider.
Rodi owns Hallman's auto repair service. He has observed over the years that customers
keep their high-mileage cars longer when the economy is doing poorly, creating
demand for his maintenance and repair service. Rodi has observed the impact of
_______ on demand for his service.
A. break-even points
B. the price inelasticity ratio
C. the income effect
D. the target return effect
E. cross-price elasticity
For a brand name to be effective, it needs to be
A. easy for consumers to recognize and remember.
B. a catchy, tongue-twisting phrase.
C. a visual image containing human characters.
D. generic, so it can be applied to as many products as possible.
E. associated with a sports or movie superstar.
The most common form of a quantity discount for consumers is a
A. cash discount.
B. markdown.
C. size discount.
D. coupon.
E. rebate.
Joanna lives according to her own rules, unconcerned about designer labels, brand
names, and luxury items. Joanna is at what level in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?
A. self-actualization
B. safety
C. love
D. esteem
E. physiological
After the advertiser has decided on the message, type of ad, and appeal, its attention
now shifts to
A. logistical support.
B. new product development.
C. advertising assessment.
D. determining why they should advertise.
E. creation of the advertisement.
Several years ago, BMW produced The Hire, a series of short films that were
distributed online. The purpose of the film was to make the BMW brand relevant to
young males who, BMW hoped, would become interested in the brand and would be
more likely to purchase a BMW in the future. The films were directed by popular
action-film directors of that time, and showed the BMW engaging in high-speed chases
and other high-adrenaline situations. No actual product information was provided.
BMW made it easy for site visitors to share the videos with friends. The films were
viewed millions of times, and BMW considered it a highly successful promotion. Of the
factors affecting the consumer decision process, which ones were the primary factors
this campaign sought to use to affect the consumer decision process of those who
watched the films?
If your company is asked to ship its products to a cross-docking distribution center,
what will you need to do to the merchandise in each package?
What is the difference between a service standard of "be nice to customers" as
compared to a service standard of "greet every customer, and if possible by name"?
The school Brenda attends has an advising and registration day where students go to a
large hall to sign up for classes. The school Taylor attends assigns each student to an
individual faculty member who advises each student through their course of study.
Taylor's school is most likely emphasizing which of the five dimensions of service
A team of people are brought together to purchase new pews for a church. Father
Andrew has been trying for years to get the church to buy new pews, so he is thrilled.
Mrs. Swanson, Father Andrew's longtime secretary, feels very strongly that the pews
need to be made of maple to match the old pews, and they need to have cushions for the
older people. Everyone is a little afraid of Mrs. Swanson because she manages Father
Andrew closely and no one gets to him without her OK. Mr. Jones called the meeting
and is the chair of the committee, so he will ultimately choose which pews they will
purchase. Mrs. Leverett is the treasurer for the church and does all of the ordering.
Using the six categories of roles within the buying center, state which person is
fulfilling each role.
In what type of retail situation would the old clich "location, location, location" be true?
At almost every major university, some group on campus pressures the university to
become "greener." What does this mean? What does it usually involve? Why would a
university want to become greener?
Bob's Motel shows photos of a wide, sandy beach on its website, leading visitors to
assume the motel is located on or near the beach. However, in reality Bob's Motel is
located half a mile from the beach. Which of the service quality gaps does this
Convenience stores are said to be the modern version of the mom-and-pop grocery or
general stores. Those mom-and-pop stores are no longer around. If convenience stores
want to thrive, what must they do to provide value to customers?
Karen initially charged $80 for an hour-long massage and averaged 20 clients per week.
When she raised her price to $100, the number of massages decreased to 15 per week.
What is the price elasticity of demand for her service?
After finishing his marketing degree, Ryan inherited the family shrimp shack restaurant.
The restaurant is a small, local institution that beach visitors have been coming to for
decades. Ryan wants to make his business grow and is considering either a market
penetration or market development strategy. Describe what Ryan will likely do if he
pursues either strategy.
Why is a country's infrastructure an important consideration to global marketers?
Why are nonfinancial rewards important?
Ryan is the only retailer in his market selling a new, ergonomically designed pen. What
are the objectives of using a market penetration pricing strategy? Why would Ryan
consider using a market penetration pricing strategy?
The manager of a restaurant supply company determined prices by adding a standard
markup to her costs. What might the manager be missing when it comes to effective
pricing decisions?
Jackson owns a bike rental business at a resort destination. He is looking at the number
of upcoming bookings to the resort to help him figure out how many new bikes to
purchase for next season. What type of demand is he facing?
What is the difference between a distribution center and a fulfillment center?